Sesderma RETI AGE Eye contour gel Review

Sesderma RETI AGE Eye contour gel Review


Hey, today I have come up with a product that takes care of the aging skin around our eyes also known as the eye contour area. All of us want our aging skin to look younger and radiant. We work upon our face wrinkles, pigmentation, lack of radiance and luster, etc. But, most of us tend to forget or ignore the eye contour skin. The skin surrounding our eyes show one of the first signs of aging. There are many other factors that contribute to the signs of aging like too much of screen time, exposure to sun, deficiency of certain vitamins, lack of sleep, stress, etc.

People who meet us generally happen to notice our eyes than any where else on our face and say oh! your eyes look so dull, you have got dark circles, your eyes look tired or may be your eyes looking like an older women…etc… so, these are the things which we don’t want to hear. So, why not give equal importance to our eyes. This is one of the most important and sensitive area of our face as it is effected the most when we age or when we are stressed and tired. Now to introduce you with an eye contour care product, I have decided to tell you all about this product called SESDERMA RETI AGE EYE CONTOUR GEL

Sesderma Eye Cream

A brief introduction of the Sesderma RETI AGE Eye contour gel

  • Category – Eye contour gel
  • Skin – For all skin types
  • For Age – Above 30 years
  • Indicated for – To prevent and correct the signs of skin aging caused by chronological aging -expression lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, brightness and toning
  • Composition – 3-Retinol encapsulated in rapid bubbles. Retinaldehyde. Retinol. Hyaluronic acid.
  • Other active ingredients – Vitamin C , Vitamin E, Boswellic acids, Chestnut extract, alpha arbutin, pinadediol, camphanediol, etc.
  • Technology – Nanotech
  • How to use – only one drop for skin around both the eyes at night. Massage gently for 5 seconds.
  • Other Features – Dermatologically Tested and Paraben free
  • Price – Approx. 1800 INR for 15 ml Qty.

What it claims?

It provides powerful anti-aging action and excellent tolerance because of its 3-Retinol system of sustained release. Retinoids stimulate the proliferation of keratinocytes, normalize the exfoliation process and improve skin texture and tone. The combination with other active ingredients like hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid or growth factor enhances the effects, at the same time improving tolerance.

What is 3-Retinol System?

The perfect balance: maximum efficiency with high tolerance. Combines 3 retinoids incapsulated in lipid bubbles in order to protect the oxidation active ingredient and increase its efficiency. The three molecules act at different speeds to provide an ideal gradual dose of the active ingredient. In this way therapeutic levels of retinoid are reached for a prolonged period and the secondary effects associated with an excess of the active ingredient are reduced.

My experience and review about Sesderma RetiAge Eye contour Gel.

Well, to start with it, let me tell you that I am a woman in early thirties and just like any other woman I have also started to get the signs of aging on my face. But being a concerned and self loving woman I also love taking care of myself physically and mentally. I have a lot of concern when it comes to my skin as well.

Being a woman with Hyper sensitive skin, I have to be extra careful. Generally women ignore taking care of their eyes and the skin around it. The signs of aging around our eyes makes us look really dull and older. Taking care of only other areas on face will not solve the purpose of anti- aging. We have to be equally careful about our eye contour. So start doing it today only if you are not.

How I got to know about it?

It was suggested to me by my dermatologist. Being a dermatologist she caught my signs of aging before I could notice them. In past two three years my eyes have played a major role in signs of aging and I could not judge that. All I could think after looking into the mirror was that what is wrong in my appearance. I started to look a bit different. But when my dermatologist told me to start with the anti aging cream around my eyes I did not quite agree with her and said that there is nothing wrong with my eyes.

I would not say that I have not used any eye cream before. I have used two three of them but I was not convinced with them at all, so all I could conclude was that I don’t need them since my eyes looked fine. But no,I was wrong. The only thing my dermat told me was that just go home and look at your old pictures of around 3 to 4 years back till now and just notice the slow change in the eye contour area. I did the same thing and compared my previous pictures from past 3 years with my recent pictures.

Trust me guys… I could see a big change now. My Dermat was correct. In the very next visit to her , she suggested me this Sesderma gel and I started to apply this on the very same day and my eye contour treatment began that day. There are some procedures also available for the same like botox. But I preferred applying the cream instead of opting for botox.

Applied quantity is just a drop for both the eyes

My Experience

It has been almost two months now that I am using this eye contour gel. It comes in a small tube with pointed nozzle and has a very mild and pleasant fragrance. It has quite a runny consistency as it comes out of the tube very easily.. I just take out one drop and apply it around my eyes and massage three times and it is absorbed. It needs to be applied in a very thin layer that gets absorbed within seconds. In the first few days I did not see any change in my skin, still had fine lines and they still looked dull.

After I applied it for approximately ten days I could see a bit of change in my eye contour. It started to look brighter than before with minimized very very fine lines. After the application for a month I could see a clearly visible change. My eyes started to look more fresh and skin was a bit plump around eyes.

Now after the application for 2 months ,all I can say is that this was the product that was missing from my skin care kit. I wish I had bought it earlier. It has brought a great change in my eye contour and has made my eyes look more younger and fresh like it was three years back. Though I will not say that this gel has completely transformed my skin back but Yes, it is very close to that complete change. I was lucky that I started to look after my eye contour with very early signs of aging. I was not late to take care of them.

May be that is the reason that I am able to bring my fresh eye contour back again. But I am sure it would have worked to some extent even if it was too late because this product really works and to a great extent it fulfills what it claims. I have started to get more complements and it feels so good.

Till now i have been using this gel and this is my very first tube. Most important for me is that it is suiting my hypersensitive skin and I would love to use it till my skin needs it. Another thing I want to mention is that there are many other factors that damage the skin around eyes. With application of any eye care cream or gel, you also need to avoid the factors causing damage like we should avoid too much of screen time. We should wear sunglasses when going out in sun. We should sleep for minimum 7 hours at night. We should not take much stress..etc, Well now continuing about this product, lets talk about its pros and cons.


  • Evens out skin tone with vitamin c it has.
  • Works as an Anti – Oxidant with vitamin C and E
  • Reduces wrinkles with ingredient like Mimetic Peptides, growth factor TGF beta -2
  • It is calming and anti-inflammatory due to Boswellic Acids
  • Reduces bags and shadows around the eyes with chestnut extract, alpha arbutin, pinadediol, camphanediol.
  • Very pleasant fragrance
  • Easy to carry
  • Can be used by people with any skin type
  • Suitable for hyper sensitive skin also


  • Price is very high
  • May not cure completely if you are too late to start
  • Takes a bit time to show results

Will I buy it again?

Since it is my first tube and I can see a lot of change. But I would like to take a break from it after I finish the tube so that I can see how long the results last after completing my treatment with one tube. I love Sesderma Facial Fluid that gives radiance and glow to my face. I have also given my review for that.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I will give it 4.5 / 5


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