OZiva plant based collagen builder- for berrylicious healthy skin

OZiva plant based collagen builder- for berrylicious healthy skin

OZiva is India’s one of the leading clean label active nutrition brand which is completely plant based and enriched with ayurveda. In the field of skin nutrition also it has come up with some skin nutrition drinks which are completely plant and herbs based. One of these products is known as OZiva collagen builder for the anti aging beauty. It supports skin repair and regeneration and comes in classic and berry orange flavors.

Now, to understand the product much better, let me start with :-

What is collagen?

Collagen is that protein in the human body which is found in skin, muscles, bones and tendons. Collagen is the protein which gives stretch, suppleness, elasticity and structure to the skin. It is the most abundant protein present in the human body that provides strength and structure. Collagen production declines with the age and when we are are exposed to other factors such as UV light , smoking high sugar consumption, genetic changes and auto immune disorder.. Collagen is a hard and fibrous protein and makes upto one-third of the protein in our body. It is very beneficial for skin strength and elasticity. Collagen helps to form fibrous network cells in our body and plays a role in replacing and restoring dead skin cells. As we age, our body’s collagen producing capacity is reduced due to which skin declines, wrinkles are formed and our joint cartilage weakens.

Now, the good part is that the collagen can be rebuilt by us. It can again be brought back into the body through consumption and application. There are many collagen products available and can be consumed and applied in the form of powders, gels, injections, wound dressings. But some of these forms may or may not work. The best way to again starting the production of the required collagen is with the help of diet.Nutrients that best support the collagen production include egg whites, meat, cheese, soy, cabbage, berries of all types ,citrus fruits, tropical fruits, leafy greens, beans and many more things.. the list is long.

OZiva plant based collagen builder

OZiva collagen builder is made from 21 real nutrients that are plant based wholefoods which supports the body’s own collagen production. It provides 70 mg silica, 45 mg vitamin C and 630 mcg biotin to support anti aging beauty and is 100 % vegan. The another best feature is that its gluten free,soy free, non GMO and has no artificial sweetener, no preservatives, lactose free and no trans fat.

OZiva collagen builder is made up of :

ACAIBERRY works as a natural skin moisturiser and repairs damaged skin

SEA-BUCKTHORN rich in omega 7 and boosts collagen production

BAMBOO SHOOT rich in silica and rejuvenates skin

SESBANIA AGATI high in biotin and reduces wrinkles

ACEROLA CHERRY filled with vitamin C and cofactor for collagen synthesis

ROSE PETALS- loaded with antioxidants and promotes glowing skin

Other important information

Origin -made in India

form – powder

used for -skin health

How to use- add 2 scoops (6 grams) in 200 ml water.. mix well and enjoy.

Price – RS 899 for 250 grams

My experience with OZiva collagen builder

Well I am a women in early 30’s who has already started taking care of skin aging. Being a sensitive skin person which I always mention in all my skin related posts, I choose my products very very carefully. I was looking for a plant based collagen builder because I felt that my skin needs some nutrition and I specifically wanted something plant based with no soy and meat because I am allergic to certain foods in this category and OZiva excludes all such allergens. I finally found about this product on the internet and decided to order it online. It comes in a nice packaging with almost all the details written about the product on the jar. It has a scoop inside for the actual measurement. This powder smells quite tangy and is light pink in color. After you mix it with water it becomes maroon in color. I really liked its taste and tasted like a mix of tangy , citrus and sweet drink and the taste was developed with very first use. I felt happy that I ordered something which I can really finish and has a good taste. In fact it tasted so much like unsweetened berries that I felt as if I am drinking some type of berry juice or I actually could feel the hints of all the natural and plant based ingredients that were mentioned in the ingredients list. Another reason for my satisfaction regarding this drink was that it filled my tummy to some extent. So my meal amount became a bit smaller than before whenever I drink It an hour or so before my lunch.

After using it for a month I could see some change in my skin health, though not a major change.. but yes some noticeable change. It felt bit fresh and moisturized than before. though its been one month only that I have been using it, but I thought of sharing review about this because I can already see the change. And I am sure its going to work more for me and is going to fulfill what it claims.

You always need to take care of the dosage. Too much of everything is bad. So, what my way of using this type of product is to start with the lesser dose than mentioned on the jar.. then slowly increasing the doses in every few days up to the prescribed amount of dose. This is just to see if the product is going to suit you or not. I am still using one scoop instead of two just in order to balance the intake because I take other herbs and health related drinks for different purposes. So, this is the one I am using for my skin nutrition. Along with this nutritious drink.. you also need to take care of your skin by avoiding factors that do harm to your skin. A healthy nutritious diet is almost the top most priority in case you want a good health over all.. These supplements and drinks are basically the add on to your healthy food habits and they may or may not work for some. As already mentioned on the jar, results may wary with individuals diet and workout. Do not be dependent on the products only. In that case no product from any brand is going to work. So always know about and beware of what you are using and what rules need to be followed along… this way you can use your products confidently and enjoy the results… 🙂

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