What are Postbiotics | Benefits and Sources

What are Postbiotics | Benefits and Sources

Postbiotics benefits and sources– The topic of today’s article is related to our health section and is POSTBIOTICS. I am sure that you guys might have heard about probiotics and prebiotics and also how important it is to consume food products that are rich in probiotics. This is so because they can improve our gut health. ( to know more about gut health please read my article about  Gut Health. )

However, what you should know is that there is another ingredient in our body that is responsible for our gut health and that ingredient is Postbiotics. 


As I always mention that due to the ever-increasing interest of people in knowing about their health, body products are beneficial for us. Now ingredients that are already there are gaining popularity due to the demands in health and wellness. Apart from gut health, it is beneficial for our immune system and also provides other health benefits.

Now probiotics are the healthy or friendly bacteria that live inside our gut by supporting our health and converting compounds like Fibre and other ingredients into beneficial compounds that are essential for the body. Whereas, Prebiotics are a group of bacteria that feed the beneficial bacteria in our gut. Postbiotics are the bioactive compounds that are produced when probiotic bacteria consume prebiotics.

As postbiotics are the bioactive compounds or known as waste products of probiotics and hence provide various health benefits to our body. There are various types of postbiotics and below is the list for the same:

▪️short-chain fatty acids




▪️cell wall fragments

▪️bacterial lysates (a mixture made from bacterial components)

▪️cell-free supernatants (a mixture of compounds produced by bacteria and yeast)

▪️various other metabolites such as vitamins and amino acids

Now as this ingredient is newly discovered therefore postbiotics supplements are not widely available yet. However, what you can do is consume food products that will help you increase prebiotics and postbiotics because postbiotics are its end product.


Below are some postbiotics benefits

▪️ Postbiotics may help boost your immune system

A study was done on the adults and it was concluded that postbiotics may help in strengthening the immune system and provide protection against issues like the common cold. Now I have mentioned the types of postbiotics above. For example probiotics such as cell wall fragments can increase the production of anti-inflammatory chemical messengers called cytokines that help reduce inflammation and promote immune responses. Like this only other probiotics help in promoting immune health.

▪️ Postbiotics may help reduce digestive symptoms

A study was conducted on a few people with moderate Crohn’s disease. It was found that taking 4 grams of butyrate daily for 8 weeks resulted in clinical improvements and remission in 53% of participants. According to certain research, postbiotics such as short-chain fatty acids may help in improving ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease — two types of IBD.

▪️ Postbiotics may help deal with diarrhea

To prove this statement I would like to mention that the research conducted on around 1,740 children found that supplementing with postbiotics significantly reduced the duration of diarrhea.

▪️ Postbiotics may help with allergies

A study was conducted on 34 adults who were suffering from atopic dermatitis (eczema). It was found out that if a person is supplemented with postbiotics for 8-12 weeks then the severity of the condition can be reduced to a certain extent.

▪️Postbiotics may aid in weight loss

Postbiotics like short-chain fatty acids can help in reducing weight. This conclusion was drawn from research conducted that it can aid weight loss.

▪️ Postbiotics may help manage blood sugar levels

Postbiotics butyrate may help in maintaining blood sugar levels.

▪️ Postbiotics may help lower the risk of heart disease

A study was conducted on animals and they were supplemented with butyrate. The result was low blood pressure and also it helped in suppressing the genes that play a role in cholesterol production.

▪️ It May have antitumor properties

There were certain test tube and animal studies conducted on postbiotics. These studies proved that postbiotics can help suppress the growth and spread of some cancer cells, including colon and stomach cancer cells. Since this ingredient has been newly discovered there is much more research being conducted on it. With time, we will get to know more about its benefits. 


postbiotics benefits
Kefir and kombucha drinks are good source of postbiotics

As I mentioned above that since it is a newly discovered ingredient the supplements for the same are difficult to be found. However, certain stores are selling the supplements or you can buy them online. The other way can be that you should increase the intake of food products that are rich in prebiotics and probiotics.

▪️Sources of prebiotics are

  • chicory root
  • garlic
  • onions
  • leeks
  • asparagus
  • barley
  • oats
  • flaxseed
  • seaweed

▪️️Sources of probiotics are

  • yogurt with live cultures
  • kefir
  • sauerkraut
  • kimchi
  • miso
  • tempeh
  • kombucha


Although according to certain doctors it is safe to consume postbiotics. However, if you are taking probiotics in excess to increase probiotics then you might experience symptoms like gas, bloating, and mild stomach discomfort. Moreover, there are a certain group of people who should avoid taking these because it can either harm their immune system or could result in an adverse reaction.

  • People who have recently had surgery
  •  who have structural heart disorders
  • People with digestive tract disorders
  • Pregnant women
  • children….

Stay safe, stay healthy

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