How To Be Successful in Life | Top 10 Qualities of Successful People

How To Be Successful in Life | Top 10 Qualities of Successful People

How To Be Successful in Life? Top 10 Qualities by you-review.in

How To Be Successful in Life?

How to be Successful in life – Do you want to be a successful person? Yes, everybody wants the success. BY success I mean accomplishment of an aim or purpose. It is not just wealth, not just fame and not even just happiness.

Success cannot be defined in a sentence as it can be described in many ways. Like, success is doing your best in whatever you do, even if it does not give the best result in the end. The point is just doing your best.

For some success is having a home, where your family is waiting for you. Many say that success is when you can fulfil your basic needs without having burden on your financial situations. for some, success is when they are able to balance between their work and passion.

It also means the abundance of love, good health, friends and family and too many people around. Many believe that success is overcoming fear. For some success means not giving up and celebrating small victories. So, these were few definitions of success given by different individuals.

What is Success? Conclusion

Hence, we conclude that success can be defined in many ways. Now when we look into our society. We tend to categorize people by saying oh! That xyz person is a very successful man and hey! The owner of that big company is so successful. That actor, that builder, that motivational speaker, that creative artist and so many “that” are so successful in life.

We create a niche of the successful people around us. And now talking about the larger picture apart from just our surroundings, there are people whom we call “famous personalities “who are famous in the whole world in their respective fields. A person just doesn’t become successful by luck.

There is a lot of hardship that was invested before they became famous. Along with the hardship, when we talk in terms of only a person as a factor it excludes time and money and struggle. As a person means the personality, the nature, the thinking, the mental stability, the thought cycle that helps the person and made him a successful person.

Now let’s talk about the personality traits or the qualities of the successful person that always support to become successful in life in any field we want. Be it professional or personal living. Just check how many do you have.

How To Be Successful in Life – Top 10 qualities 


Will is the ability of a person to make a conscious choice without the command of anyone else. Greater will is needed when there is more obstruction. A person is described as more wilful when he does not follow the command of others and decide to make his own choice.

Wilful people do what they like, break rules without thinking what others would say about them. If there is less desire to need something, then the person is less likely to succeed.

Willpower is the motivation from within to execute the will or exercise the will. A person with strong will power will execute his own decision even if people oppose it. In terms of success, willpower means first knowing what you want and then be determined to get it even when there are difficulties in the way of achieving it.


Passion can also be described in many ways. It is basically that strong desire that make you do amazing things. A passion is not worthwhile until it is acted upon. Everybody has their own passions in life. It is that activity which the person desires to do, no matter what he is going through. This activity makes him forget all his worries.

Following a passion makes us a better person. Find your own passion by doing different things you want to do and that one thing which makes you feel the best of you. And if you can cross different barriers to follow that thing, it becomes your passion.

Passion can be in many forms. Like some are passionate about activities, some are passionate about things, services or may be for collectibles, etc. only knowing a passion does not support your success. You have to work and act upon that passion and make it a reality. So, always have some passion.


A drive is that basic instinct need that has the power of driving the behavior of an individual towards that particular thing or achievement. Drive is that instinct which persists the goal-oriented behavior in the individual. Some examples are like, hunger is that drive which takes us towards food.

When somebody wants to be successful in life, then success is the drive that persists the achieving and accomplishing behavior in that person. In order to succeed, a person need to have a strong drive for success.


Patience is the ability to tolerate and accept without being annoyed and anxious. The tolerance and acceptance of problems delays and sufferings. Patience is the level of endurance one can have with no negativity in mind. It lets the person develop excellence which is in long term. People who to be successful should have patience if they believe that something worth is going to happen.

It is well said that patience is the key to persistent success. A man who masters having the patience, masters everything else. Now, having patience means so much of it, that it may take years and decades before it reaps the big result.


Integrity is the quality of being honest, undivided and having strong moral principles. It is about following your morals and ethics and doing the right thing accordingly. Having integrity means being true to yourself and maintaining your reputation such that others don’t doubt your honesty. Many people think integrity is a duty. But it’s not like that, integrity is to improve the probability of being successful with happiness.


Self-confidence defines how much you trust yourself and have control on your life. It is about your attitude towards your skills and abilities. You are very much aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Those who trust themselves actually know that they are going to be successful in the work they are doing. This shows how confidant you are about yourself.

To know your level of confidence, set your limits and test them. Self-confidence also means believing in yourself and this is the first secret of success. Every person who wants to achieve success should have self-confidence and should know their level of confidence.

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Optimism means being positive about something that is going to happen. It is a mental attitude that reflects a person’s belief or hopes that the outcome of his efforts is going to be favourable and desirable.

People who are optimistic have positive outlook towards the outcome in future and hence they work hard for that bright future which they can foresee. Because of this optimistic people get success. It is well said by Helen Keller “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement, nothing can be done without hope and confidence.


Connection means creating good relationships and having good social attitude. It also includes understanding people from their point of view and then understand what are they and why are they so. And then thinking ourselves in the same situation. It creates a great connection and empathy towards others.

Being connected to our surroundings gives a feeling of belonging, creates trusts with people. The behaviour of a leader is ultimately the behaviour of the organisation. A good connection makes a person feel valuable. Hence a person who wants to be successful need to have a good connection with people who comes in his journey to success.

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Self-reliance means having so much of power and resources with own self that you are enough in your own way. It means having self-worth, self-expression, self-knowledge, and resilience and self-acceptance. It does not mean the power of money. But the power of personality itself. So much that you stand out from others.

People look upon you. Self-reliance means you don’t need others to make you happy and you don’t have to be dependent on others. So always trust yourself more than anyone else. Accept responsibility for your life, know that it is you who will take you where you want to go, nobody else.


Communication means exchanging of information directly or through different means of communication. This quality of a person who wants to be successful should be such that it should define him as a good listener, should be clear and concise. There should be friendliness and confidence. Person should show empathy, respect and open-mindedness.

It is important to effectively negotiate without affecting the relationship with staff and partners. It can boost morale and efficiency. Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity.

So, these are the qualities that highly successful people have in them. Nobody can become successful if they don’t have these traits… if not all of them, still majority of them are required… only having capital money and luck can’t make you successful. Now understand and know yourself first and know how many of these qualities do you have… nobody and nothing can stop you from becoming successful if you believe in yourself and are determined to succeed. Just have an aim in life… Happy success…. 😊


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