The Benefits of Using Silk Pillow Covers | Beauty Trends

The Benefits of Using Silk Pillow Covers | Beauty Trends

Quick question- how many of you know the benefits of silk pillow covers? I guess we all have heard about the benefits it can provide to both our skin and hair (especially our hair) but, is it worth it? Many of us might have avoided the use of silk pillow covers because of the price. However, the question is are we going to ignore the benefits just because of the price or they are something that can be avoided. So let’s together find out THE BENEFITS OF USING SILK PILLOW COVERS


No doubt that cotton fabric is the best and dermatologists recommended it. However, dermatologists even say that if the fabric of the pillow cover is smoother than cotton then it will give us better hair or skin. Silk pillow covers are made of fabric silk, a natural protein fiber that has been extracted from the silkworm. As it is a naturally occurring filament fiber its threads are continuous and don’t need to be stitched together. Hence giving the clothes a smoother texture. The good quality of silk is that it’s soft and breathable (that is it allows air to pass through it). However this fabric silk being more expensive than the others, people are reluctant to buy it.

The most common commercial silk is Mulberry silk. This is because it has no joints and is perfectly smooth, giving the fabric a shiny appearance and softer texture. Other qualities of silk which are supposed as the reasons for the beauty benefits it provides, regulates temperature and doesn’t absorb moisture. Hence Mulberry Silk is the best we should use.

So now that we know why silk is a better fabric let’s move towards our second section which will deal with the benefits.

Silk pillow covers
Prefer buying mulberry silk


Most of us are aware of the situation in which when we go to bed our hair looks fine but, the moment we get up they look all crazy. Now the question is why? The answer to it is very simple and straight. When we sleep we tend to move around and it results in rubbing of our hair against the pillowcase which further causes friction that can lead to tangles, breakage, frizzy hair, and so on. Cotton fabric does not have a smooth texture. As a result, it can snag hair and mess it up into a nest of tangles overnight.

On the other hand, as mentioned above silk has a smooth texture. They can preserve your style and keep your hair smoother because they produce less friction. Now if you have read the above-mentioned properties of silk, you’ll find that silk doesn’t absorb moisture. This tendency of silk can prove very helpful for our hair. Traditional pillowcases(the cotton ones) are porous and hence absorb moisture. However, the silk pillowcase doesn’t absorb the moisture in the hair.

For specific people who suffer from dry strands or a flaky scalp, have blond hair, or curly hair, silk is the best option for you. This is so because first, it lets the moisture remain in our scalp. Blond hair being fragile can break easily, hence less friction and less breakage. Curly hair gets frizzy easily and silk pillowcases are well known for making our hair less frizzy. Whereas people who have oily hair should avoid using silk pillowcases.


According to some dermatologists, silk pillow covers are good for people with acne. This is so because silk being a very gentle fabric is considered very good even for a person with sensitive skin. Moreover, silk pillowcases cause less friction than traditional pillowcases. Studies have shown that tossing and turning causes creases in the skin, silk pillow covers can reduce this effect.

Secondly, silk pillow covers as mentioned above don’t absorb moisture. Hence they keep skin smooth and hydrated. It does not zap our skin from the valuable moisture and hence making it the best choice for people with dry skin.

Thirdly in the properties section, I mentioned that silk regulates temperature. However, it is not the best cool bedding option but it regulates temperature. As we know that cotton absorbs moisture but silk wicks moisture away to keep you dry and cool all night long.

Fourthly, many people claim that silk pillowcases can reduce wrinkles. However, there is no actual evidence for this. According to a small isolated study, copper-infused pillow covers might reduce wrinkles but there is no evidence that silk will prove beneficial in this section.

Ps- people believe that the amino acids in the silk fabric(amino acids are very good for skin) are transferred to our skin when we sleep. However, this does not happen. Amino acids are not transferable. So if you are buying a silk pillowcase for this reason then you should not.


In Conclusion, I would like to mention that you should not believe everything that the shopkeeper suggests. Try to find the reality yourself. The claim that silk pillowcases can transfer nutrients to your skin is completely wrong. People with acne should go for other skincare practices too. Moreover, if you’re buying silk pillow covers try to buy Mulberry silk which is silk’s equivalent of Egyptian cotton. So I would suggest that if you can buy silk pillow covers without any difficulties then you should. However, the problems that this fabric deals with can also be tackled in other ways. So don’t feel pressured and do what is easier for you. Until the next article stay safe, stay healthy.

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