Organic India Kure Facial Serum Hydrating Rose Review

Organic India Kure Facial Serum Hydrating Rose Review

Organic India Kure Facial Serum-Hydrating Rose
Organic India Kure Facial Serum-Hydrating Rose

About Organic India

Organic India is a brand that has been serving True wellness products and solutions for healthy living for quite a long time now. The brand is known for its Organic products and foods that are all-natural, organic, and made through agricultural practices that serve and protect mother Nature.

Well, along with its world-famous health and wellness products, Organic India is also doing wonders in the field of beauty. It is selling its Organic Beauty products named as ” Organic India Kure”. This range of beauty products is created using Ayurvedic principles. The products are organic, non-toxic, and includes naturally processed ingredients. All the products are made using essential oils with aromatherapy that rejuvenates the body as well as mind.

My visit to Organic India Exclusive Store

I have been using Organic India health and wellness products for quite a long time now. But I never knew about their beauty range until I visited their Exclusive store a few months back. Yes, Organic India has exclusive stores that are worth visiting. This is so because it is all together with a different experience rather than buying from a supermarket. That was the first time I visited their exclusive store and I was so surprised to see some product ranges about which I was not aware. Their beauty range is one of them.

They also have detox programs, joints and bone health programs, weight loss programs that are available in their exclusive stores. And the plus point is that at the store you will also get to see their well trained, polite and very well traditionally dressed staff. Their staff has all the knowledge about the products they are selling and they guide you in a great way. You can also get some product samples or goodies at the store as per the billing amount criteria.

When I visited the store, I ended up buying so many things that I found interesting. CLEAN Detox Program (trending) is one of them about which I reviewed some time back. From their luxurious Organic India Kure range, I bought A Face & body mist and a Facial Serum. So, today I will be reviewing Organic India Kure Facial Serum

About The Product – Organic India Kure Facial Serum Hydrating Rose

Organic India Kure Facial Serum comes in three varieties. They are Anti-aging, Hydrating Rose and the third one is Nourishing Jasmine. I decided to buy Hydrating Rose because of my skin type. And as suggested by their knowledgeable staff, Organic India Kure Hydrating Rose Facial Serum was the best option for me. So, I will discuss this option only.

Ingredients – Day and Night Oil Concentrate. ( Manjistha, Laksha, Amalaki, Daruharidra, Padma, Haldi, Chandan, Palash phool, Sesame Oil, Milk), Rose Essential Oil mix, Coconut Oil

How To Use – Use after washing and cleaning your face. You can use as much as you feel sufficient for your face and neck. It can be used by both men and women. Can be used for all skin types.

Packaging – It comes in a very little and luxurious glass bottle with a pump lid and nozzle which is covered with a plastic lid to prevent any leakage. The packaging is of very good and premium quality. It is very easy to carry and it does not spill or leak. 

Price – 625 Rs for 25 ml

Benefits of Organic India Kure Hydrating Rose Facial Serum

As claimed by the Brand, Organic India Kure Hydrating Rose Facial Serum has many benefits like

  1. It moisturizes skin and reduces fine lines
  2. Makes your skin glowing.
  3. Contains herbal antioxidants that help nourish skin cell and tissues.
  4. Suitable for all skin types
  5. Non-greasy and absorbs easily into the skin
  6. Has beautiful fragrance
 Hydrating Rose facial serum
Hydrating Rose facial serum (before application)
Hydrating Rose Facial Serum
After application

My Experience and Review

Well since I have already described the product, now I want you to know how was my experience with the hydrating rose facial serum. I chose this option out of three variants because I have very sensitive skin. This serum is for all skin types and is also for delicate skin. The staff person also suggested me this for my delicate sensitive skin. I started using it the day I bought it because I was super excited to use this luxurious and premium product.

So, I used this Organic India Kure Facial Serum continuously for 1 month and I was all ready to write a review about it. I used this serum every night after washing my face and after using Organic India Face & Body mist Jasmine Rose. After applying face mist and letting it dry, Facial serum was the second thing. Sometimes I applied the serum on the face and neck and simply massaged with my fingers. Sometimes I applied serum and used my Jade Gua Sha Stone to massage my face and neck.

My experience

What I experienced about this serum, the fragrance is not so appealing and beautiful. It smells like an Ayurvedic oil that describes its purity. Many of you may not like its fragrance, but for me, it was fine and tolerable. The serum is of normal consistency and is brown in color. It is a bit greasy also. I use two pumps to cover my face and neck. And it is easily visible that I have applied some oil on my face. That is why I apply it only at night before I sleep.

Organic India kure Facial serum moisturizes the skin to a great extent and works well to reduce fine lines. The face looks plump, bright, and clean in the morning when I wake up. The greasiness gets absorbed itself at night and the face looks very fresh after I wake up. My face feels very soft and flawless when I touch it. This softness is there for the whole day because of the moisturizing effect and plump effect it gives to the face. The product has done such great work to treat my sensitive skin that I am still using it and this is my second bottle of the same serum. The herbs and oils used in this serum give a soothing effect to the skin and calms the mind. This rose serum worked well for my sensitive skin because of the inflammatory properties that help in soothing irritated skin. It maintains a perfect PH balance and has a great moisturizing effect. Organic India Kure range has become one of my favorite for body care.


I am impressed by Organic India products. Their luxurious and Ayurvedic beauty range is worth trying. I will be visiting their exclusive store again in a few days and would love to try more of Organic India Kure products. I will review them here. Till then try their serums if you are having difficulty in choosing the brand. I am sure it will not disappoint you.

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