Mood off Quotes |7 ways to get away with the bad mood

Mood off Quotes |7 ways to get away with the bad mood

mood off
The only difference between good day and bad day is your attitude


Mood off quotes and poetry

Welcoming the Day 

It was a chilly morning… 

While others were hibernating, snuggled in their beds, tossing and turning, forcing herself she woke up… Yawning with her mouth open wide, rubbing her eyes, cleaning her face which was filled with drool everywhere she woke up… 

unlike the other days, today to welcome the sun she woke up… 

Not letting her wait much, piercing its way through the clouds the sun showed up… 

As soon as the first ray kissed her face, earlier a grumpy little ape turned to a smiling puppy face… 

However, it was not only her but, nature too was welcoming the sun in its own way…

 Birds chirping, flowers blooming and the rays were reaching every corner waving adieu to the darkness!… MUSKAN 

 How we feel when having mood off

When you guys have a mood off, do you guys ever feel how wonderful life would have been if you could just press a restart button? All the mistakes that you committed, all the problems that came your way and destroyed your day. How about just a restart button and whoosh all gone. From the day adulthood knocked on my door things have been on a pretty much roller coaster ride. It’s like, how can a book be so unpredictable?

Every chapter is different, every character is different (also with different faces) and amidst all this you alone. As a person, I am slightly more on the pessimistic side. When my mood if off, I have a habit of looking for reasons even if something good is happening to me. I am like, oh I am laughing too much today, something bad is going to happen. I am from the people who keep tabs on my happiness, my deeds, my reactions (though sometimes even after keeping so many tabs things go completely out of hand).

Moreover, when I was so close to adjusting to my busy life quarantine came into the picture and we all were locked from every man jack outside.This lock-down period gave me a lot of free time to think, ponder, and become sad about the mistakes I committed in the past and also about the problems of the present. There were days where I used to feel like everything is hopeless. Everyone is horrible and all I wanted was to curl up and cry.

You are enough for yourself to get away with the bad mood

However, as we all know, we all have something or someone that motivates you to improve your deteriorating life. To me, it was my own shadow, my self. It was like I was whining about the problems I had and I could see that my internal self-left my body and was standing near the side of my bed. I could see the hopelessness in its eyes. That day I realized that

Mood off quotes

“You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down.” Charlie Chaplin 

Hence began my journey of looking for light even in the darkest corners. This reminds me of a dialogue from one of my favorite movies “All the bright places”.

And the dialogue is

“You don’t have to climb a mountain to stand on the top of the world. 

Even the ugliest of places can be beautiful, as long as you take the time to look. 

It’s ok to get lost as long as you find your way back.”

“There are bright places even in the dark 

Times. And if there isn’t, you can be that bright place”. (All the bright places)

mood off
when you feel blue

 How to get away from a bad mood or bad days?

The poem that I wrote above portrays the same. How one day I let the rays of the sun bid adieu to the darkness around me letting me free from my thoughts. Today the main motto of this post is that through this platform I want to share with you people how I am trying to get free. I won’t say they are successful but they are helping me and hoping will help you too so here they are:How to get away with the bad mood and mood off.

1. Take a deep breath and try to look for the positive side. 

The first thing that we all are supposed to do whenever we face a problem is to take a deep breath. Instead of losing your mind, just take deep breaths. Look for the things that might be in your favor. Because no matter how difficult the situation might be there got to be a few things that’ll be your way so look for them.

2. Be realistic and don’t blame others. 

The third thing you can do is think and make yourself believe that this isn’t the worst. Make yourself believe that there is nothing that can break you. You just need to have faith in yourself.

Moreover, in such cases, we tend to lower our stress by blaming others. That in whatever situation you are in today it’s because of that bad person. Don’t do this. Just accept things and look for solutions.

3. Think of the future and the lessons you will get.

Just make yourself see the good times when all these bad phase will pass you will see a stronger self. If nothing, the bad phase will give you a lesson. So that when you will face such a problem again then it will be easy for you to get out.

4. Make yourself believe that there is nothing that can’t be mended. 

Couldn’t be said in simpler words. In this whole world no matter how difficult a task might be but there is no such thing called impossible.

5. Love yourself

In situations like this, we tend to break. This is what you are not supposed to do. No matter how difficult it might be to take care of yourself, do that. Get up from your bed early in the morning. Stand in the sun and let the rays of it bid adieu to your inner darkness and give life to the flower called hope. Eat properly, do your routines, and just don’t let yourself fade away in the sorrow.

6. Self- care

Remember that your body is the most precious thing you have. Mind ,body and soul are interconnected. Train your mind well because it is your strongest muscle and the worst enemy. If your mind and body are healthy and happy, you, you will feel like a good soul. You can take care of yourself by pampering yourself and doing whatever you like to keep your mind body and soul happy. Care for yourself in a way that does not harm you. Indulging in self care is one of the best way to get away with the bad mood.

7. Everything happens for a good reason

I believe this beautiful thought, that everything happens for a good reason. All that happens make us grow and learn. Sometimes good things fall apart so that there is a room for much better things. We get hurt and we may not feel it at that time , but at the right time we definitely feel that whatever happened, it was good and it should have taken place.

There are a lot of simple keys to happiness. As a child, I used to hear people saying that God tends to put his disciples into problems. He keeps on testing them. He keeps on testing their faith. However, he never throws us into a situation which we can’t handle. With every hurdle which we cross, the outcomes to it are a stronger and better self and also heightened faith. Moreover ‘no one likes to eat Dal Rice daily, we look for a change’. We look for happiness.

So just don’t let a problem or problems spoil you. Every human being is a born fighter so go for it, fight for the good days.


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