7 Best Travel Skincare Tips | Must Follow Travel skincare routine

7 Best Travel Skincare Tips | Must Follow Travel skincare routine

Travel Skincare Tips
Beautiful skin begins with exceptional skincare


Travel Skincare Tips: Nowadays, many people like travelling. As that’s the only method through which they can quench their thirst of discovering places about which they are not aware of. The places that we have only read about. Travelling plays an important part in making us feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It also brings positive change in our life.

“Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

However, looking at the conditions today it is highly advisable to avoid travelling as much as possible. If you can’t avoid, travel with all the covid precautions required. With a hope that all the tough times will soon go away let’s begin our post.

The topic of today’s article is My Travel Skincare Tips.

Effects of travelling on our skin.

Travelling does a lot of good for our physical and mental being. However, it can be a bit problematic for our skin. Travelling can quickly undo all of the hard work we have made through the year on looking after our skin. When you are busy exploring a new destination, it is easy to forget to cleanse properly when you get back to your hotel at the end of a long day of sightseeing. The climatic changes, the dust, all the travelling that we did can affect our skin badly.

Look flawless while exploring the world

Being a girl it’s natural that we have that itch to look perfect and flawless all the time. To us looking attractive is an essential factor. But as we all know if we want to achieve something we have to spend our energy, dedication and regularity to it. No matter if you are travelling or not, your skin should not be left unattended. In this modern era looking good has become a trend being a girl the way you dress, the way you act, the way you carry yourself many factors can play into attractiveness.

Whenever I like getting clicked especially when we are out with family outings I make sure that I carry my essentials and yes it’s the biggest struggle of being a beautiful girl what to pack in your bag and what not to. Even if I talk about other girls or women everyone is somewhere or the other inclined towards Beauty and skincare. The name itself attracts people towards it.

It is something which naturally makes people into it. If it’s about your face or body everyone likes looking pretty and beautiful. The beauty products add its goodness and people starts getting their go-to products.

The rule of fashion is that there is no rule. If we use the right products and care for our skin properly then it will help us look good. Looking good does not only mean outer beauty. But, it also gives us confidence from within. I personally believe that Beauty is not all about how a person looks. It comes from within the person. The person should be pure from the heart.

My Travel Skincare Tips

Now I would like to share my skincare travel essentials which I carry during my exploration journey.  These are the things I think every girl should carry while travelling: –

1-Sunscreen – Sunscreen is something which also acts as a moisturiser. So if you have sunscreen, you don’t require any other moisturiser. When you are out exploring under the scorching heat of the sun, sunscreen becomes your bodyguard. Sunscreen tends to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

2-Toner or face mist- Toner is something which is very helpful in keeping skin hydrated. It even makes my skin clear by removing all the impurities. Toner should be an essential thing in your travelling beauty kit. It not only cleans your face but also provides it with a refreshed look. With the right choice of toner and a few spritzes on your face, you can get a dirt-free and refreshed look.

3-Face wash – This product is mandatory as it helps in cleansing the face from dirt, sweat and impurities. We all know for a fact that facewash is a very important product to carry. 

4-Gel– It helps to maintain the skin’s softness and reduces skin irritation with its cool texture. Even after the application of sunscreen the sun finds its way to our skin and can cause damage. This is where the gel comes in. It not only softens our skin but also reduces the date caused by the rays of the sun. Also helps in reducing the skin irritations caused due to changing weather conditions, changes in water and so on.

5-Serum or essential oil – it gives our face a shiny look and also a glowing skin. It is advisable that we should apply a serum before our makeup routine. This will prevent the makeup products from directly affecting our skin. Moreover, it will also give our face a shiny look… 

6-Lip balm – keep your lips hydrated with its tint. Again a must-have thing. This is so because we all know how changing weather conditions harm our lips. Whether it be winters or summers lips are the ones which get affected easily. They being the most sensitive portion of our face requires utmost care. Hence, a lip balm to protect them.

* personally I carry a small facial kit with me too.
The way you carry yourself matters the most and that is elegance. Elegance is something which is always noticed and remembered.

the beautiful travel

How to feel elegant?

•Be kind to nature
•listen to classical music in your free time.
•try to learn more and more. Learn something new.
Becoming a woman with class and elegance includes clear communication, confidence, being aware of the world around you and good quality makeup.

Self-love is the most important thing. It will help us in taking good care of ourselves. A person with good and positive thoughts is liked more than the others.
People tend to neglect this fact. As a result absence of self-love makes way for mental illnesses.
So keep in mind that your body, spirit and mind should be in your top priority list. Self-love is a very important factor. You should inculcate it in yourself because it’s important.

7 Travel Skincare Tips

Things to do for great skin:
1-cleansing in the morning and in the evening is a must (going to sleep without removing makeup is a big no-no!)

2- Moisturising is necessary, every single day- it’s the most important thing for beautiful skin. Look for products with glycerine and hydrochloric acid.

3-Nourishing at night with products that help your skin to heal and restore – look for the products that include: antioxidants, retinoids (vitamin A) nourishing oils etc.

4-Do an oil cleansing once in a while – first clean your face like you always do. Then, massage your face in a circular motion with an oil of your choice for 10-15 mins. After this clean your face with a damp towel.

5-Apply serums daily-Invest in a good serum and use it every day before aplying your face cream. Once you Finish one serum, pick another that targets another skincare problem to help your skin heal in many different ways.

6-Use face masks once/ twice a week -Various face masks can give your skin an extra boost and offer a quick fix thing like dryness, dull-looking skin, too much shyness and irritation.

7- Healthy diet for skinThis is the most important thing we can do to protect our skin.. eating a healthy diet and drinking lots of water do wonders.

So my beautiful audience I would like to conclude by saying that no matter where you go, take your skin essentials with you. In this article, I tried to narrow down my thoughts regarding self-love, elegance, and some tips which will help you in getting great skin. With a hope that we all will soon get to travel without any fears, I would like to end my discussion here….

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