Vedix Customized Ayurvedic Skincare Review

Vedix Customized Ayurvedic Skincare Review

Vedix Skincare Review – Welcome back to our blog and I hope that our blogs are making your day and are helping you through this journey of life. Your happiness and satisfaction are our main motto. For that, we try to do our best and pick the required topics.

Even today I am here with yet another topic or in specific a brand that has gone up the success ladder in a very less time. I have tried the haircare range of this brand and was smitten by it. So the moment I got to know about their skincare range, it had to be on my must-try list. So I ordered their skincare range and today I’ll be reviewing the same. The brand that I am talking about is VEDIX. In this post I will be giving Vedix Skincare Review

This is the first brand that started using artificial intelligence and analytics to design personalized skincare regimens for their clients. These products are made by keeping in mind doshas and all. They curate their products with the help of skincare quizzes and hair quizzes that are there on their site. I’ll be telling you in detail about the products in the article further but you can also go through my previous article about the brand for Vedix Customized Hair Care Review


I won’t be giving you a detailed description of this brand because I gave it in my earlier article. The link to that article is attached above so do go through it.

Vedix skincare quote

” Our body is precious, It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care “ – Buddha

                                 If we listen to Ayurveda then we will get to know that every person is born with a certain set of characteristics. These characteristics are their prakruti. Further prakruti consists of 3 doshas. These doshas are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, according to the Tridosha Theory. It is believed that the products that are curated by the people of this brand are made by keeping these in mind. The products of Vedix balance elevated doshas with the help of herbs and natural formation. The three-step combination of cleanser, serum, and moisturizer, cleanses and nourishes the skin mildly and gives it an elevated touch. Below is a detailed description of the skin quiz that is conducted by Vedix.

Vedix Skin Questionnaire

The quiz took me around 40-50 seconds. When the quiz begins they ask about your age, gender, and then skincare problems. The options are acne, dark spots, tan and aging. Further, the quiz will move forward depending on the option of skincare problem you choose. For example- I chose acne. Hence after the quiz, you will get your results and these people will prepare products for your skin. The ones which are required by your skin. Now without any further delay let’s move towards the review of the products that I ordered from Vedix official Website


Vedix - India's 1st Customised Ayurvedic Skin Care Regimen
Vedix Customized Skincare

I would like to mention that it is very important that you take your skin quiz seriously because the products will be curated, keeping in mind the results. The skin regime that the vedix pack includes is a cleanser, serum, and moisturizer. It comes in beautiful packaging that can be reused later on. Inside a good quality paper board packaging, the products are packed in a jute bag. All three products come in beautiful plastic bottles with nozzle pumps and dropper. Let’s begin Vedix skincare review with the first step of the regimen. That is a cleanser.

▪️Step 1- Vedix Vibha Refreshing No-Foam Face Cleanser

The packaging of this product says

 ” This non-foaming cleanser with arishtakas organic saponins preserves skins natural oil balance and protects the skin barrier. Formulated with only edible and safe ingredients, this cleanser is preservative-free and customized for your skin”. Now let’s see if the results are equal to the claim.


100ml = ₹899


Arishtaka, Daru Haridra, saliva, Tulasi, Kumari, Jambira, Nimba, lodhra, Aqua, sugar, salt, glycerine, xanthan gum, k- Carrageenan, Simmondsia, jojoba oil.

▪Packaging, texture

Dark brown plastic bottles with tight fighting golden caps make for good-looking, travel-friendly packaging. On the packaging, you can see the direction for use, ingredients, and the fact that they are chemical-free. The color of the product that I got is dark brown and has small granules that cleanse our skin mildly. The cleanser is non foaming. The fragrance of the cleanser is amazing, it smells like fresh fennels.

▪My Vedix Skincare Review for Cleanser

So guys as I mentioned I was eager to use these products. I began its use the moment they arrived. It’s been a while since I am using these products. At first, it was very difficult to adjust to the fact that the product is nonfoaming but sooner or later you will get used to it. Apart from fulfilling the claim that it makes, clear, rejuvenated, fresh skin, the thing that impressed me was, no matter even if you swallow the product by mistake it won’t cause any harm. After repetitive use of this product,

I concluded that I am happy with the results of this one. I know the price is a bit high but honestly, the results will compensate for it all. The feel of the product while applying was all-natural. I felt like I am washing my face with some fennel-based granules with smooth liquid. On the whole, I liked this product. It does not dry out the skin and it feels balanced after wash. Definitely a good cleanser.

