Power Gummies for Hair and Nails- Review

Power Gummies for Hair and Nails- Review

Today through this article About Power Gummies, I want to share my hair story with you all. For the past five years, I have been facing the hair fall issue. Though it does not happen throughout the year, it is just a seasonal thing. Especially from July to September, it is a mix of hot, humid, and monsoon weather. I face so much hair fall that my family members get so worried and sometimes irritated with my hair strands visible just anywhere in the house. The causes of hair fall can be many. It becomes a matter of concern for me, and the hair shedding and hair fall makes me so stressed and worried. The only good part is that I know it will be over once the season changes. In October, the hair fall stops, and the new hair starts to grow. I get all my strands back. You might be thinking that what’s the issue then?  

My Hair Fall Problem

Well, for me, the issue is “Why can’t it be stopped or reduced?”, Why am I facing this issue?” Why should I just let go of my hair like this?”. All through the year, I take so much care of my hair by oiling them and taking regular spas, I use the best shampoos for my hair. I just don’t deserve this bad phase of hair fall. These were specific questions that made me look deeper into the matter. And I concluded that only the best of products and oiling is not enough to have healthy and strong hair.

We need to have a healthy balanced diet to fulfill all the nutrition requirements in our body. We should have healthy food and cut out all the unhealthy habits. Our lifestyle should be more beneficial to have a healthy body and beautiful hair and skin.

Sometimes, we are not able to get all the required nutrition from our food only. Therefore, we need some extra supplements or treatments to achieve the results. In today’s fast life, we cannot focus much on our eating habits as we all are running after something or the other. This has made us move towards processed food or ready-to-eat food, which takes less time in preparation. These types of food habits are not healthy, and we end up getting deficient in various vitamins and nutrients. This is the time when supplements and specific vitamin or nutrition intake come to our savior.

Thanks to science and technology, which is successful in providing all most every nutrition we need. So, coming back to my story, this year, I got unlucky in April and got infected with Covid-19. But, with God’s grace, I defeated the illness and was good in 15 days or so. I was pleased that I did not have a much-troubled body after I recovered and felt very normal. But in July again, what came to me as a shock was the hair fall. Trust me, this time it was Worst Ever!

I started to have so much hair fall and hair shedding that I never had in my life. I went to the doctor as soon it became an alarming thing for me. My doctor said that the increase in hair fall could be due to the Covid-19 infection I had. She recommended Vitamin H, also known as Biotin capsules, for few months. I bought those capsules from the chemist and started the course. But, somewhere, I was not satisfied with them. I wanted to look for some best options.

I started looking for some solutions other than a healthy diet, which I was already having. My opinion for trying different supplements is always up along with a healthy balanced diet and home-remedies. Some of my friends suggested that I try some Biotin gummies that are gaining popularity. There are many of them, but I wanted to choose best. This reminded me of “Power Gummies.” These gummies are a hit in India and are trending. Two of my friends even suggested trying Power gummies for hair and nails. So, this reason was enough for me to order the. 

My Reviews for Power Gummies for Hair and Nails

Power Gummies for hair and nails are made from Biotin, zinc, and other essential vitamins backed by science and are approved by FSSAI for safety and quality. I ordered power gummies for hair and nails from Nykaa. Instead of buying a combo, I initially wanted to try a one-month pack with 60 gummies, i.e., two for each day. It claims to start showing results in the third week after we start eating them. But for the best results, we have to complete the 90 days’ treatment. 

This 90 days’ challenge requires you to eat two gummies every day. Preferably one in the morning and one in the evening after any meal. 

The Power Gummies come in excellent packaging, which we can reuse for other purposes later on. They are in tiny teddy bear shape and taste amazing. It works for me as a candy after a meal to satisfy the sweet craving. The delicious taste and sweetness remain for quite some time in your mouth.

I started the treatment in July and popped in two gummies every day in July’s first week, and trust me; I really started feeling a reduction in the hair fall by the end of July. After seeing the results, I wanted to continue with the 90 days’ challenge and ordered the combo pack of gummies. Now, this time I ordered from the Official Website of Power Gummies. The combo pack contains two bottles of gummies with 60 gummies in each bottle. It is for two months dose. The combo packaging is very cute. It is a kind of mini briefcase and we can re-use it for other purposes later on.

I have finished my 2nd bottle of gummies also, and now I am using the third one. I wanted to write this review even before completing the challenge because this brand has already gained my trust. With the passing of every week, I was seeing a noticeable reduction in hair fall. The best thing is that, like in earlier years, the hair fall is not constant. It is under control already before the season of hair fall ends. I am loving the results and am amazed to see the reduction in hair fall. 

power gummies
Power gummies combo pack

Other benefits of Power Gummies for Hair and Nails are:

  • Aids hair growth (working for me)
  • Promotes nail strength (No noticeable difference in my case)
  • Glowing skin (I can’t say because I have hypersensitive skin, many factors are involved in my skin health)
  • Enhances metabolism (yes, it works)

I am not talking about the nails in this blog because that was not a matter of concern for me. And I even don’t notice any change in my nails. My only focus was my hair, and I have already achieved results for that. My hair has also gained some strength, and I can also see some hair growth. I know it may not stop the hair fall totally, but it does a great job and reduces hair fall. It makes a remarkable difference. But be sure to follow the challenge for 90 days at least and never skip the dose. If you don’t follow these things, don’t blame the gummies for not showing results.

Those looking for a Good supplement for Biotin / Vitamin H that works must try Power Gummies. It is highly recommended. To know more about Power Gummies, continue reading or just visit the official website of Power Gummies. 

About The Brand

Power gummies are created to say goodbye to regular boring pills and adopting a tasty way to good health. Products offered by Power Gummies are:

  1. Gorgeous Hair & Nails with Biotin – these gummies are for hair and nails
  2. That Time of the Month – These gummies are for supporting the good health of menstruating women.
  3. The Beach Body – These gummies are for weight management with green coffee.

More Bout Power Gummies

Each range of products by Power Gummies are

  1. Vegan and cruelty-free
  2. Gelatin and Gluten-free
  3. No side effects
  4. For him & her
  5. Delicious
  6. Clinically tested

 So, this was my review about Power Gummies for gorgeous hair and nails. Grab your gummies if you are looking forward to treating specific health issues related to hair, nails, menstrual health, and weight issues.




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