10 Quick Tips For Oral Health And Hygiene

10 Quick Tips For Oral Health And Hygiene

oral health
It takes only a few up and down movements with your brush to keep your teeth happy.

Tips For Oral Health – Introduction

EVERY TOOTH IN YOUR MOUTH IS MORE VALUABLE THAN A DIAMOND. Oral Health is the Overall Health because poor oral health can result in poor overall health. Hey everyone, I am Dr. Pooja Kataria and today I am here to share some very quick tips and habits to maintain good oral health and hygiene. I recommend these easy tips for oral health.

Out of all the things this Pandemic has taught us, the most important is, to be very careful about our health and hygiene. The most important and least cared about still remains Oral Health, given the fact that whatever we eat or drink, it’s first passage is the mouth and its contents…When we talk about Oral Hygiene most of us think of having pearly white shiny teeth with bright smiles, well that’s important too but that’s not all. The mouth or Oral Cavity as it’s called also has a tongue, cheeks, gums throat, and salivary glands. All of these are equally important and need equal care and attention…So let’s talk about simple and effective daily tips for oral health and hygiene.

oral health
Get you oral health checked regularly.

Tips for Oral Health & Hygiene

1.As known to all, brushing your teeth twice daily is very important but brushing at night is more important. If we don’t brush at night, the sugary and starchy food remains stuck in between the teeth. This causes an accumulation of bacteria and degradation of teeth slowly and gradually.

2.A toothbrush with soft bristles is always recommended because hey we aren’t just cleaning the teeth; we also need to massage our gums. Don’t rush when you brush.

3.Along with brushing, flossing your teeth is equally important to remove the food particles stuck between the close contacts of the teeth. Flossing delays the effect of aging.

4.Flossing should be done with the right technique and right type of floss which is best guided by your dentist. Wrong flossing techniques can irritate and damage the gums. A good brushing and flossing habit are the basis to years and years into adulthood.

5.Mouthwash should also be a part of daily oral care and it should be recommended by your dentist according to your needs and oral care.

6.Any medicated mouthwash should be used only for the prescribed timeline and should not be used beyond as it may interfere with your oral healthy bacterial flora and can disturb it.

7.In case no mouthwash is recommended, just use one cup of warm water with a pinch of salt and swish it around your mouth for just 30 seconds.

8.Gum Health is equally important. Gums are the supporting pillars of our teeth and they need their share of care. Just use a soft brush and massage your gums and warm water rinses are enough. Poor oral health can also lead to gum disease.

9.Tongue cleaning is another important part that comes in oral care. While you clean your teeth, do not forget your tongue. Tongue’s texture and colour can tell a lot about our overall health. So, keep it clean every single day by using a good quality tongue cleaner. The tongue plays an important role in reducing the bad breath.

10.Last but not least, eat right and stay healthy. A good and healthy diet is not just important for your oral health but, for your overall health and growth, both physically and mentally. Always remember, Oral health is the key indicator of overall health.(WHO)

In the end, I just want to say, always visit your dentist if you feel any type of issue in your mouth. It is very important to keep your dental health in check. Do not wait for the symptoms to become worse because an early visit can save you from many health problems. According to The Academy of General Dentistry, “More than 90 per cent of all systemic diseases have oral manifestations, meaning that your dentist could be the first health care provider to diagnose a health problem”.

Please take care, follow these tips for oral health and smile with sparkling teeth.

Dr. Pooja Kataria

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