▪️ Step 2-Vedix Aloka VC Brightening Face Serum

The second step of this skincare regimen is the serum. This product of the regimen is my favorite. Now the product claims

“Packed with potent herbal antioxidants, this serum allows the skin to regain its natural even tone. Consistent use of this product helps lighten tan and uneven discoloration”.


20ml= ₹599


Jambira, masoor, 

Amalaki, yashtimadhu, Daru Haridra, potato, tomato, lemon oil, grapeseed oil, Aqua, serum, preservative.

▪Packaging and Texture

-This Vedix serum comes with a glass packing with a dropper. The pack is travel-friendly and the bottle is dark brown. You can find a list of ingredients, direction of use, and information regarding how this product is chemical-free.

-As for the texture and color of the product, it is whitish transparent in color. There is no fragrance in it. The moment you apply it to your skin, you will realize that it won’t make your skin oily and is very light on your skin. It gets absorbed into the skin easily and no greasiness or oiliness is left behind. The skin looks as if you have not applied anything. Which is a good feature.

▪My Vedix Skincare Review for Serum

As I mentioned that this serum is my favorite amongst the three. I have been using it twice both in the morning and at night. All you have to do is take a few drops on your hand and apply them all over your face and neck. This is something that you have to do when you are done cleaning your face with the cleanser. After applying the serum, you should use the moisturizer. The product did not show results immediately but as I said I have been using it for some while now and I can see the changes in my skin texture and tone. I have become a shade brighter, my skin is a bit softer and there are reduced signs of acne on my face. The ingredients of this product are amazing. The potato helps in reducing the dark circles. Hence good for acne to help in skin brightening, lightens dark circles, smoothens the skin texture.

▪️ Step 3 -Vedix Niraj Hydromatte Oil Free Face Gel

This is the third and the last step of the skincare regimen. The product claims that “The moisturizing gel, best suited for normal to combination skin, provides 24-hour hydration, helps reduce roughness, improves complexion, heals inflammation and reduces fine lines for healthier-looking skin.”


40ml= ₹599


Yashtimadhu, kamala, sariva, bakuchi, tulasi, Kumari, Rakta Chandana, manjishtha, usheera, lodhra, daruharidra, brahmi, gel base, preservatives.

▪Packaging and Texture

-The product comes in a plastic dark brown bottle with a pump on top. The good part about the products is that they have pump packaging so that we don’t have to touch the whole product directly. Again like the other two packs, you will find the direction for use, ingredients on the product itself.

-The color of the product is white and it has a gel base(as claimed by the product). The product is gel-based.

▪My Vedix Skincare Review for Moisturizer

Looking at the serum and the face wash, I had high hopes with the moisturizer but honestly, I wasn’t impressed. I started using the moisturizer according to the regimen. However, it is not non-oily. As they have mentioned, I experienced sweat and oil in a very less Interval of time. Maybe it is due to the monsoon season. Although when you apply it, it will be fine for like an hour. But, after that, my skin started feeling heavy and oily. So I’ll say I was a bit disappointed by the moisturizer. Although I’d even like to mention that my face generally sweats a lot. I have been recommended that I should not use moisturizer much. It can be an amazing moisturizer for those with normal skin that does not sweat much. Maybe that’s why….

On the whole, I want to say that Vedix you did a great job. I am happy with the products but the only thing that did not help me was moisturizer. However, the rest is all good. I’d recommend to everyone out there that you should give this product a try.


  • 100% chemical-free
  • Personalised beauty regimen
  • Treats the root cause of problems
  • SlS, paraben and chemicals free.
  • No animal testing
  • Made with natural ingredients.
  • There is an option of subsciption
  • comes in a beautiful packaging


  • Takes a lot of time to show results.
  • a bit overpriced.

 So guys these are my reviews regarding this amazing brand. Hope you all like it. Until next time stay happy, stay healthy.


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