What is Pilates? | Benefits of Pilates Exercise

What is Pilates? | Benefits of Pilates Exercise

Before beginning, tell me what is the first that comes to your mind when you hear the word Pilates. Some of you will be like die-hard fans of this certain set of exercises and some will be like not aware of it. In my last article about Famous Fitness Trends in 2021, I mentioned Pilates. How they are making their way in the major exercise trends. Today I’ll be telling you about their benefits. So without any delay let’s dive further into this essay and know more about Pilates.


As I mentioned above, some people are not at all familiar with this term. So it’s important to explain to them about the term first and then narrate to them their benefits. Exercise Pilates was devised by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s. These are a series of exercises that target the deep abdominal and postural muscles. They are slow, controlled and body conditioning exercises. Pilates movements have six pillars to which they adhere. Concentration, control, precision, breathing, and flow help you establish a strong body. As each exercise requires mental focus to perform the exercise correctly, hence it is also great for the mind.

So this is a brief description of what these sets of exercises are. Pilates is also famous for its posture-improving properties. Our day-to-day activities and habits can cause pain and serious disabilities over time. Pilates improves the person’s posture by recovering its backbone.

You may read more about it and find out exact Benefits of Pilates exercises.


Below are some benefits of this series of Pilates

▪️Accessible to all

Pilates is an exercise that is suitable for all. Whether you are an athlete or a senior citizen, you can do Pilates. Pilates has an integrative approach towards body and mind. Its major focus is strength and proper alignment of the body. However, it is also good for the mind. Hence because of its benefits, it is good for people of all age groups.

▪️Whole-body fitness

This is a fact that certain workouts only work on certain body parts and neglect others. Whereas Pilates is a series of exercises that works on our whole body. It not only increases strength but also increases flexibility, manages weight, and balances muscle development. These days it is very hard to find a workout that works for both body and mind. This is where Pilates comes in. They are famous at injury rehab centers and fitness studios.

▪️Increase flexibility

Pilates Benefits
Pilates improves flexibility

I mentioned this in my previous point too that Pilates is well trusted for increasing flexibility. Pilates exercises are designed in a way that increases the flexibility of the muscles and increases motion within the joints. After opting for a Pilates workout you will see that stretching and bending will become an easy task.

▪️Increases strength

Again I gave a slight mention about this in my previous points. Pilates tends to increase strength and not bulk. These exercises will help you in getting long and lean muscles. Moreover, these exercises work on our whole body and provide functional fitness.

▪️Pilates helps in getting the much-needed posture

To get a body with good posture your core needs to be strong. A strong core can be achieved when the body is free to move in any position. It is said and believed that people who practice Pilates daily have a good posture as the body can express itself with strength and harmony. You can begin these exercises with a mat to have a better body posture.

▪️Develops core strength

The core muscles of our body are the abdomen, pelvic, and back. For a good posture and movement of the body, we rely on these muscles. For a good posture, we need strong core muscles which will further lead to a strong body frame. Thus improving the posture of the neck and shoulders too. So for people who are interested in flat abs and strong core, Pilates is your solution.

▪️Helps with weight loss

Pilates is a series of exercises that work the whole body. They help in toning the muscles, balancing musculature, and hence a good posture. It makes movement easy for our body. Moreover, as it works on our whole body they tend to reduce calories which further leads to reduced weight. Moreover, if you combine Pilates with aerobics then it can do wonders for your body by making you feel and look good.

▪️Better blood circulation

Pilates helps in giving us the freedom to move, bend and stretch easily. As a result, there is better blood circulation in our bodies. As I mentioned, Pilates has the power to make you feel better both internally and outside. Internally because it helps with better cell growth, proper organ functioning, and healthier skin.

▪️It leads to a healthy mind

Pilates is a series of exercises that demands focus. Focus on your breath and the movement of your body. Even a theory proved that Pilates works on our mind. The PMA website says: “Concentrated and focused breathing initiates the relaxation response and reintegrates the nervous system for receptivity.” Also, according to research, Pilates acts on our brain by shifting it into a homeostatic state, as well as stimulating the brain’s frontal lobe, the area responsible for memory and creativity.

▪️Pilates are immune boosters

The person who devised Pilates, Joseph Pilates, said that he refined his exercise system while he interned on the Isle of Wight in World War I and used it to keep the prisoners fit. This is so because the camps where they were kept were poor and disease-prone areas. So he made them do a series of exercises with a belief that it will keep their immune system healthy. As a result, when influenza struck England the campmates were unaffected. Apart from this story, there are many scientific proofs that Pilates can boost our immune system. It is also said and proved that Pilates has a positive effect on our digestive system too. This is because of its massaging effect on the organs and the unique way it moves the body in all different planes. Know about some Pilates workout

On the whole, there are many other benefits to this series of exercises. I hope the ones mentioned are way more than enough to motivate you guys. The way Pilates can do wonders to our body. No matter what area it may be, Pilates can help us with everything. From making our body flexible, reducing weight, keeping the mind healthy, posture management to working on our digestive system, Pilates has it under control. So guys, what are you waiting for? Go do good research on Pilates exercises and plan a schedule for yourself. Until then stay healthy, stay safe.

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