Symptoms and Causes of Hair Fall | How to Prevent Hair Fall

Symptoms and Causes of Hair Fall | How to Prevent Hair Fall

Causes of hair fall
Your life may not be perfect, but your hair can be. 🙂


Symptoms and Causes of hair fall | How to prevent hair fall? – Before beginning my today’s article I would like to ask you all a question. What are the factors that a person should foster in themselves to build a strong image? Some of you might say body image, self-esteem, role performance. If we look at the smaller picture the minor things are important like looks, clothing, and in my case my hair. In my case, the way my hair looks plays a major role in the development of my self-image. For many of us, a good hair day can instantly put us in a good mood. It’s like we get a different kind of confidence due to our good hair. However on the other hand a bad hair day is very much capable of bringing our day down. 

As we all know, recent times have not been favorable to us. All the Corona stress, financial instability, lockdown, and stuff have increased the stress, tension to an extent that it has started causing health issues. Apart from those issues many of you people and even I am experiencing major hair loss. It’s not like before Covid the things were fine but the hair loss that I am having these days is way more. I won’t say that only stress is the main cause of hair fall because there are many. This reminds me of my article and today’s topic which is Symptoms and Causes of hair fall and how to prevent hair fall. So without any delay let’s move to the next section which will inform you about this in detail.


Some common symptoms will be visible to you if you are experiencing an extensive hair fall issue. Some of the signs like excessive hair strands on your pillowcase when you wake up, tangled in the teeth of your comb, or your drain after a head wash could indicate a hair fall problem. Though approximately coming out of 100 hair strands a day is normal. Apart from the above-mentioned symptoms, there are many other symptoms. Some of them are mentioned below. 

1: Gradual Thinning of Hair On Top Of The Head

The people who are suffering from this symptom will notice a few things which will be different for both men and women. In men, there is this letter M on their receding hairline. In the case of women, there will be baldness on the top of the head. While the hairline on the forehead is retained.

2: Circular Or Patchy Bald Symptoms

There will be times when you will be experiencing Circular, coin-sized, smooth Bald spots on your scalp or beard, or eyebrows. This is a symptom of hair fall.

3: Sudden Hair Loss

As I mentioned above stress can be a major cause of hair fall. Apart from it a shock, trauma be it emotional or physical can result in loosening and later falling of hair. In this symptom, you will experience an overall hair Thinning and not baldness. So guys these are a few symptoms that will indicate that you are suffering from the issues of extensive hair fall and you are in utter need of remedies to cure it. 


causes of hair fall
Choose your hair care products carefully

So now that we know some of the major symptoms of hair fall let’s move towards our next section which deals with the causes. So here is a list of some possible causes for hair fall.

1: Using The Wrong Products

Using the wrong hair care products can be one of the major causes of hair fall. It is highly recommended that you should go for the products that foster your hair growth and are intended specifically towards solving the problems that your hair is experiencing. Use a shampoo that helps you reign in your hair fall problems rather than just picking up an anti-dandruff shampoo.

2: Vitamin Deficiency

Lower levels of vitamins especially vitamin B and lower levels of nutrients can be one of the major causes for hair fall. This happens when you are consuming a diet that is lower in nutrients. So people if you want to control your hair fall go for a diet which indulges in nutritious foods like lean proteins and plentiful fruits and vegetables.

3: Lack Of Proteins

As I mentioned in the previous point a lack of nutrients, vitamins, and proteins can be a cause of hair fall. When our body lacks the number of proteins than the body rations the usage of it. As a result, it further stops the inflow of protein into our hair. Hence consume food products that foster your protein intake. 

4: Dramatic Weight Loss

There are times when many of us indulge in eating an abnormal diet or in simpler terms unhealthy diet. Which means eating less to reduce weight quicker. This unhealthy diet not only affects our internal health but also results in hair fall. This is so because our body won’t be getting enough vitamins, nutrients, and proteins and as a result, a lesser amount will reach our hair and hence hair weakening and then hair fall.

5: Emotional Stress

This is something I even mentioned at the beginning of this article. Stress! Is a major cause of many health issues. Similarly, it is also one of the causes of hair fall. The only thing that we guys can do in such situations is combat stress and anxiety, exercising and talk therapy would be helpful here.

6: Heredity

A few days back I was discussing with my parents that whatever issues they are facing their children will likely face them too. Like my father, I have very sensitive skin. The same is the case with hair fall. If someone in your family is facing the issue of chronic hair fall then is highly likely that you will face it too. 

7: Hormones

An imbalance in hormones can also cause hair fall. Now the hormonal imbalance can be caused due to several reasons. Like when we start growing, taking different pills, pregnancy hormones, birth control pills, and so on. So in such cases, the person should visit a good doctor. 

⚫How To Prevent Hair Fall

how to prevent hairfall
Avoid chemical hair treatments

As the heading of this section suggests, I’ll be talking about some dos and don’ts that you should adopt if you want to cure your issue of hair fall. I won’t say that the things that will be mentioned further are the ultimate solution to your hair fall but they can at least slow it down and cure it to some extent. Hence here is the list

1: Shun All Chemicals

People nowadays resort to things like hair color, chemical treatments, perms, and stuff to make their appearance trendy. But little do they know that these chemicals are destroying the strength of their hair. All I can suggest to you guys here is that try and avoid such chemical practices on your hair. If you genuinely want to go for coloring try organic hair dyes.

2: Hair Wash

My mother used to tell me that child if you want your hair to remain intact, don’t wash it regularly. Instead, you should wash them just thrice a week and should use a mild shampoo. This is so because the strong shampoos will result in drying your hair and eventually lead to breakage. 

3: Quit Smoking

I hope every person reading this article is well aware of how smoking is injurious to our health. Smoking not only affects our body but also is responsible for hair fall. This is because when a person smokes our hair follicles become weak and fragile and ultimately get damaged. Hence it’s highly suggested that quitting smoking is a major necessity.

4: Diet High In Proteins

If you go back to point number three of my previous section you’ll see how a body that has low amounts of proteins can cause hair fall. So all I can suggest is to eat a diet which is high in proteins. You can include eggs, peas, chicken, nuts, etc.

5: Use A Conditioner

When we wash our hair with shampoo then there are some cuticles in our hair that remain open. The conditioner helps in closing them and also locks the moisture. On the other hand Skipping a conditioner can cause your hair to become porous, weak, and therefore, more prone to hair fall.

Concluding it, I would like to say that hair is as important as any other body part. Though losing a bunch of hair does not cause any physical impairment or problem. But, it leads to mental health issues when something affects our basic looks. So, just like your skin and any other body part. Give equal attention to hair care.

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