OZiva Plant Based Protein,for everyday fitness- Review

OZiva Plant Based Protein,for everyday fitness- Review

With the passage of time, people are again becoming very health conscious and hence are eager to know about healthy ways to live, healthy eating, exercises and anything they can do to enhance their health and well being.. be it physical or mental…. We have been talking a lot about mental health in our previous posts. Today we are going to discuss about physical health and something that is really one of the most important nutrients which our body needs to stay healthy and fit. Yes, you guessed it right.. PROTEIN.

Protein is a micronutrient that is required to build muscle mass in our body. And is present in many sources both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The amount of protein that should be consumed depends on the individual’s age, gender, and level of physical activity. A safe level of protein ranges from 0.8 grams to 2 grams of protein per body kilogram of weight. Which makes 20 to 30 grams of protein per meal. In case you want to know how much protein your body needs, you can always calculate that on various Protein calculator available on different website. You just need to enter the values and answer what they ask for.. like your age, gender, height, weight, activity level and it will show the amount of protein you need to remain healthy.

But after you calculate your protein value, I am sure that vegetarians will be always lacking when it comes to their protein intake. The most common issue faced by a person who eats only vegetarian is the lack of sufficient protein because mostly the protein is found in meats and eggs. However, a very well planned vegan or vegetarian diet can provide all the nutrients, but still in most of the vegetarians, it still lacks..Reasons can be many, like availability of protein rich food, eating in less quantity, body’s ability to absorb nutrients  or eating habits. But still, I must say that, in today’s scenario it doesn’t matter if a person is vegetarian or non- vegetarian, many people are choosing today to get Protein from complete plant-based sources because of its more health benefits. Many people are converting into vegans as well.

OZiva is India’s leading clean label and active nutrition brand that is providing completely Plant based superfoods packed in a jar. To fulfil the need of protein for a vegan or vegetarians or you can say anybody and everybody, OZiva provides perfect plant protein nutrition and fulfils our body’s protein requirement. One of the best things about it is that it can be consumed by whole family irrespective of age. It is a win win for everyone and is great for everyday fitness. The different varients of OZiva protein are as follows:-

– OZiva Organic Plant Protein, with main ingredients as Organic pea protein isolate, organic brown rice protein, organic quinoa

OZiva Superfood Plant Protein, finest vegan clean protein powder with plant protein, ayurvedic herbs and multivitamins for everyday fitness

– OZiva Protein and Herbs for women, Best Natural Protein Powder with whey protein, ayurvedic herbs and multivitamins for better metabolism, skin and hair.

– OZiva Proteins and Herbs for Men, whey protein with ayurvedic herbs and multivitamins.

The best part about these protein powders are that they are all gluten free, soy free, non-GMO, with no artificial sweetener and zero added sugar.

Today I am gonna review about the Protein that I have been using…

My experience with Oziva Plant Protein

Well I am quite a long-time user of OZiva products. I have been using their products for skin nutrition and Protein powders. Out of the above described proteins I am using OZiva Organic Plant Protein because the other variants are launched recently. So, I am still to use them. Now talking about the one I use, I wanna tell that I chose this because I have been looking for a vegan Protein for myself because of its many benefits and no side effects. I always wanted one which is Soy free and not a whey protein coz I have had quite a few bad experiences with whey and soy proteins as they imbalanced my hormones after a use of two three months. That best of brand Protein caused hair fall and also led to a lot of hormonal imbalance. So, those whey isolates and soy proteins were a bigggg No for me..Its not necessarily the case with every one, but It did not suit in my case.

Since OZiva was all over the internet, after I got treated for my previous health issues, I thought of giving this complete plant-based protein a try. Because I am a fitness freak and hit the gym every day, so including protein in my diet is a must. But before purchasing it online, I preferred to ask my doctor and told her about this brand and the ingredients that its protein powder has, she was impressed with it and gave me a nod to buy it. Then there was no looking back. I searched more about this protein on the net, read a lot of reviews and then decided to buy it. I ordered this variant known as OZiva Organic Plant Based Protein from the official website of OZiva. Made with Organic pea protein isolate, organic brown rice protein, organic quinoa, I had no doubts left about its goodness and suitability for me after reading the ingredients list.

 I started consuming this protein few months back. It comes in a good jar with equally big size of opening, so it’s very easy to find your scoop and use it. There’s this big scoop for 30 g measurement and the powder is packed in a packet inside. I emptied that packet in the jar as it was quite inconvenient for me to use with the packet. You just have to fill that scoop and mix in a glass of water and drink it. In first few days it was difficult for me to drink it as it tasted very chalky. It was quite a task for me to drink it. But still I had to, as I was aiming for a good health and weight loss. It took me some time to adjust to the taste and I was all fine with it after few days. It was not at all sweet as it has no sugar and no artificial sweeteners. I started to enjoy it after my workout. I even tried to make the chapatis with the protein and they turned out really good and soft and crispy. So, I kept on changing the type of ways to consume my protein powder. Sometimes I mixed the powder in the juice as well. And hence, I became a loyal user of this protein powder…. It really fills me up and I don’t crave for much food for at least 2 hours. So, it is really helping me to tone up my body and fulfilling my protein needs which I know I will lack if I don’t take a protein powder as I am a pure vegetarian and I am not able to get the required amount of protein every day. Till now I cannot feel any bad effects of it. In fact, I feel good to include it in my diet every day. And of course, I am looking forward to try other variants that are newly launched…

The various other important features about this product are:

  • It is very much affordable as compared to the other high selling brands.
  • Soy free, lactose free
  • No added sugar, no preservatives, no trans fat
  • Non GMO
  • Cholesterol free
  • Easy to digest
  • One scoop provides complete 30 g complete plant protein, 5.2g BCAA, 0.0 Sugar.
  • It is unflavoured
  • Can be used to make various healthy recipes like add to chapatis, smoothies, or just sprinkle on food
  • Anybody can consume it irrespective of age.

In the end, I would again like to make it very clear that the protein requirements may vary with every individual as per age, gender, height, weight and physical activity and eating habits. With the use of any protein, you must take care of other factors that support the benefits you get from using it. If you are not taking care of these factors like level of physical activity and eating habits, then nothing is going to work and you might end up having side effects. So, just don’t be dependent on only the health nutrition supplements always..  do exercise and always eat healthy and then use your product confidently. It will always help. Stay fit, stay happy. 🙂

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