What is Intuitive Eating? | The Health Trend 2021

What is Intuitive Eating? | The Health Trend 2021

A few days back my grandmother suggested to me that instead of eating unhealthy rubbish food I should go for healthy food. Healthy green vegetables, fresh fruits, milk products, lentils, and a whole lot of fresh spices and aromatics. However, along with this, she mentioned one more thing that eating according to the capacity of the gut is necessary. So guys today in this article I’ll be talking about a kind of diet which found completely appealing, INTUITIVE EATING- The Health trend 2021. So hang in there with me guys and let’s dive in deep into this matter.


So this term was coined in 1995 by California dietitians Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. According to them, it is a process of using internal cues rather than external rules to guide decisions about what, when, and how much to eat. This method of focused and mindful eating is more reliable for young urban professionals. This trend of eating is more about health and nutrition as well as loving your body. It works for mind body and soul as it is based on hunger and satiety. It takes you away from the diet culture. 

The schedule that we guys have started following which is long working hours and disruption in the sleeping and consumption cycles has increased our risks of falling into a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore it is high time that we start thinking about our health and move towards healthy food.

In simple terms, we can say intuitive eating is a simple idea. In this, we are allowed to make peace with all kinds of food, unlike traditional diets which restrict our consumption. However, this does not mean you can eat whatever you want, anytime you want. Instead, intuitive eating is tapping into your body’s natural ability to tell you when you’re hungry or satisfied.



Intuitive eating
Guilt has no place when it comes to eating

Now that we are aware of what intuitive eating is let’s move towards our next section and this section deals with certain principles of intuitive eating. It will make the concept of intuitive eating a bit more clearer to you guys. So without any delay let’s dive in further.

1.Reject The Diet Mentality

Now at this point, I ain’t saying it directly that all diets should be rejected. However I want to say that the diet thing can reduce your weight easily and in a quick way but, the results will be short-lived. Moreover, there are chances that you might put on extra weight than you originally were when you started the diet. So, guys, the foremost step should be to avoid the thought that dieting can help you reduce weight effectively.

2.Honor Your Hunger

According to this point, I want to convey that we should feed our bodies adequate energy and carbohydrates. This is so because the food products that will be rich in carbohydrates and energy serve the purpose of both making us feel full and energetic. However on the other hand if we don’t eat such kind of food we can move towards overeating.

3.Make Peace With Food

I hope you guys are aware of the fact that we humans tend to when we are asked not to do a specific thing or stay away from a specific thing we have a strong urge to do it. No matter how harmful it might end for us. The same is the case with food. When we stop ourselves from eating certain food products the urge to eat them keeps on increasing. It can further result in overeating, disturbing mental health, and so on. So make peace with all kinds of food.

4.Discover The Satisfaction Factor

Keep in mind when you guys are eating try to eat the food slowly. Try to enjoy every bite and let the taste sink in. This way you will feel full sooner and will also be able to attain the feeling of pleasure which is very underrated these days. So try to find that satisfaction and pleasure while eating.

5.Feel Your Fullness

According to this point, I want to convey that you should listen to signals that your body says. The body signals will tell you that if you want to eat more or not. For this, you can start doing a simple exercise which is a pause in the middle of eating, and ask yourself how the food tastes, and what your current hunger level is.

6.Cope With Your Emotions

As we all know that there are several emotions that we go through during this phase of life. Anxiety, loneliness, boredom, anger, and so on. Each of these emotions has its trigger and its appeasement. But many of us believe that food can deviate you from them. However, what you need to understand is that food can deviate you for some time but won’t last long so instead of indulging in overeating try to find some other ways to cope with your emotions.

7.Respect Your Body

This is the most burning issue these days. We humans whether it be anybody are somewhere down the line not satisfied with the way we look. No matter how many people are out there trying to make us happy about our body but still we are busy achieving a perfect body. Quick question what the hell is a perfect body? We must start loving our bodies. Be happy with the way you look. 

8.Honor Your Health

Choose the food products that will not only satisfy your hunger but also your soul. It is not necessary that you have to avoid certain kinds of food products. Remember that you don’t have to eat perfectly to be healthy. You will not suddenly get a nutrient deficiency or become unhealthy, from one snack, one meal, or one day of eating. It’s what you eat consistently over time that matters. Progress, not perfection, is what counts.

9.Challenge The Food Police

There is a kind of voice inside our head that keeps on stopping us from eating what we are told is bad food. As I mentioned above according to certain diet plans food is distinguished in two categories that is good and bad. However if you wanna follow this intuitive eating you need to challenge this. Chasing the food police away is a critical step in returning to Intuitive Eating.

10.Feel Your Fullness

So according to this point you need to trust your body signals that will guide you whether you are full or not. In short this point summarizes the whole concepts in simpler term. All we have to do is believe our body signal. Observe the signs that show that you’re comfortably full. Pause in the middle of eating and ask yourself how the food tastes, and what your current hunger level is.

Intuitive Eating in simple steps

  • Eating when you are hungry
  • Stop eating when you are satisfied
  • Eat things that make you feel good
  • Move your body
  • Trust yourself

So people concludingly I would like to say choose wisely. What is it that you want? A healthy body that will last long or a body that you can achieve in less time but will ultimately disappoint you. Stay safe, stay

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