Sesderma Glowing Facial Fluid Review |

Sesderma Glowing Facial Fluid Review |


About Sesderma Glowing Facial Fluid

Sesderma is brand from Spain and has been serving dermatology for almost 30 years now and provides us with many award-winning products for skin. This brand provides innovative products related to any type of skin issues like anti-aging, eye care, hair care, intimate care, pigmentation, sun protection, face serums…and the list goes on.

Sesderma C-Vit Glowing Facial fluid 

Today I am going to review another great product from Sesderma  Serum range known as C-Vit Radiance, a Glowing Facial Fluid. I have been using this brand for past three years, and I got impressed within the first month of using its products. Now to start with the review of Sesderma serum, let me first give some brief introduction about this fluid: –

  • Category – Face fluid
  • Origin – Made in Spain
  • Used by- women
  • For skin type – any skin type that is dull and lacks luminosity
  • Composition – contains Vitamin C as an essential active, AX+ Booster System- a powerful antioxidant, Tranexamic acid, Morus alba extract and hyaluronic acid, Palmitoyl tripeptide-5, clarifying complex and luminous pigments.
  • Technology – Nanotechnology
  • How to use – can be used in morning and night, apply sunscreen after this if using in morning or day time. Gently massage until absorbed.
  • Other features – paraben free and non-comedogenic
  • Price- approx.2800 INR for 50 ml

What is Sesderma Glowing Facial Fluid?

It is a serum or Facial fluid with antioxidant, hydrating, anti-wrinkles and brightening effect that brings back the vitality and natural glow to your skin. Vitamin C transforms into light on your skin. Nanotechnology provides maximum effectiveness and protection against anti -free radicals. Its luminous pigments bring an instant glow to your face.

My experience and review about sesderma c-vit facial fluid

Hey, as I have mentioned in many of my posts that I am a women with very sensitive skin type and I keep facing some kind of allergy on my skin due to various types of allergens like dust, pollens, food allergies, and many times the rashes were caused by various skin products I used when I was hardly aware about what caused allergy. But in past few years I have understood my skin and can now find out almost everything that triggers allergy in my skin, so I may be one of those person who just cant use anything on my skin, I need to be very careful about what I use and hence I choose my cosmetics very carefully and I don’t use anything without consulting my dermat..

How I got to know about this serum

My dermatologist recommended this serum to me. I visit one of the best skin specialists in town and she really understands my skin well. And hence introduce me to the best products for my skin type.

Once when I visited her for a routine check-up, I asked her to suggest me some thing that gives glow and radiance to my skin. Since it became dull over time I have entered the age where I should start using these anti-aging products that keep my skin in a good condition and give it a youthful glow. So, that was just a general consultation and I happened to ask her. She suggested me this product and I started using it as a night repair cream.

My experience with 

Though it can definitely be used in day time, but I preferred to apply it only at night. From the very first use I can feel the glow I got just after I applied this fluid, it gave a luminous instant glow which looked all natural. When I washed my face with plain water in the morning my skin felt ultra-soft and smooth and I felt like touching my skin again and again. And believe me, I have been using this product for past two months and my bottle is not yet over. Every morning my skin feels so fresh and young and I still feel like touching my face again and again. I will still be using this fluid till my dermat tells me to. Though it is not a medicated product but still dermatologist recommend this product.

Any women can use it as it is perfect for daily use and it is  your daily dose of vitamin C, you don’t need a prescription as it is a general cosmetic product that can be used by any women. The best part for me was that it definitely suited my hyper sensitive skin and I feel it is a safe fluid for my skin. My skin doesn’t feel heavy after applying it. It is very light weighted formula for any skin type. I can also see my complexion becoming even.


 Sometimes I also use this product in a day time as a moisturizer and nourishing cream before applying the makeup. It gives that natural glow and really enhance my skin and makeup. So, I would definitely give it a thumbs up as both day and night cream …


  • Brightens the skin tone.
  • Evens out and clear the skin tone
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Skin becomes smooth and soft
  • Improves elasticity of skin
  • Gives hydration
  • Instant glowing and luminous skin
  • Easy to carry and use


  • Price is High

Will I buy it again

    Yes, definitely I am going to buy it again, as I can see the good change in my   skin and does not harm my hyper sensitive skin. I am also using Sesderma Eye cream and just loving it.

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