Kidney Stones Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Kidney Stones Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

kidney stones
causes and symptoms of kidney stones

Kidney Stones Causes, symptoms and treatments- Kidney Stones are a thick hard mass formed in the kidneys which are consisted of insoluble calcium compounds. Kidney stones are very small but hard pieces that occur in a kidney. Though they are small in size it is very painful while they pass through the kidney. An average number of minerals are required in our body but if the number of minerals increases and converted as a hard deposit, acid salts that stay stuck united in a concentrated form in the urine. Kidney stones will make the urinary passing process difficult for a while. But it can be cured and treated. Thus, kidney stones are not a permanent disease or a permanent problem.


kidney stones
pain in back and stomach

When your urine consists of a high amount of crystals forming substances, which are like oxalate, calcium, uric acid more than the fluid in your urine which is needed for their dilution, then kidney stones are formed. These crystals stick one over another to form one or more kidney stones. People who have following habits or who have faced such situations are likely to face kidney stones. Let’s go through to the causes that may lead a person to kidney stone disease:


1. Hereditary reason: Kidney stones can happen due to hereditary causes. It means, if any person from your family had such a problem then you are likely to face kidney stones.

2. Earlier kidney stones: If you have faced or experienced kidney stone disease in your childhood or your past life, then there is a chance of getting kidney stones in your present life.

3. Lack of water: If your consumption of water is decreased day by day, then you won’t understand the results early but the limitation of drinking water will lead to kidney stones.

4. Adoption of new diet: If you have changed your diet or daily food consuming time table into the consumption of foods which are rich in protein, sodium, or sugar. Then you will face kidney stones. Because the increase in the amount of protein, sugar, or sodium will lead to kidney stones.

5. Weight gain: If you have gained weight then you are likely to face kidney stones. Half of the human body gets disease when they gain weight. So stay slim and stay healthy.

Many kinds of kidney stones can happen to a person. It can be as tiny or small as a piece of sand and you can overcome them even without knowing that you had a kidney stone problem. These are easier and there are not many worries about such a kidney stone. But these are big. This will cause a big problem for people. Such kidney stones can cause blockage for your passing of urine and also ever hurt you a lot, or you can face many problems due to big kidney stones.



Among the several kidney stones, most of them are formed through the concentrated deposition of calcium in the kidney in a thick form of calcium oxalate. In calcium, there are two types of calcium stones. They are,

Calcium Oxalate: A substance called oxalate is daily formed by a person’s life. It contains a high amount of fruits, vegetables, chocolates as well as several kinds of nuts. When you eat such kind of food, then you start to absorb those substances. When your urine is composed of a high amount of calcium or oxalate it causes kidney stones.

▪︎Calcium Phosphate: People with metabolic problems such as renal tubular acidosis which is caused when your kidneys were not able to maintain their acid balance in your blood causes calcium phosphate kidney stones. Or else it will also happen to those people who take medications for their treatment of migraines or seizures.

Uric acid stones

are formed in our body when the body has a high amount of acid. Uric acid is one kind of kidney stone that can form a kidney stone or else can be formed as acid itself.

Struvite stones

can happen when you have certain types of urinary tract infections in which bacteria make ammonia that builds up in your urine. Struvite stones are made of magnesium, ammonium, and phosphate.

Cystine stones

They are made of a chemical that your body makes naturally, called cystine. Cystine stones are very rare and happen in people who have a genetic disorder that causes cystine to leak from the kidneys into the urine.


We all may have kidney stones in our life but some of us don’t get to know about it. Because the size of a kidney stone is very tiny then, it will pass through our urinary tract and we don’t even get a realization about it. Tiny kidney stones don’t show any symptoms to our body. But if the size of kidney stones gets larger then the following symptoms may happen to your body. Just have a look into the symptoms of kidney stone:

1. BLOOD IN URINE: Usually, when we pass urine out of our body, we only pass urine. But if you have kidney stones and if they get larger, then blood will pass on the urinary tract along with the urine.

2. PAIN WHILE PASSING URINE: We don’t feel any kind of pain or problems while passing urine if our body is healthy and if it doesn’t have any problems. But if you have kidney stones, then you will face the problem of pain while passing urine.

3. A STRONG PAIN IN BACK AND LOWER ABDOMEN: It is one of the main symptoms of kidney stones. Most people get to know that they have kidney stones while they face the problem of pain in the lower or back abdomen.

4. VOMITING: Vomiting is one of the symptoms of kidney stones. People with kidney stones start to vomit until they get the correct treatment for their kidney stones.


symptoms of dehydration
Stay hydrated, stay active

Before doing the treatment, the size of the kidney stone should be known, which type of kidney stone it is, what it is made up of, whether they cause more pain, whether they cause any sort of blockage for the urinary tract or not. These factors affect the treatment of kidney stones, while they are different from one patient to another. First of all, you should consult a doctor, and then you should get a urine test, blood test, x-ray, or CT scan as prescribed by the doctor. Then you can follow the treatment methods as said by your respective doctors.

Drink water

The first and the best method you should follow to cure kidney stones is to drink water as much as possible. Drinking water will cure kidney stones that are small in size. So you should drink lots of water at the beginning itself to get rid of kidney stones or else their size will increase and then only drinking of water can’t cure your kidney stones. If the size of your kidney stone is larger then, it is better to consult a doctor and to take adequate treatment. Because the larger its size, the more it’s pain and risk. A kidney stone can be cured with good and effective treatment. Stay hydrated.

Epsom Salt

The irritation that happens in the urinary tract due to kidney stones can be reduced through a bath with Epsom salt. Epsom salt is one kind of detoxifying agent, which helps in the relaxation process of your whole body. If you had a bath with Epsom salt solution, then the person who is suffering from kidney stones can get relief from the pain, they will get relaxation and bathing with Epsom salt solution will also reduce their discomfort when their body is soaked with Epsom salt solution.

Hot Compress

If bathing with Epsom salt solution doesn’t help you to get relaxation from the irritations, then you can try another method of adding direct heat with the help of a heating pad or a heated water bottle. You can place it on the itching area of the urinary tract for up to 10 minutes and then it will help to reduce your pain.

Avoid Unhealthy Drinks

Consumption of alcohol, coffee and other such a kind of drinks may increase the irritation on the part of the urinary tract to the person who has kidney stones. So it is better not to drink such drinks as they will reduce your body’s capability to heal naturally, thus it increases dehydration in your body and thereby increases the infection and irritations in your body.

Above are brief details about kidney stones, their types, causes, symptoms, and treatment. We can do home remedies in the starting and when the kidney stones are small in size. So you can follow those home remedies if your pain is little, or else you should consult a doctor.

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