What is Skinimalism? Why to be a Skinimalist ?

What is Skinimalism? Why to be a Skinimalist ?

We’ve all spent countless hours trying DIYs for skincare at home during the lockdown, from extracting potato juice for dark circles to using turmeric face masks. Layering make-up or a 10-15 step skincare routine has been very common among individuals for the perfect glow. People have been damaging their skin barriers by going too hard with acids or using too many products without really knowing what they do. Most of these investments in such products are influenced by social media. 

Today’s beauty trend is to keep things minimal for a more natural look. “Skinimalism” or “skinimalist” is a new movement about using less but more effective natural beauty products. This can be a fix for a damaged skin barrier or over-exfoliation.

Gen Z is getting exhilarated with the idea of natural skin. It’s all about ditching a complicated multi-step skincare routine that involves chemical imbued products and opting for minimal skincare. Skinimalism can be a practice that permits you to really indulge in the products you want and not overdo them. Let’s dive deeper to break down the trend and understand how to be a skinimalist

What is Skinimalism?

Skinimalism is a new wave of natural, minimal, and no makeup beauty according to trendwatchers. It is a move away from unrealistic beauty standards that curates a capsule wardrobe for beauty products. It creates a canvas that looks illuminating and healthy. It’s about taking a few steps back, harnessing the power of one well-made formula. Easy and affordable!

Pinterest has deemed “skinimalism” to be the “new glow-up” and, according to Pinterest’s 2021 Trend Predictions Report, it is the end of the cake-on makeup look. It’s a minimalist approach to beauty and makeup routine that embraces the skin’s natural texture and look. The trend is even backed up by dermatologists. 

The main idea is to let your skin shine through, not hiding your perceived flaws like dark spots, freckles, or pores. It focuses on allowing your natural feature to flow and letting your complexion be your hero look. Part of skin minimalism dismisses the need to cover your skin with layers of make-up instead utilizing products that help your skin breathe. This practice of eliminating the number of products sits within the theory that your skin will be able to repair and rejuvenate on its own. 

Why to be a Skinimalist ?

“Perfect skin” is a lie. Even though it has been advertised worldwide on various social media platforms that beauty is all about having flawless skin, this leads us to pursue perfection which in reality doesn’t exist. We have all been a victim of believing that we can achieve perfectly smooth skin by using overpriced products that can cause the skin to get itself in a vicious cycle and worsen existing skin problems by disrupting the skin’s natural barrier. This eventually leads to breakouts, flaking, tight skin, dullness, itching, dryness, and overall skin sensitivity. Thanks to Covid-19, being at home has made many people wear less make-up and embracing the “no makeup” look. As a result, people have noticed a significant improvement in their skin. 

The result of practicing this regimen not only saves your time and money but also shields you from trial and error. We have all been anxious trying various products if we’re not benefitting from the existing ones resulting in wastage of packaging and dumping. This accumulates unwanted chemicals on your skin that do more damage than good. Skinimalism promotes less usage of the product and banishes the idea of fixing flaws and cover-ups. Most skin types benefit from this. It’s also refreshing how it inspires one to be the most unfiltered natural self and embracing the perfect version of “You”. Skinimalist is simply being you. And this reason is more than enough to be a skinimalist. You can choose any of your favorite brand that offers clean products. My favorite brand that support skinimalism for me is “Minimalist”. I really love their products.

why to be a skinimalist

Skinimalist skincare routine to try

You don’t necessarily have to dump every beauty product that you have in your stash. Rather opt for the ones that improve your skin in the long run and don’t make you hide your imperfections. If you’re feeling ready to give up on the hassle of a multi-layered skincare routine, here is the simple yet elegant routine to adopt skinimalism and becoming a skinimalist

  1. Cleanser: Try to choose a hydrating cleanser that rids the skin of debris without ripping off natural oil from your skin. It should be gentle enough for a good cleanse but also able to remove SPF at the end of the day. Cleanse your face twice a day.
  2. Serum: This step is optional. You can choose to apply a serum that can fight against dark spots, aging signs, or tan. This boosts the skin with antioxidants and prevents free radical damage.
  3. Moisturizer/face oil: This depends on the skin type. Prefer to use a lightweight and nongreasy moisturizer at least twice a day for a healthy skin barrier.
  4. Sunscreen: Use good quality sunscreen or a moisturizer with SPF during the day to protect your skin from skin cancer caused by UV rays.

Alos, to be a skinimalist, try incorporating multi-ingredients beauty products that have a broader range of benefits. For example, if you’re looking for a serum that has one active ingredient i.e. Vitamin C, try selecting the one that comes with niacinamide or hyaluronic acid for additional benefits.

You can also start investing your time in facial yoga. This offers a natural way to boost oxygen within skin cells and blood circulation on your face. You can use a gua-sha or jade roller that helps in releasing facial tension and elevates the ultra-natural glow. Know How to use Gua-Sha stone.


Obviously, it is not necessary to simply accept all the flaws as some skin conditions are serious and may require medical attention. But we need to understand that real skin has a particular texture and pores. You might not be facing the same issues as that famous beauty influencer on Instagram. Even if you are, the cure is not always the same. We need to understand that these products can function differently for you especially if you have acne-prone skin. Do visit a dermatologist to get skincare essentials depending on your skin concerns. Being skinimalist is good for your skin.

Pro-tip: Ensure you use fresh ingredients while trying DIY on your skin that doesn’t cause any side effects.

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