What is Escapism? Escapism Can be Harmful

What is Escapism? Escapism Can be Harmful

” ‘Excuses’ are better than ‘lies’. ‘Escapists’ are better than ‘liars’. only until all those four words don’t overlap to equally deceive us” 


What is Escapism? – Introduction

What is Escapism? – Welcome to the time of the year during which all we want is, ‘warm and cosy bed, good food, comfortable room, a cup of coffee, a book to read and a pin drop silence around’. However, when you are a resident of an Indian joint family such as silence and peace is kind of a dream difficult to achieve. The reason why I started my blog with these lines was to alarm you regarding the upcoming winter season. With a hope that you all are ready with your warm blankets, woollens, lotions let’s begin this article on my topic for today about “Escapism”

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the chill of winter.”

Combat With our Flaws

As we all know currently, real life happens to be full of troubles. Not just because of the deaths of people around the world due to the deadly Coronavirus but also because of the heart-breaking fallout of social distancing and lockdowns, especially in our country. The struggle to hold up seems to be a never-ending one.

It is not like problems were not there before Coronavirus, but the difference was we could give ourselves a break from them. By going to places where we feel happy, talking to random people or the ones with whom we could connect, by eating our favourite dish from some tiny restaurant, by playing with kids in the grounds. However, now we are trapped. Trapped with our insecurities, our flaws, our problems and left alone. Nowhere to escape but suffer.

Many people suggested different ways to cope with this phase. The list began with suggestions like it is the time to learn something new, like a new skill, perhaps cooking or stitching. Others prescribe yoga, meditation, listening to uplifting songs on Youtube …The list keeps expanding as new ideas are shared over the phone or on Facebook. Perhaps many find these ideas useful. But for me, these were not giving the results what I expected.

As for me, I have worked out a coping mechanism for myself that is somewhat different.  I have been making it through this inevitable gloom without losing my mental state by partaking of a healthy dose of escapism. It is something I have been doing regularly in any case, for years, like my daily vitamins and proteins.

What is escapism?

Escapism is a mental diversion from unpleasant or boring aspects of daily life, typically through activities involving imagination or entertainment. Escapism may be used to occupy oneself away from persistent feelings of depression or general sadness.

An escapist in simple language is the one who escapes. However the world the person escapes to keeps on varying. There are passive escapists and active escapists. Passive escapists allow themselves to be transported to worlds created by others. The active escapist on the other hand is a creator herself. She creates the world she escapes to: in the book she writes, where characters behave just as she wants them to, in the canvas where she paints a mood or memory or simply the daydream she weaves for herself.

Why do we resort to escapism?

Escapism is something that all of us are free to resort to after we have taken care of our reality. As I mentioned above the lives that we are living demand for a heavy dose of escapism. Instead of facing our flaws, insecurities, deepest sorrows, pains, disappointments, we seek ways to hide. To avoid them in every possible way. We are a generation of afraid people. We find places to hide, places to seek solace rather than facing the gloom, the dark days…

Ways in which escapism occurs

Escapism can occur in different forms. Some people escape by seeking out alternate activities, such as sleeping and playing. And Some drown themselves in work. Some immerse themselves in addiction, like emotional eating (bingeing), smoking, alcohol or even drugs. And Some physically run away from their homes. Some may even go as far as to migrate to a new place where they can start “afresh.” As for me, I try to escape through books, Disney movies, poems and my dreams …

I read a quote recently in this amazing book which I am currently reading The ministry of utmost happinessand would like to share with you …

Poetry could cure or at least go a long way towards curing, almost every ailment”.

Escapism can be harmful

Although I know a little distance from all the problems is not bad but running away all the time might be harmful. It is like, trying to hide is a vague attempt of making ourselves believe that the storm has passed. But the reality is way different. The wound has not been properly addressed nor healed. It is just there, dormant, throbbing silently until the day when it resurfaces in a different manner.  No matter how hard we try to outgrow from a situation we won’t be able to. A part of us will always remain entrapped. Stopping us from fully progressing.

I am not saying that escapism is completely bad and facing your issues is easy. But what I am saying is when you are trying to avoid something, it is usually a reflection of deeper inner issues which you have not resolved. These issues are delicate. These issues are very real. It takes true strength and courage to be able to face them head-on.

It is not necessary that whenever you will embrace yourself for a fight it will be a win. There will be a series of ups and downs but the good part is they all will only turn you into a better version of you.

Concluding it, I just want to say that escapism is good but it should not be your every time go to a thing whenever you are stuck with an issue. Do not try to run or hide from your faults, insecurities, problems, pains. Try to face them. Try to turn them away in a way that they are not just suppressed somewhere inside but are gone in such a way that they won’t return or even torment you. Even when you are there in reality.

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