Simple ways to live a Healthy Lifestyle

Simple ways to live a Healthy Lifestyle

healthy lifestyle
“Health is not about the weight you lose. It’s about the life you gain”

“I can’t control everything in my Life but I can control what I put in my body.” A healthy lifestyle is about living a life with minimum risk of diseases in your mind and body. A healthy outside starts from the inside. Being healthy is not a trend instead it’s a lifestyle. Its all about you. By taking charge of your life and bringing basic changes, you can make your life a healthier one. It is proved by many studies that people who follow healthy lifestyle live longer. Things you should include in a healthy life style can be

  • Healthy eating habits and having balanced diet
  • Being physically active
  • weight management through exercise and yoga
  • No smoking at all
  • smile and laugh a lot
  • oral hygiene
  • Quantity and quality of sleep
  • Meditating or finding solace
  • keeping good body posture
  • powering up the protein
  • if you cannot avoid alcohol, just limit it to the moderate amount
  • avoiding all types of toxic substances completely
  • having a positive attitude 

Eat balanced diet for a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle not only changes our body but it also changes uplifts mood and attitude.  Now a day’s people are more inclined towards junk food and they get used to it which turns out to be a disaster for their body and health. So, we should be careful regarding what we eat and also about the ingredients in the food. What we usually do is we always tend to like the taste and we don’t count the number of calories we intake. We neglect the nutrients intake at that point of time. Today almost 90% of all the harmful diseases are caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients and lack of physical activity.

Proper sleep, proper diet are the building blocks of success towards wellness goals. I believe the greatest gift you can give to your family and to yourself is the healthy you. Eat light and eat more fruits and vegetables. Overeating has never made a person healthy and confident. Health is not about the weight you gain, but, about the life you gain!

A healthy diet chart can include proper vitamins, nutrients essential carbohydrates and plenty of water. If these things are corrected by an individual, then a person can live a healthy and happy going life. By doing this, you can improve other’s life also. Because, your friends and family may get motivated by your healthy lifestyle.

Keep a positive outlook

The more you feed your mind with positive thoughts,the more you can attract great things into your life” Spreading positivity among each other is one the healthiest way to improve one’s life style. The positive vibes create a good connection with our mind and with our body as well.During the pandemic situation we have seen people getting depressed sitting at home but happiness should not leave one’s life no matter how bad the situation is. If one’s mind is positive, everything seems positive. Also, the solution comes out very easily as it is rightly said “A healthy mind stay in a healthy body.”
The happiness is found in a small things, like a child finds the happiness in his favorite toy. Similarly, a mother’s happiness lies in seeing her children happy.


happy life
“A healthy life is a happy life, a happy life is a healthy life”

Start your day in a healthy 

There are few things people should do every morning to stay happy all day.

  • Wake up early – waking up early reduces the stress level and eliminates the rush. It also makes you go to bead early at night.
  • Try to avoid touching phones – Have a cup of tea feel relaxed before tackling emails and texts.
  • Meditation- Always try to include meditation in your routine.
  • Eat healthy breakfast- It’s not a myth, eating a healthy breakfast gives you energy for the whole day                                                                                                                                                                                      There are things that everyone should inculcate in their life as the situation of life changes habits of people also tends to change. As we all know lock down was a long period and it took people to get adjusted to that routine. So, there are some of the healthy habits which we can maintain in our day to day life these are:
  • Always surround yourself with people who makes you feel happy and people who encourage you.
  • Try to manage your stress (Stress Management).
  • Have proper sleep.
  • Try to celebrate your victories with your loved ones

Self- care and self- love is important for healthy lifestyle

We get happy when we stay healthy and for that we should do things for ourselves even if it’s about self-pampering. After all, self-love is the best love. The 10 ways that I will personally recommend to show up for your self are:

  • Take care of basic needs of your body: stay hydrated, get enough sleep, move your body and eat plentiful.
  • Spend quality time with yourself: reading writing, creating and getting to know who you think you should be.
  • Allow yourself to feel all types of feeling whether it’s about good or bad.
  • Try to forgive others, Practice self-forgiveness for not being perfect, for forgetting the past, for what you don’t know.
  • Remind yourself about your worth in everybody’s life
  • Make yourself a priority of your life.

We should always try to observe and be more aware and notice things. – The world is full of so much beautiful things. For example, If we are meeting people in social media or even personally, we should always try to inculcate the knowledge as much as we can. We should never be in race of life with other people instead we should be happy about what we have .

The routine that keeps me healthy

Everybody has their own routine as per the requirement. My morning routine is fixed and is the best part of my day. I feel that my mornings are just about me and myself. That is the time when I prepare myself for the whole day. I try to be active for the full day, therefore I need a good start. Cleaning, eating, getting ready and praying for a good day is my fuel for the whole day. The “Me” time is really important. Everybody should give this time to themselves. My own routine for the day is very very simple and I just do regular things like most of the people. But still I want to share it with you all.. 

My morning routine

  1. I wake up early in the morning and give myself the “me” time for sometime in my bed.
  2. After that I make my bed.
  3. Drinking a lot water
  4. After these, Clean my face and brush my teeth.
  5. Then going outside for a few moments and breathe fresh air
  6. Exercise-taking a walk or going to the gym.
  7. Brewing a cup of coffee after that
  8. Eating breakfast is a must for me
  9. I keep myself Connected with friends and families whenever possible
  10. I carefully choose an outfit for the day that is comfortable because my outfit makes me more confident.
  11. Finally, I make a “to do” list for a day and just follow that and enjoy my day.

My full day schedule during this pandemic

  • Around 8 am I wake up make bed and get bath and get dressed up
  • listening to news
  • academic time -completing assignments
  • having breakfast with my family
  • then, it’s a time for lunch. I help to prepare and clean up
  • put music on wipe kitchen tables and chairs
  • spending time with my family members
  • In evening fresh air – going out for a walk
  • it’s time for dinner
  • sitting with family and having fun While playing indoor games
  • Bed time.

“It all depends on you. The more you give power to, has power over you, if you allow it.
It all begins and ends in our mind. And always remember a healthy mind always stays in a health body” I hope I am able to inspire you even a bit for leading a healthy and positive life. Trust me, your own soul will be proud of the body it is residing inside. Please make a healthy lifestyle routine for you, as soon as you can. And let me know in the comment box if you are already doing it or even going to do it soon… have a happy living.



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