The Teenage Limbo- Am I a child,or an adult?

The Teenage Limbo- Am I a child,or an adult?

Life is like an arduous path, the destination to which is unknown but we get to learn a lot and experience a lot. While we are travelling through this road we happen to come across certain things which impact us deeply or as people profoundly say we can ‘relate to ‘, which can be anything, a character, an incident, a quote or even a dialogue which reminds me of one from the movie ‘Chemical Hearts’. In the movie Lily Reinheart says and I quote and obviously relate: ‘ Teenage years are like a limbo. During this time, you are caught somewhere between being a kid and an adult.

Teenage, the phase during which we experience a lot of changes. Changes in our body, mental state, emotional understanding and what not. People commonly believe these are the best years of our lives however deep down we all remember how it introduced us to words like fear, anxiety, stress, anguishness, but we choose to remember the happy part. The part where we were not worried about earning money and instead of indulging ourselves in the hocus pocus of the real world, we were busy solving the mysteries of our fantasy world, meeting new people, developing our interests, dreaming while awake, experiencing the words like freedom. However, this was only the upper and the visible part of the plant, no one knew about the hidden part which was there in the ground. The life of a teenager changes constantly and every person has a different way to cope up with it. Some of them were trying to balance between happiness and the fear that this will be all gone one day, while some were ambitious to build a future for themselves and then there were people like me to whom this change hit like a rock. Instead of enjoying this small phase I started thinking about the latter part and destroyed these happy years of my life. Thoughts like I’ll be left alone because people will think I am grown up and will see me as an independent authentic adult, the fact that I will have to face my problems on my own scared me so much that it affected not only the present me but also the future me. As a result, I remained agitated, angry, scared all the time and instead of looking for reason my parents thought of me as a troubled child. Which reminds me of a poem which I wrote trying to express what I felt at that time:

 Her parents used to think she was a rebellious, troublesome child..

 Creating problems and fighting was something they thought were her favourite pass time.

 Never did they try to understand her,

 instead they kept on nagging and hating her.

According to them roaming around, wasting money

 were the only things she had done.

 However, never did they see her other side,

 the hole, the emptiness she had deep inside.

Her parents were busy, engrossed in their lives

and never provided her for the time and space for which she cried.

 Never did they sit with her or tried to know about her day,

they failed to understand the demands of her age.

Which included both financial and emotion support,

 Time passed by but the gap between her and her parents kept growing.

 Her search for love in the outer world too, produced no successful results.

 And hence she kept on going ahead in her life keeping the anger and blaming her parents.

For the emotional imbalance they created in her life…

Teenagers are the most misunderstood people on earth.Treated like children but expected to act like adults.

         There were times when I used to think what it would be like to just not be here anymore. I even stopped socializing with people because for me it was easier to slip into my own dark abyss and forget the world exists. The only thing I ever wished for was, the time to stop right there. But as we all know that’s not how things work here on this earth. You can avoid the impending doom for some time but eventually you will have to face it. Finally, there came the time when I got to experience a glimpse of my future life but this time, I decided not to run but to face it. Adults who passed through this teenage limbo see themselves as warriors and happily wear their scars. The only thing that I learned from this transition phase is that don’t be scared. It is not necessary that the destination will be beautiful but it is still worth fighting for and moreover every story is incomplete without its ending. You don’t need others to motivate you, it is there inside you itself. You will meet many people who will ask you to talk about your worries and sadness but the moment you start talking they will ask you to shut up. That doesn’t mean you won’t share it with others. Do remember you can give a lot of people the hope that facing issues is normal, all of us have them, for some it might be less and for others the number might be large. Life is all about how strongly we come back after a fall. Don’t be scared, instead be prepared. Running, crying, overthinking is not a solution. Go out talk to people, have fun, try to live in the present.

The mantra that we learned from this movie ‘3 idiots’ : ”that this heart scares easily. you have to trick it… However Big the problem is.. tell your heart pal “All is well All is well” Is something that we should all learn and abide by.Moreover, if you will fear too much from the future how will you be able to survive! So, try to live even if it’s hard, find ways to ease it up because there is a reason why humans are different and unique from the other beings.

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