Re-live your childhood…

Re-live your childhood…

I hope the sun is shining brightly above you. I am back with yet another “I don’t know why I keep on writing” blog. But let’s just say, I like to collect thoughts.

But before I get started, I would like to ask you one single question “When was the last time you felt happy” ? Think about it before you answer and then say it loud. Loud enough so that you can hear it. Clear enough so that you can’t cheat yourself.

If your answer is of a momentary thing (Like watching some god damn awesome series, going for a trip with your pals, some family moment, or just a personal moment) then I am afraid that’s not the right answer. Like I said in the start, those are all momentary things and probably would fade away. Maybe you’ll watch another classic movie, or maybe you’ll have another beautiful trip with your family.  But those are all momentary, right? Like they say “Moments” , they never stay. No matter how beautiful those moments are , they never stay. 

So, coming back to my question, when was the last time you actually felt happy? Some of you might argue with the fact that those momentarily moments were the reason why you were happy and felt alive. Agreed but they are now gone right?

To answer your question, Happiness is just a state and states keep changing. “Kabhi dhoop toh kabhi chhaon” . Remember there was this time in your life when everything felt happy? Sky was blue, trees were green and everything was brighter. Of course, the sky’s still blue and trees by the almighty’s grace are still green. But no, we aren’t talking about that. So, coming back to carefree days. What were those? When the world felt perfect, No possible burdens, no fears and no after thoughts. The phase known as “childhood”.  But then why Childhood? What was so special that it can’t be recreated? Why was it so sacred. Why isn’t it just a phase or Why do we felt alive and lastly why can’t we compare it to youth? I can’t possibly pinpoint exact answer for your why? It’s different for everyone. Maybe, you know it yourself and just need a little dose of introspection. But I can surely point out the common ones.

“Because we imagined it to be a fairy-tale, it felt like fairy-tale.”

“Because we were happy in our own bubble, it was amazing.”

“Because we were naive and loved ourselves, it was remarkable.”

“Because we believed we could, so we did.”

“Because we trusted everyone, the world looked brighter.”

You know what’s so common in the answers? TRUST and BELIEVE. That belief in goodness, made you trust everything is possible. You believed the fact that everything will be alright and you don’t have to worry about it, made it all worth it. I am not asking you to be foolish and start trusting everyone. But then maybe we can start by being honest to ourselves. By trying to build an honest world around us, where stupid opinions don’t matter. By trying to build a toxic free world and believing it to be a fairy-tale. Your own fairy-tale, the one you dreamed about. By chasing all those dreams which put a smile on your face. By picking up a hobby, you feel passionate about. By making people happy around you, to feel happiness in your bones. By doing things, you feel are right. By giving two hoots about society. By being kind to ourselves and everyone we see. And just by being “Unapologetic YOU”

At the end, it all starts with self!!…..Let’s live our fairy-tale.

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