Organic India CLEAN Detox Program- Review

About Organic India Clean detox program

Organic India is the brand that needs no introduction. It is already so much famous and known across the globe for its 100 % organic products made from whole herbs and promoting healthy conscious living. Organic India supports true wellness.

Today I am going to tell you about the CLEAN Program for Detox by Organic India. It is a program to detox and cleanse your body with visible impacts. This program is available as a 7 days program and 21 days program. The various benefits of this program are related to energy, Vitality, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits.

With many celebrities, Gwyneth Paltrow, famous American Actress also follows this program.. have a look at the following video…

Gwyneth Paltrow , famous American Actress, for Organic India CLEAN

Now to understand this CLEAN program for detox and cleansing your body, its important to know few things about cleansing. A healthy body is something which is clear of toxins, body wastes are eliminated and the organs work effectively. Rejuvenation and renewal of the body, mind and spirit results in good health.

Various benefits of cleansing our body are:

  • Detoxification
  • Self-image upliftment
  • Stress Reduction
  • Rejuvenation of entire digestive system
  • Improvement of digestion and metabolism
  • Removal of fat, deposits and toxins
  • Regulates fat metabolism
  • Energy and vitality are increased
  • Supports healthy liver and kidney function
  • Supports radiant skin

The Organic India CLEAN Program for Detox is created by Mr. ALEJANDRO JUNGER, MD , and it is claimed by him “ Organic India CLEAN Program helps to create the conditions your body needs to process and eliminate toxins and re-establish a healthy balance. It rejuvenates your energy and mind and helps to create lifelong healthy habits.”


This program, once purchased, provides the customer with the combination of products and services. The program has 3 stages for the best results



In this stage, prepare yourself for the next stage by consuming three solid meals a day for 3 days. You can have your own normal home-made healthy food that you eat in routine, or, you can also consult the nutritionist assisted to you by Organic India. You can also choose to make recipe from Organic India guide to the program.


ORGANIC INDIA CLEAN PROGRAM – 7 DAYS OR 21 DAYS (as per the BOX you have purchased) In this stage, you have to follow the regimen by consuming the products provided in your CLEAN program box. And have to consume them as prescribed. you have to finish the products in the time and days mentioned on the box or suggested by the nutritionist on phone calls that is assisted to you by Organic India. We will discuss about these products below.


REINTRODUCTION OF FOOD- In this stage, you come back to your routine of home cooked food, but with better and healthier food choices. Organic India nutritionist will help you with the planning on calls.

Once you are committed to this program and has purchased it from ORGANIC INDIA store or online, you are provided with various assistance along with products. When you buy this:-

  • you buy Organic India CLEAN BOX worth 4,500 Rs for 7 days program and 11,500 days for 21 days program
  • a personalised and customized diet plan by Organic India Nutritionist
  • 2 or 3 consultations per week with nutritionists to clear any queries.
  • Specially created VEDIQUE app to interact with nutritionists
  • Support services such as recipes, required information, alerts and updates.


 Now talking about the quantities of different boxes, let me explain the number of components or packets the box contains as per 7 days and 21 days program.

7- Days Organic India CLEAN Box detox program costs 4,500 RS

-14 smoothies pack for 7 days. To be consumed every day for 7 days for breakfast and dinner.

-28 packs of wellness infusions to be taken in morning, noon, evening and night.

– 7 packs of supplements contain supplements to be taken at mentioned time of the day

 21- days Organic India CLEAN Box detox program contains the quantities of the packs as per the 21 days program.- Price 11,500 Rs


Now to be very true, I have purchased only the smoothies pack related to this program, which was worth Rs 1700. I bought this first just to try this program. I didn’t want to spend so much of amount for the first trial. SO, I did not buy the complete program and decided to buy only the 5 days smoothie’s box. With that you can get to know if you will get truly committed to this program and is it going to suit your system.

After purchasing the smoothie box, I got a call from Organic India Nutritionist the same day and I cleared my various doubts. The nutritionist was very professional and she was really helping and cleared all my doubts. she was a very well-spoken and proficient lady.  Finally, I started with my 5 days smoothie box program. It was a breakfast and dinner replacement. Instead of having breakfast and dinner, I had to drink the smoothies. Only the proper lunch was allowed to be taken.

How to prepare the smoothie

The smoothie powder can be taken directly by mixing in plain water or can be mixed with any juice or coconut milk, almond milk or chana sattu. You can also add few ingredients like fruits n nuts, fresh greens or nothing at all. If you add ingredients, then just blend everything along the smoothie powder in a blender. Then grind it and enjoy. I mixed this smoothie in plain water and had it.. The powder is easily soluble and does not become chalky in mouth or throat and it tastes very neutral. Neither good nor bad. Just a kind of tasteless smoothie if taken with plain water.

You should eat only good things during this program like green vegetables, brown rice, quinoa, coconut milk, water or coconut oil, whole fruits, dals and pulses..etc (basically typical home made simple meals)

Avoid eating gluten foods, dairy, meat and eggs, coffee, soda, alcohol and processed sugar. Some physical activity or meditation is also suggested to be done.

If you don’t follow these healthy habits, it may not work that effectively for you..

I thank Organic India

Now as my 5 days of this program are over… I would describe this as the best thing I have done for my body till now.. The experience was simply amazing. The best part is. that my body feel so fresh and light and I have lost 2 kgs of weight. I feel healthy from within and now I am craving for purchasing my next program of 7 days or 21 days… may be after 2 months. This program is not continuous, you need to take long breaks in between like few months or may be a year. About this gap your Organic India nutritionist can tell you better as per your personal details and if you are an old user of this program. It is really a good program if you are willing to cleanse and detoxify your body. You will definitely feel the change in your internal system. It refreshes your entire system for a long time. I will definitely buy the complete program that has supplements and wellness infusions along with the smoothies.

Have a happy mind, body and soul….. 😊

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