What is Marma Therapy? | Benefits of Marma Therapy

What is Marma Therapy? | Benefits of Marma Therapy

marma therapy
Marma Points of Ayurveda

What is Marma Therapy? – Introduction

Ayurveda may be a customary Indian elective medication framework that features a long, rich history of utilization. Under Ayurvedic medication, it’s proven that the five components of the universe have a huge effect on a person’s well-being. Marma therapy from Ayurveda is one of the therapies that have demonstrated successful outcomes for pain management. 

Introduction to Marma Therapy 

So, I’ll start with my topic, In the vast sea of the knowledge of Ayurveda, Marma is one of the extremely important topics. In, Ayurveda, the traditional medication of India, pressure points are called Marmas, signifying ‘mysterious’ but delicate zones. Such points are often utilized explicitly for diagnosis and treatment of disease and more preferably for promoting well-being and longevity.

Marma points are among the uncommon treatments. Individuals may have an interest in what these pressure points can do. A couple of people have an idea what it is, some think It is massage points and a few think it is full-body reflexology. The teachings, examination, and approach towards the Marma points are entirely unexpected.

The human body consists of an intricate network of channels, organs, circuits, and tissues. These interrelated channels create various patterns, linkages, and interchanges energy, and information. Energy and data constantly traverse the body making the mosaic of frameworks that create up what our identity is.

Definitions of Marmas:

According to Vagbhatta “Marmas are sites where important nerves come together along with related structures like muscles and tendons” a similar definition to that of Charkas.  He says that locales which are agonizing, delicate and show anomalous pulsation need to be considered as Marma paying little heed to their structure. They are the seats of ‘life’ or Prana. This implies that any touchy point on the body is a Marma. 

As per Sushruta “The places where the three Doshas such as(Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) are present along with their invisible structures as Prana, Tejas, and Ojas and therefore the three GUNAS of sattva, rajas and tamas” are called Marmas.

 Mechanisms of Action 

The great ancient Ayurvedic teacher Sushruta described the constituents of the body in terms of:

  • 7 layers of skin
  • 300 bones (including cartilages and teeth)
  • 210 joints
  • 900 ligaments
  • 500 muscles
  • 16 major tendons
  • 700 veins, arteries, and nerves
  • 107 Marmas

 This means that Marmas are important identifiable parts of our anatomy and reflect key physiological and psychological processes that occur within it. As a surgeon, Sushruta stressed the importance of Marmas in surgical practice. 

Chakras mentioned six major Marma regions in the body

marma points
Marma Points
  • Head
  • Neck
  • Heart
  • Bladder
  • Ojas (endocrine system)
  • Shukra (reproductive system)

Marma Therapy and its benefits

1. Stress Management

Stop!!! Before perusing this text pose for a minute and get answers from the voice inside. Are you carrying on together with your life joyfully or experiencing dull occasions, breakdowns, alone, dissatisfaction, disillusionment, demoralization, gloom, misery, low confidence, things go suddenly and just negative. If you are experiencing these symptoms you are stress. 

Here we are uncovering some fascinating methods which distress you and your friends, and family. Simply attempt and test Marma Therapy which enhances your fortitude and causes you to tranquillize. 

2. Self-care and self-healing practices 

– Great health and happiness don’t lie outside your body, rather it lies within. A mastery of Marma Therapy enables you to tap into the good benefits of your health and happiness.

3. Positive effect on distally and locally

It offers a big positive sentiment, both distally and locally.

4. Marma Therapy improves the maintenance of food and osmosis within the body. 

5. The working of body organs is often improved by a recovering gathering of Marma Therapy.

6. Marma Therapy gives you a glimmering look and a more favourable skin. Your body systems are detoxified in the least levels with Marma Therapy. 

7. Marma Therapy kills neuron-artificial materials from the body, as for example, serotonin and melatonin. Removal of such neuron-fabricated materials improves intellectual abilities. It grants you to love a more significant rest.

8. Marma Therapy improves comprehension when one is unsure. To assemble imagination and restore life-energy, an appropriate Marma Therapy work goes far. 

9. With Marma Therapy, you’ll control your motor and material organs and energy levels. Accordingly, you’ll control your mind and body.

 Definitely, the advantages of Marma treatment are immense and may surrender you to a more significant relationship together with your whole self (body, cerebrum, and soul). Moreover, it furthermore offers you an occasion to convey bounty energy in your body.

