Tips and Home Remedies To Treat Sunburn

Tips and Home Remedies To Treat Sunburn

home remedies for sunburn
Tips and home remedies to treat sunburn

Home Remedies to treat sunburn– Summer is just around the corner which means it’s high time you start planning your skincare regime. I keep on mentioning this in every article of mine these days that how necessary it is to change your routine according to the changing weather. Don’t let the weather or the harmful rays of the sun become an obstacle in your path of enjoyment and don’t let them be the ones stopping you from stepping out of your homes. Just wear the right armour and there you go. Apart from the upgraded skin regimes, remember to drink lots and lots of water. It will help to maintain the moisture in your skin. Moreover being hydrated is something very necessary. 

Now my article today is not about the summer season or about how you should upgrade your skin regime. But it is about an inevitable thing that we experience due to this scorching heat and that is sunburn and home remedies to treat sunburn. In this article, I’ll be mentioning some of the home remedies that you can opt for treating your sunburns. But before moving forward to the remedies let’s first know a little more about what a sunburn is?


During a sunburn, our skin turns red and is painful, and further feels hot to touch. This skin issue usually appears after a few hours of too much sun exposure. The ultraviolet rays from the sun or artificial sources such as sunlamps. Repetitive exposure to UV light results in sunburn which further increases the risk of skin damage such as dark spots, rough spots, and dry or wrinkled skin. There is even evidence that sunburns also raises the risk of skin cancers such as melanoma. 

I would even like to include some of the sunburn signs:

  • Changes in skin tone, such as pinkish or redness
  • Skin that feels warm or hot to touch
  • Pain and tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Small fluid-filled blisters, which may break
  • Headache, fever, nausea, and fatigue, if the sunburn is severe
  • Eyes that feel painful or gritty.

Now that we know what is the basic meaning of sunburn and also some of the signs of sunburn let’s move towards the home remedies that can help us in treating those sunburns. 


home remedies for sunburn
stay cool

We should consider ourselves fortunate enough that there are plenty of home remedies that we can use to cool the burning, itching, and peeling that comes with the damage from the sun. The comment section is always open for you people so if you guys feel like adding something to our prior knowledge please feel free to do so. Following are some of the home remedies:


Sunburn is inflammation of the skin and the easiest way of treating inflammation is by cooling the affected area. It is suggested that to immediately help sunburn is to hop in the water. Dipping in and out at regular intervals can reduce the worsening of inflammation/ sunburn. Apart from this, you can also cure this inflammation by applying ice to the affected area. However, the main thing that you need to keep in mind is to stay away from chlorinated water which is found in pools because it can worsen skin inflammation. 


This is one of the most trusted methods to treat sunburns. According to this method, all you need to do is add a few tablespoons of baking soda to a tub full of cold water. Soak yourself in that water for around 15-20 minutes. Adding a few spoons of oatmeal to the bath can also help in treating inflammation and also provide the natural moisture that our skin needs. 

Pro tip- don’t rub your skin either in the bath or after bath. Just dab yourself dry with a towel.


Aloe Vera is a plant that has several benefits. So guys if you don’t have an aloe Vera plant at your house then you should get one immediately. For centuries Aloe Vera has been trusted to cure ailments like upset stomachs to kidney infections and also has the power to treat our sunburns. All you have to do is break a chunk off the plant, wash, and peel. Apply the gel directly to the affected area and it can provide immediate, soothing relief from the sting caused by sunburn.


home remedies for sunburn
The Chamomile tea

Chamomile is trusted to provide you a soothing effect after a long tiring day. But apart from this, it can also act as a sunburn soother. For this, you have to brew some tea like you normally do. Let it cool down for some time and then take a clean cloth and soak it in the tea. After that apply the cloth directly to the affected area. 

Important tip- if you are allergic to pollens then you should avoid this remedy. 


This is a liquid that I ain’t sure about. This is so because according to some it can treat sunburns but according to others high acidity in vinegar can make things worse. According to the supporters of vinegar you have to add two cups of vinegar to the cold water tub and then soak yourself in it for some time. However, I would like to say only go for this remedy if you are completely sure. I mentioned this because there are chances that it can be a remedy. But as you see I ain’t fully sure so if you are opting for this one make sure that you are completely sure about it.


I am a person with very sensitive skin. Neither summers nor winters are favorable to me. According to my dermatologist, I need to make my clothing preferences according to the weather conditions. She suggested me to wear loose clothing during summers. In fact this is a suggestion that is made by all the dermatologists to every person that in summers one should prefer loose clothing. This is so because our skin is the largest organ. So it’s preferred that give some room to your skin to breathe as it heals from a major traumatic episode like sunburn. You should go for natural fibers, such as cotton or bamboo. 


I have mentioned this a zillion times that no matter what weather conditions it might be you need to keep up your hydration thing always. Especially in the summer season, the consumption of water should be increased because our body is already battling the damage being caused by the harmful rays of the sun. It needs to retain the moisture that the sun is extracting out from our bodies. Moreover, the more water you drink the more dirt and allergies in your body will wash out. Stay Hydrated in summers.


Make sure that you don’t forget to include sunscreen with an appropriate SPF. There is no lie in the fact that sunscreen protects our skin to a great extent. However, this does not mean that you won’t apply a moisturizer. The foremost thing that you should do to prevent your skin from peeling is by regularly applying moisturizer and sunscreen. 

Pro tip- use a moisturizer that is scent and dye-free and should be marked safe for sensitive skin. 

So guys concluding it, I would like to say that your skin is your best friend. Before anyone else, they demand your immediate attention. Treat it with care. Provide it all the things, like nutrients, proteins, hydration and so on. Moreover, if the sunburn is too painful, you can take some ibuprofen and consult your doctor immediately. Make sure next time you step out to enjoy the summer season, don’t forget your Armour….

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