Manifestation – The key to achieve your Dreams

Manifestation – The key to achieve your Dreams

“The power to everything you want is inside you”-Rhonda Byrne

To start with it, let me just begin with What exactly is Manifestation and how does it work? The term Manifest is derived from the Latin verb manifestare, which literally means something like “show” or “make clear”. Manifestation is essentially a procedure of turning your intention into reality. You think about something and then just get it with help of Universe and positive attitude.

Most of us tend to confuse Manifestation with spirituality or wishful thinking. Some even argue Manifestation is nothing but a scam and you manifest just to escape the reality but then the question is “Why do so many people believe in power of manifestation” ? Is this because of the fact, that they are nothing but a bunch of day dreamers and have exactly nothing to do except dreaming or is this because of the fact it really does work? If it really works then how does it works should be your next question.

Now the next question which arises is: Can we Manifest Anything? Yes, you can manifest anything as long as you believe you will. Basically, when we are in sync with our thoughts, Universe flows to us and through us and eventually we end up getting whatever we desire.

How Does it Work?

If you ask me whether universe listens or not? Of course, it does. Rather it has been listening to you all your life, you weren’t just paying attention. Every thought you have has its own vibration, be it positive or negative and those thoughts go straight in Universe. If you are seeking something positively with a positive energy, you’ll get it. Reverse is also true though. One may call it “Law of attraction” So in order to create more synchronicity, you gotta channelize your thoughts properly. Also always be very careful of what you wish for, who knows it might just become true. Universe is listening, Remember?

Key Takeaways:

1.Choose what you want to manifest wisely: First and fore mostly, you gotta know what you want. Be very clear with what you want. As they say “The clearer and more concise, the better.” Be as realistic as you could be. I’m in no way suggesting, you can’t achieve unachievable things but it all comes down to correct approach.

For example: If you manifest to buy a new house just in 24 hours, it’s simply not possible.

2.Never Say Never: Now that you know what you want, Never doubt it. Tell yourself as clearly as you could that I am gonna do it no matter what may come. You may jot it down on paper or just make a note on your electronic gadgets or just speak it loudly. Negativity will only hold you back, so throw it away. Now that you know what you want, Tell it to universe and then never for once, doubt the process.

For example: if you want to manifest a car, tell Universe” I am gonna buy a car by end of this year and you are gonna help me achieve it.

3.Visualize your dream: Once you have decided, Visualize it. It’s one of the major steps. Visualize what impact will that dream bring into your life, or how life will be after you have achieved your dream. “’Being’ the person who already has, does, and feels your goals, dreams, and desires helps you become that person.”

For example: If you want to lose/gain some inches by manifestation, Visualize yourself how will you look post achieving your goal.

4.Make an Action plan: Now that you have visualized it all, working toward your goal is imperative. If you think by wishful thinking you are gonna get everything, you are highly mistaken. You have already envisioned how happy you will be after your goal, so why not work on it? Making an action plan is important, but taking actions according to your plan is even more important.

For example: If you want to change your job, tell universe that I am gonna do it .Visualize how happy you will be in your new work environment, and then start taking actions accordingly .Put all your hard work in it and achieve it.

5.Be Patient: Good things take time and you must remember it. Manifestation is no magic and you won’t get anything in a blink of an eye. So, having patience is a must.

For example: If you want to buy a new home, tell universe that you are gonna get it, visualize it, work toward saving money and just be patient till you get it.

6.Be Grateful with what you get: Universe sure is a wish granting factory but you must remember universe will do what’s best for you. Universe will always have bigger and better plans for you. So be grateful with what you get and enjoy that. Always remember where have you come from and be grateful for everything. Find gratitude for every single thing and just keep it going.

I would like to conclude with “Start with a new goal, guide your thoughts, visualize your dreams, work on them diligently, be patient with the process and finally see your dreams become reality “.

Happy Manifesting!

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