What is Feminism? | Hatred Towards Feminists & Feminism

What is Feminism? | Hatred Towards Feminists & Feminism

“A feminist is a person who believes in the power of women just as much as they believe in the power of anyone else “


India is amongst one of the leading developing countries. Every day we see how scientists are working hard to make this place a better and more comfortable one. Almost all old things have changed. Changed for good, changed to soothe human beings. However, the thoughts, the belief that we have been following are the same. From generations, people are following those dusted thoughts which are in an utter need of change.

The thought that I’ll be talking about today is equality between men and women. A thought that we are not ready to understand and embrace. We are those people who deep in our hearts still believe that women are the weaker section. They are the commodities who should be protected. We, women, feel more guilt than men, not because of some weird chromosomal issue but because they have a history of being blamed for other people’s behaviour.
You get hit, you must have annoyed someone, you get raped, you must have excited someone, your kid is a junkie, you must have brought him up wrong.

It’s time for society to stop telling women what they should do and what they should not. Instead through the quietest whispers and the loudest megaphones tell them that they are unstoppable. The world is desperate for leaders, male and female. It’s not about the gender it’s about the purpose.

Who are feminists?

“I raise my voice not so I can shout, but so that my voice can be heard”
A feminist is a person who believes in the power of women just as much as they believe in the power of anyone else. It’s equality, it’s fairness, and according to me being a feminist is a good thing. When I chose to write about this topic, I suddenly went back to the time when I used to be so conscious about myself.

My grown eyebrows were a matter of utmost concerns to me. As a nine-year-old, I desperately wanted to pluck them. Turn them into two thin lines. However, with time I realised that beauty isn’t something to be measured from outward pomp and show but it is something which lies within.

We are perfect the way we are. Whatever God has given us is because he knew that we are capable enough to embrace them and carry them. My mother was the one who taught me that it’s my eyebrows that have given shape to my face. So instead of cribbing about them, I should learn to embrace them.

Many people are yet not fully aware of the exact meaning of feminism and as a result, they condemn them. I might also not be fully aware of this movement but what I know is ‘feminists are the ones who believe in equal rights for both men and women’.

Feminism is not about making women stronger. Women are Already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives its strength.

Feminist have fought no wars. They have not killed any opponents. The wave has set up no concentration camps, starved no enemies, practised no cruelties. A feminist’s battles have been for education, for the vote, for better working conditions, for safety in the streets, for child care, for social welfare, for rape crisis centres, women refuges, reforms in the law and so on.

Men of quality respects women’s equality

What is feminism?

According to a dictionary, there are multiple meanings to this word ‘feminism’ and I would like to state some for you people.

Feminism is:

  1.  ‘The advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes’.
  2.  ‘The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes’.
  3. ‘The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities’.
  4.  ‘The doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men’.

Feminism at its core is about equality of men and women, not “sameness.” So many people offer up the argument that women are not the “same” as men so there can’t be equality. According to the women have a different body they are the weaker section of the society and hence there can’t be equality between the two sexes.

It’s critical to understand that “same” does not mean “equal.” The issue here is about equal rights and equal access to opportunities.  Men and women don’t have to be the “same” in physicality to have the right to equality. I’d love to see that argument (that women and men aren’t the “same” so they can’t be equal) disappear forever. From my view, it’s a misguided one.

Hatred towards feminists and feminism

I believe there are five critical reasons behind this:

  1. Feminism has been associated with strong, forceful and angry women, and our society continues to punish forceful women. (recent data and research have proved this.)
  2. Many people fear that feminism will mean that men will eventually lose out – of power, influence, impact, authority, and control, and economic opportunities.
  3. It is widely believed that feminists want to control the world and put men down.
  4. There is a sense of fear amongst people that feminism will overturn time-honoured traditions, religious beliefs and established gender roles. Which in their point of view is scary and wrong?
  5. It is said that feminism will bring about negative shifts in relationships, marriage, society, culture, power and authority dynamics, job and economic opportunities. This is because according to the competition inside will increase.

My thoughts regarding why people don’t support this notion

When you live in a society you get to meet people from different walks of life. People who are different. People who might agree to certain thoughts and some might disagree the same. But the beauty of our country is that we get to support and embrace our thinking, our thoughts.

I have met a lot of people up until now. Being a woman, I know no matter how open-minded your family might be, but at some point, they will make you realize that you belong from a weaker section. Meeting different people, I curated certain points that I think might be responsible for people not supporting feminists.

why many don’t support feminists
  • There are millions of people who both inwardly and outwardly do not support the idea that there should be equal rights and equal opportunities for men and women
  • There are people who feel we’ve already arrived at equality for men and women.
  • It is believed that we’re not at all there yet, and support continuing efforts to pave the way for equal rights for men and women.
  • There are thousands who believe in equal rights but find “feminism” a word and a movement that doesn’t align with their personal beliefs or values.
  • It’s quite clear that our view on this issue is based on our personal experiences. Instead of understanding the thing we tend to believe what we see or eat what we are offered. Instead of believing the data, research or science surrounding the issues. (In other words, if we personally face discrimination, we know beyond doubt that it exists. But if we haven’t faced it ourselves, we often doubt that it happens.)
  • Finally, there are times when we commit gender biases. That might be consciously or unconsciously.

So, the question is how are we supposed to cope with this society. A place where every person is free to embrace their thoughts. A society where no matter how developed we become but the thought that ‘women are the weaker sex’ remains the same. The answer to it is simple just ask yourself is this the place where you want your daughter to grow up?

Moreover, there is an utter need to understand this topic in a better way.

Equality does not mean sameness

Here is a list of questions.

These questions will not only help you in understanding what feminism actually means. But also will make you realize what it is that you want.. Are you genuinely a believer of this notion ‘equality amongst men and women’ or just pretending to be one?

Questions you need to ask yourself
  1.  Do you believe that women and men deserve equal rights and equal opportunities? If not, why not, specifically?
  2.  Do you oppose the idea that every human being on the planet deserves equal rights and equal access to all opportunities? If you oppose it, then why? What will happen if equality is achieved? What are the downsides, in your way of thinking?
  3.  Do you believe that only certain groups of people should be allowed to have access to certain opportunities and rights? If so, which groups should be favoured and granted this access, and who should decide that?
  4.  Do you believe that it would be inherently fair to grant women access to only partial rights while men have the full array of other rights and opportunities?
  5.  Think back on what has shaped all your beliefs about these issues. Where did they come from specifically? Childhood, early adulthood? Your personal experiences with men and women, or what you read and watch in the media? Who in your “tribe,” family or peers influences your beliefs today?
  6.  What makes you mad and agitated to read in the media, about men, women and equality?
  7. Do you believe that a world that prevents certain people from accessing full rights and opportunities would lead to a fair, healthy, prosperous world for all?
  8.  In the end, do your beliefs actually feel right for you? Do they feel aligned with who you really are — healthy, whole, integrity-filled, compassionate, and fair?


I won’t say that all feminist’s groups are right and it’s you people who might be taking them in the wrong way. I know there are certain groups that in the name of feminism are not fighting for equality but are fighting to prove women the stronger section. That is absolutely wrong. I also know the fact that there are certain groups who are resorting to unfair means to prove their point.

But don’t you think that in today’s world there are two sides to everything. One that is good and the other bad. However, it’s upon us whom we choose. If you genuinely want to work for equality you will find people who are actually working for it without resorting to unfair means.

The vast majority of people I speak to believe in equal rights for men and women, but the conflict is about how equality should be achieved. According to me, no sex is superior, nothing is inferior. When we say that we all are equal in the eyes of God then why aren’t we obeying to it.


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