The Face Shop, With Korean Beauty Secrets.

The Face Shop, With Korean Beauty Secrets.

The Face Shop
The Face Shop collection of my favorites..Rice Water and Rice Ceramide range


Caring for skin is important but caring for skin with using right products is more important .So, if We talk about brand in beauty and skin there are number of brands available like Bioderma , Dermafique, Biotique, Clinique and the list goes on. We People usually prefer products which are alcohol free with bit of fragrance so one of the best brand of beauty and skin I have come across is THE FACE SHOP.

About The Face Shop

The FACE SHOP is a South Korean brand which is based on skin and its cosmetics. This brand commonly uses some of these ingredients such as Water, Glycerin ,Butter(Shea) Oil , Ceramide ,Some Rice extracts.

And nowadays when we look around, especially women, we see that every women wants her skin to be smoother, soft, clear and hydrated. The Face Shop products fulfill these needs with its essential ingredients.

The Face shop products helps in brightening the skin, cleans away all the dirt and gives a smoother texture to the skin and leaves the skin looking more clear and bright.

My personal favorites from The Face Shop

So, I will hereby start with some of my personal favorite products from The Face shop.

There are 4 products from The Face Shop which I use in my day routine. Known as Rice Ceramide Moisturiser, Rice Ceramide Toner , Rice Water Cleansing foam and Rice water bright cleansing oil.

Washing your face with leftover rice water sounds strange but It still remains one of the most popular traditional remedies for many skin and hair-related issues..I myself have been following this home made rice water beauty tricks for my hair and skin. Though it really smells bad when made at home. But its benefits and great effects never stopped me from using it again and again. This thing just continued till I got to know about The Face Shop coming up with rice water beauty products.

I decided to purchase it as soon as I could. And it was no looking back and I am still using it. I don’t even remember the number of times I have purchased The Face Shop Products back to back. Its a beautyfull part of my skin care collections.

The Face Shop Rice Water Products- Review


This is gentle, brightening cleansing foam enriched with rice extracts. It offers you skin care and even tone complexion. Key Ingredients- Rice water (Brightening Moisturising),Soap water (Extract),Bran oil, Sodium chloride

  • Price- 150ml-₹550

How to use it :

  • In the AM/PM
  • Take a small amount of cleanser with water and gently massage onto your face
  • Avoid eyes area
  • Rinse and pat dry

My experience

This rice water cleansing foam  is really good for the skin as it includes some of the main vitamins such as vitamin A,B,E and minerals which keeps my skin shining and glowing. I really could feel the same, in fact, even better results than I used to get from home made remedy of rice water.


This toner is formulated with the rice extract, bran oil and ceramide , this moisturizing toner gives skin a surge of moisture and a healthy glow.

Key ingredients-Water, Glycerin, Glycol, Castor oil

  • Price – 150 ml-₹820

How to use it :

  • First clean your face
  • Apply a few drop of toner on a cotton pad or u can apply in your palm as well
  • Gently pat all across the face and chin area
  • Pat it till it fully get absorbed in the skin

My experience

As the toner is very refreshing so it makes the skin more cooler and and keeps the skin hydrating for long and even helps in clearing the dirt on the T areas of nose and chin. I use it whenever I feel like using it ,as it is very refreshing as well as effective.


This moisture emulsion relieves dry skin and reduces flaking with the use of ceramide reduces the appearance of dark spots

Key ingredients:

Glycerin, Water, Sodium Hyaluronate

•Price-150 ml- ₹820

How to use it:

  • After applying the toner take some amount of moisturiser and dab it on your face
  • The emulsion will get absorbed by the skin and will help in removing the dark spots

My experience

As the emulsion moisturiser has a very creamy texture, so, it helps to maintain the skin more soft and smoother and mainly the rice extracts present in it helps in removing the blemishes, freckles etc .


This rice water bright cleansing oil helps in removing the impurities and heavy makeup from skin with its light liquid texture .

Key ingredients: Seed oil, Water, Polyglyceryl

  • Price-150 ml- ₹999

How to use it :

  • Apply the oil when your skin is little bit wet
  • Gently massage over the face and eye area
  • Take a towel and pat dry

My experience

This oil is mainly good for those who have dry skin texture as it keeps the skin slightly oily and soft and yes it makes the skin shinning and glowing .

So , according to me, what people should do is, stick to the single product only which they use in their day to day routine to get the results. The products like these ,generally would not harm their skin and will surely provide all the essential ingredients which are good for the skin .

Pro tip- Go for it , explore it and try it✅

Check out Official Website to buy products.

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