Importance of Strong and Healthy Bones

Importance of Strong and Healthy Bones

Healthy bones
Healthy bones, healthy life

Importance of Bones in Human Body

Have you ever thought about what would have been the condition of our body if it had no bones in it?. What would have been our body shape? Or would we have had any shape at all?. But fortunately, it is not so. All of our body parts are made up of bones and they are very useful to us. In this article, we will provide some information regarding human bones, their usefulness, and how to maintain a healthy bone to live a healthy life.

A bone is a rigid tissue that constitutes part of the vertebrate skeleton in the human body. Bones protect every part of our body. They protect various organs in the human body, they produce Red Blood Cells and White Blood Cells, store minerals, provide structure and support to the body. And also enable mobility in the whole body. Bones play many roles in the body such as;

●provides structure and shape to the body.
●Protects internal organs.
●Helps the movement of the body parts.
●Gives strength and support to the body.

Building Strong bones in childhood

strong bones
Bone health should be a concern since childhood

It’s important to build strong and healthy bones during childhood and adolescence. Childhood is the initial stage of growth. If a child becomes stronger and healthier in their childhood then they will be stronger always. You may hear that, if the beginning goes right then everything will be alright. In the same way, we should take care of our children in childhood itself. And we should also take steps which will make our child stronger and healthier.

Childhood is the first stage of building children’s bones. While adolescence is the second stage. If a child’s bones were not built stronger in childhood, then there’s a chance of becoming physically weak while growing. But there are steps to be taken to make your children’s bones stronger in adulthood. There are measures to protect bone health too.

Some of the measures are given below;
●Include physical activities along with your daily routine
●Maintain your weight always stable. It means a healthy weight doesn’t own a heavyweight
●Do training which will boost strength to your bones and loses fat from your body.
Vitamin-D is good for strengthening bones, so spend more time under sunlight which will automatically boost you with vitamin-D.
●Always stay active. Laziness keeps our bones freeze, while our bone gets stronger when we are more active.
●Limit the consumption of alcohol because it’s not good for strong and healthy bones.

Types of bones

There are 206 bones in the human body. The scientific evidence had revealed that the hands and feet contain 50% of bones. The human hand contains 27 bones. And human foot contains 26 bones. While we calculate the bones of both hands and both feet it is 106. So over half of the bones in our body are situated in hands and feet. Following are the various types of bones and their functions in our body;

SKULL: It protects our brain and forms the shape of the face.

VERTEBRAL COLUMN: One of the main functions of the vertebral column is to protect the spinal cord from external attacks. The spinal cord is the pathway of a message from the brain to all over the body.

RIBS: The ribs are the body framework of the thoracic cavity. Their main function is to aid the respiratory system. There are 12 parts of ribs. Each rib articulates posteriorly with two thoracic vertebrae by the costovertebral joint.

ULNA: The Ulna acts as the stabilizing bone with the radius pivoting to move.

strong bones
Healthy and strong bones is the key to healthy and strong life

PHALANGES: These bones form the base fingers and toes of the hand and feet. These phalanges also form the knuckles of the hand. These bones change their shape according to their function.

FEMUR: The Femur is the longest bone in the human body and is the only bone placed in the thigh. It acts as the origin and attachment of a lot of muscles and ligaments. It can be divided into three parts. They are; Proximal, shaft, and distal.

TIBIA: Tibia is the second largest bone placed in the human body. Its main function in the leg is to bear the majority of the weight load.

FIBULA: The fibula is quite different from the tibia. It is not a weight-bearing bone. Its main function is to combine with the tibia and provide stability to the ankle joint. The distal end of the fibula has some grooves to attach ligaments which then stabilize and provide leverage during the ankle movements.

HUMERUS: The humerus is the bone in your upper arm. It’s located between your elbow and your shoulder and consists of several parts that allow it to move freely in different directions. Your humerus has important functions related to both movement and support.

An adult human being has 206 bones in his body. In childhood, a person has about 350 bones. But during growth, many of these join together. So it’s important to make our bones stronger from childhood itself.

Male bones vs female bones

Male bones are bigger and stronger than female bones, both in size and density. The mass in a male’s bones is around 50% more than women’s bones. And women lose bones faster as they get age. So it has been said that women are sensible and thus they should take proper care while handling heavy items. But women can make their bones stronger through training to boost up their strength by doing physical activity and also by consuming more vitamin-D. Anyhow, women and men have the same number of ribs.

A child’s bones will not stop growing until their late teens and early 20’s. This information has both a positive as well as a negative impact on us. If the child is already full-grown before 20, then it is beneficial for such a grownup child. Because as they get elder, their body growth will be stabilized after 20. But if a child doesn’t grow till the age of 20, then there is a chance of low growth for such children. Through physical activity and an accurate diet, there’s a chance of increasing the growth even after the ’20s.
I am sure, you all might have understood the importance of strong healthy bones. Hence, from now onwards, make it a point to maintain a healthy bone structure for long, healthy and strong life.

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