Meaning of quest | Why questing is important?

Meaning of quest | Why questing is important?


life is a quest
When you are feeling like a failure, Remember the grenades you have crushed, The setbacks you have overcome, And the battles you have won. This journey through the life is rough, I know, But still with courage you climb. This strength you have built will take you places, Be proud of the warrior you have become. – “Walk With Wings”


Meaning of quest

Quest means to search for something to achieve a goal. Questing for something includes certain elements that must be present for accomplishment. They are the quester, the reason, the place, the challenges and the trials. In a simple manner, quest is to undertake a mission or job and work upon it whole heatedly to achieve what is desired. 

Why Questing is important

Oftentimes, you must accept that if you lose on anything, it simply makes room for something new. That is when you must realize that some things add little to your life and not everything you lose is a loss. It’s normal to feel unfortunate when you lose a person, an item, a relationship, or a belief but in instances where there is toxicity related to it, you experience peace. You cut back on the lethal things that bring you down and you flourish with bright colors in your life. That’s when you realize that toxicity of what you had been holding on to. As objectionable and bitter it may be to make peace with it at first, but the outcome is always rewarding. You have to think, no matter the backlash or hardships that may create, you are enough and responsible for your happiness. Detach from it. Be gutsy enough to adjust to the fact that in the end, it’s you, no matter the world turns against you.

“If you approach the mountain in fear,It will look bigger than it actually is.” – Walk with wings

Never stop the quest

Motivation comes from within; you won’t accomplish unless you are determined enough to achieve your goals. The goal is just to be happy. No one can push you or encourage you. Only you know the depth of the trouble when you’re undergoing something. You can explain, you can share, people will hear it but not feel/understand it. Remember the goals you have set for yourself; a few setbacks shouldn’t make you a loser, rather make you stronger to bare them. Listen to criticism, if it suits you, accept it otherwise let it go. If you experience a downfall, make sure that you rise from the ashes. Hardships come to those who have the capability to walk through it. Be a hero in your own story, don’t look up to someone else. The power lies within you.

Keep a quest for knowledge

You learn from everyone you meet along in your life, all of them teach you certain valuable lessons. Not everyone can go with you, some only play a part in your life, but you have to leave them behind and accept that their season in your life has come to an end. Be ready that it may not go too well with everyone. You ask why? It’s usual to find that not everyone who’s in your life means well for you. Betrayal is one of the most painful human experiences, but that shouldn’t make you question your loyalty towards them. The problem is with them, not you. It’s better to stray away from things that kept you stagnant and distance yourself from negativity. You must learn to recognize that negativity if it ever approaches you. Be selective in the people you choose to make part of your life. Change is good. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’ve changed like it’s an awful thing. you must change in order to progress in your life.

Keep hustling and keep questing

 Happiness can be found in little things in life, it doesn’t have to be extravagant, it can be as simple as a hot cup of tea on a rainy day or a 10-minute phone call session with your best friend. Soothing for your soul. In times when the load seems impossible to carry, remember the people who have always stood by you, cheering up for you to get through the finish line. Happiness is not unreachable; you just have to figure out what makes you happy and do it for the rest of your life even if some people might call you crazy. Your peace of mind can only be achieved with your satisfaction, not other people’s comfort. You have to stop chasing for it, be greedy but don’t let it become an addiction, don’t fail to appreciate what you already have. Look around you. You are loved and are bound to find something valuable. Keep hustling to achieve what you always quest for

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