Classification Of Marma Points as per Marma Therapy

Sushruta described 107 Marma points in our body

  1. Mamsa Marma:   11 Marma points present in muscle tissue.
  2. Sira Marma: 41 Marma points in blood vessels.
  3. Sanyu Marma:    27 Marma points in ligaments and tendons.
  4. Asthi Marma: 8 Marma points in bones.
  5. Sandhi Marma:   20 Marma points in joints.

1.Mamsa Marma

 There are 4 Mamsa Marma by name and 11 by number. They are: Talahridya, Indrabasti, Guda, and Stanarohita. 

Manifestations: Loss of touch, blood taking flesh washed with water; low blood pressure, loss of volume of receptors, causes rapid death.

2. Sira Marma

  There are 17 Sira Marma by name and 41 by number.

 They are: Vitapa, Kakshadhara, Nabhi, Stanamula, Apalapa,Urvi, Parshvasandhi, Vrihati, Nila,Lohitaksha, Manya, Matrika, Phana, HridayaSthapani.

Manifestations: serious seeping from the injury, Vata gets bothered and causes numerous infections. Thick blood streams out persistently and in enormous amounts, thirst, dazedness, windedness, insanity, hiccough, and eventually prompt demise.

3. Sanyu Marma

There are 10 Sanyu Marma by name and 27 by number.

For example Kurcha, Kurchsira, Kshipra, Ani, Vasti, Ansa, Apanga, Utkshepa.

Symptoms:  Shortening, debility of body parts, that become unable to perform their actions, excruciating pain, wound healing takes a longer time.

4. Asthi Marma

 There are 4 Asthi Marma by name and 8 by number.

They are: Katikataruna, Nitamba, Ansaphalaka, Shankha.

Symptoms: Severe and constant pain during day and night, finds no comfort in any posture, thirst, body weakness, pain.

5. Sandhi Marma

There are 9 Sandhi Marma by name and 20 by number. They are: Gulpha, Janu, Manibandha, Kurpara, Krikatika, Kukundara, Avarta, Simanta, and Adhipati.  

Symptoms: Profuse swelling, severe pain, loss of strength of joints, splitting pain, and loss of function of joints. The site of injury feels full of thorns, even after healing of the wound, there is a shortening of limb, lameness, diminution of strength and movement, atrophy, swelling of joints.

 Other Important Marmas of Marma Therapy

a) Talahridaya

 Known as the point at the ‘heart of the hand’, This Marma point is found at the focal point of the palm, and measures ½ anguli in size. This point is firmly connected to Anahata, the guts chakra, and is taken into account as a big point in animating dissemination during the whole body. It connects near the lungs and respiratory well-being. 

Balancing Talahridya

 Backrub now during a solid, round movement for about five minutes. Sesame or expressed almond oil is best utilized, with basic oils like eucalyptus for opening obstructed sinuses or ’empowering’ the hands. You’ll likewise invigorate the purpose further by scouring the palms together until they feel warm.

b) Indrabasti

 It is found at the focus of the lower leg muscle, and measures around ½ anguli.In Ayurvedic Marma treatment, It is claimed to regulate the stomach related framework and therefore, the movement of the tiny gastrointestinal system.

Balancing Indrabasti

Backrub now with a solid, roundabout movement for about five minutes. Point massage here can build Agni or ‘stomach related fire’ and absorption, particularly when your back rub oil is joined with basic oils like fennel, ginger, cinnamon, or dark pepper.

c) Guda

Guda in Sanskrit implies butt. It is situated at the tip of the tailbone or coccyx. Marma’s are focused on where a minimum of two tissues meets. So tailbone is the place where muscles, ligaments, and tendons of the pelvic floor meet. 

d) Neela

 Neela Marma is located on either side of Kanta Naadi, in the neck.They are made up of Siras. They are 4 in numbers. It is approximately equal to the size of the palm of one’s own hand.


Marma points have been unanimously accepted as the ‘seats of life’. If these areas are harmed, at that time it can prompt serious agony, handicap, loss of capacity, loss of sensation, or death. Thus, the antiquated sacred texts have carefully coordinated that these fundamental areas should not be harmed, and due consideration needed to be taken in such a manner even while performing medical procedures.

However, recent researches indicate that if there is an imbalance in any of three GUNAS at any Marma point, then stimulating these points can help in promoting the balance. This Marma Therapy has been utilized in treating different physical and mental health issues, with empowering results.


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