Practice Art Therapy for Anxiety

Practice Art Therapy for Anxiety


art therapy
Like in this cup and kettle mandala, it reminds me of all the conversations I had with my friends at a ‘Nukkad’ tea stall. The times when we guys used to skip our lectures just to cater our thirst of gossips with a cup of tea.(idea credits -google)

 “The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.” – Sydney J. Harris

Practice Art Therapy for Anxiety

Today’s topic is ” Practice Art Therapy for Anxiety”. But, before starting , I would like to tell you and show you the outcome of my drawings when I expressed myself in my art work or drawings. You need not have a good hand at drawing to express yourself. Always remember, “Art has no mistakes, It just has discoveries”As for my drawings I never made anything on purpose. Whatever I found interesting, challenging or related to my mind set at that time was made on the pages of my sketchbook. Have a look..

”  All the drawings have been made looking at pictures from different artists on Google..”

art therapy
The girl with wings reminds me of how we girls have so much potential hidden in us and are just looking for some space where we get to spread our wings open freely without any fear.  (Idea credits – Google)                                  

I would like to say “Har chitrakari kuch kehti hai, bas dekhne wala nazariya aur samajhne wala Dil Chahiye” Now Lets start with the concept of The Art Therapy.

The ups and downs of life

Life is not simple or predictable. It is like a bumpy journey full of ups and downs. The moment you think you are understanding the difficulties and surprises it hides, it changes its path and becomes unpredictable. It’s like life takes it as a challenge upon itself that okay! now that you have become intelligent enough to understand my agendas, it’s upgrade time. In short, our life has become like the Jumanji game which keeps on getting tougher with each level up. The Anxiety begins.

Hence, feelings like stress and anxiety are pretty much inevitable.The moments where your pulse accelerates, your breathing is tense, and your head hurts, you feel like shouting out loud at every person. Some might have excessive eating disorders or all signs of stress, and in these recent times I have been facing them a lot. And It made me to practice Art Therapy

Adopt a Habit that makes you feel good

I won’t completely blame the pandemic for this because I have been dealing with this issue from way long. Studies have proved how stress negatively impacts health. It can cause problems like anxiety, insomnia, uneasiness and many more.

Moreover, life can be more burdensome when you don’t have smart habits for dealing with situations like this. The result will be your depleting Mental Health. You may feel tired before the week has barely begun. Be overwhelmed on a daily basis. Get an upset stomach, headaches or migraines too often and even start to feel burned out.

Fortunately, there are many stress reduction strategies that can be included in our fast paced and busy lifestyle. Our focus is on Art Therapy in this topic.

Art Therapy as a stress buster

The thing that held my hand was my art, my drawings. Art Therapy helps us to deliver those emotions that can’t be expressed in words. It also helps us to connect with our inner feelings, memories, thoughts. I never made any of my art keeping anything specific in mind, however when it is done, I could genuinely see that it is depicting what I have been thinking unknowingly. Studies done with people combating stress have shown that making art is a powerful tool to combat stress. While you can also exercise, chant, or garden, art offers specific advantages to battling stress, which are as following:

It helps to calm the disturbed mind down

Whenever you feel like bursting out or shouting out loud in the midst of all the drama going on in your life then just grab a pencil, reach out for your sketchbook and start doodling or drawing anything. The rhythmic and repetitive motion of drawing helps synchronize hand and eye, body and mind. As for me I myself have seen how drawing even for a few minutes has resulted in a happier me.

It helps us to focus on the present times 

The major problem with me is that I ponder upon my past mistakes, situations, problems a lot. As a result, I tend to remain sad for what all happened. How I could let it pass but got myself caught in the web? A lot of stress is caused by ruminating over past events or worrying about the future. Shifting attention to our senses can land us more fully in our bodies and in the present, helping us let go of anxious thoughts. Art Therapy can help us connect with our sense of sight, slowing down our seeing and making it more embodied. For example- The minute detailing that we do while making The Mandalas  keep us more focused and in the present state and keep our mind from wandering.

It helps in releasing and expressing the pent-up emotions

We all have our share of depressing days. Days where we feel sad and are unable to express it, the days when we have this feeling that anger is taking us all over but we can’t do anything. Because, it might hurt someone else and all we can do is cry. However, there are moments where you can’t even cry because it might prove problematic, art, on the other hand, can provide a safe space to express, let go, and work through stuck emotions.

Art has the advantage of being nonverbal, enabling one to express emotions that may be difficult to put into words. We can draw images or simply make gestures with rhythmic brushwork that can depict withheld emotions.

Re-framing your problems

In this 21st century no matter how educated we have become, how developed we have become, or how much progress we have made, the mental quality of every human being is deteriorating. Stress has become so common. However, re-framing (or looking at a problem from a new perspective) can lower stress levels by changing our perception of the issue at hand.

Translating a problem into visual form or giving it an artistic look is a powerful way which will help us to see a problem in a new light. We can work with edge, scale and color to give it an interesting form.

It helps in knowing our inner self 

 There are times, when you won’t even know the reason behind your grumpy mood. Sometimes, you won’t even know that you are stressed and are in an utter need to relax. Gaining greater self-knowledge can help us identify why and when we are stressed. It gives us the capacity to remove stressors and find ways of supporting ourselves when in stressful situations. It is said that when we are drawing or making something interesting, we tend to give our dedication towards it. When we are completely focusing onto a thing, we get to connect with those parts of ourselves that may have been blocked off.

Malchiodi believes that “in making art we begin the process of exploring our beliefs, and we may find the reason for pain or depression or identify sources of joy and creative potential”

Practicing Art Therapy is an expression

On the whole I would like to say that drawing is one of the most expressive art forms. It helps us to portray our troubles, joy, anger, sorrow in a beautiful and the most expressive manner. It is not necessary that you have to be a pro at drawing to release your stress. You can also do the trick by simply doodling or drawing, simple image. As for me I am a bit passionate towards what I do. Once I begin, I can go on for hours and hours until and unless I am able to make that perfect piece that not only appeals my eye but also satisfies my troubled mind. It helps me to forget all my worries and problems and provides me the much-needed break. So, what are you waiting for? Christmas? Go grab your sketches, pencils, colors and satisfy the child inside you which will ultimately help you in dealing with your mental health. Moreover, you can share your artworks with us, we would love to see them 🌸

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      A elaborated one. Thanks sharing. Regards.

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      Great work Muskan… I myself do Mandalas and mindful coloring. .,but I do not draw myself, I just color.. it actualy helps.. I totally agree that art has no mistakes, only discoveries.. so next time i will try to draw myself..

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      Thankyou so much Di.. Acually the whole idea is not mine. I have just copied from different artists who have posted their works on Google. Moreover I found them interesting, challenging and they helped me cute my stress and also depicted my mind set hence are there on pages of my sketchbook..

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      Thankyou for the regards inner thoughts..

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