Home Remedies To Control Hair Fall | Causes & Cure of Hair Fall

Home Remedies To Control Hair Fall | Causes & Cure of Hair Fall

Home Remedies To Control Hair Fall
A Good hair day makes me feel like I can rule the world

Home Remedies To Control Hair Fall

Home Remedies To Control Hair Fall– Hello and welcome Good Vibes. As you people know that every day we try to pick up a new issue that might be troubling you people. Similarly, today we are going to talk about yet another common problem to put forth a few remedies for you. We all experience hair fall problems in our life.

Healthy bouncy hair is beautiful to look at. It is like the decoration of your face, all people want such hair. But what goes against it is something to worry about. People feel that when hair falls what will happen. The hair would be less, they would look ugly but understand that a hundred strands coming out every day is very natural because the body knows what is weak and to be taken out. Once the rotten and destroyed part is out, there becomes space for a new flower to bloom. 

Hence I would suggest don’t stress out over the hair that is being lost. However, there are certain things we should keep in mind to check whether the hair fall is natural or due to our habits. Changes in food habits, in your lifestyle, and the management of hair can also passively affect your hair. Although in our past articles we have tried telling you people the benefits of yoga you will be stunned to know that yoga can also cure your falling hair. Yoga really would help you to have better hair growth and a lovely face again.


  •                Hereditary,
  •                Improper diet
  •                Genetic fear. 
  •                Lack of proper nutrition in the diet.
  •                Hormonal changes
  •                Lack of sleep
  •                Metabolic disorders
  •                Medication.
  •                Deficiencies in our body
  •                Iron deficiency, 
  •                Calcium deficiency, 
  •                Anaemic condition that would cause hair loss even,
  •                Sinusitis cold cough and all the medicines are taken for that also would cause hair loss 
  •                Stress, Tension.
  •                Dandruff in hair
  •                Not cleaning our hair properly
  •                Chemically treated hair   

I won’t say that the above-mentioned reasons are the only ones that can cause hair to fall. But what I would like to say is that these are a few of them. The rest you can share with us through our comment section. As we always say your love, ideas, suggestions, additions are all welcomed. Now as we know a few causes for hair fall let’s move further. 


Below are some of the Home Remedies To Control Hair Fall. This section deals with home remedies that will help. Moreover, as we always say these are not the whole picture. We are just providing you with a base. You will be the ones to build the superstructure. 

1. A proper diet

 A proper diet first of all because any anemic condition occurs due to deficiency in our body. So we should take simple Satvik food regularly. 

2. Asanas

 In this point, I’ll be talking about a few asanas that will help you people in fighting hair fall. Two of them are yoga asanas and pranayama. I would recommend practically 3 asanas when it comes to Hair:

#Hastapadasana (Standing Forward Bend) This asana is all about bending. Bending back, bending forward, staying in that position for some time, and coming back.

#Trikonasana (Triangle pose): In this asana, you just have to bend in the forward direction keeping your spine straight. So, you create a triangle and stay in that position for some time.

#Vipritkarni (Legs up the wall pose)  During this asana, you have to do topsy-turvy up, legs UP, and head down and in a relaxed state. 

So these 3 asanas I would definitely recommend, we should be doing in routine. 

3. Pranayama

This thing really helps in bringing oxygen to your whole system and naturally good health. 

#Bhrastrika (bellows breath): In this, all you have to do is breathe in. Remain in that position for a second then, breathe out fast with abdomen movement. Do 30 rounds for promising results. 

Natural Ingredients used as home remedies for hair fall.

Home Remedies To Control Hair Fall

Well, here are some tried and tested Home Remedies To Control Hair Fall prepared from some very natural ingredients are available in our kitchen around us: 

a) Amla and lemon:

 Take some Amla powder, put lemon juice in that, and make a paste. And then apply that on your scalp all over. Keep it there, set for some time. After some time when it’s dried, wash your hair. The Vitamin C in Amla, as well as lemon, helps in strengthening our follicles. It prevents hair loss and it prevents even premature hair greying. Beautiful paste we should apply and help ourselves. 

B) Aloe Vera:

 A second natural ingredient, which is so useful for hair is Aloe Vera, it is like magic. It really helps in strengthening hair, grows better hair, and makes your hair bouncy also and it works like a conditioner also. Aloe vera gel makes your hair smooth and soft. It’s so simple to use. Take aloe vera, cut to remove the gel, bring it in the cup, smooth it, and apply it to your hair. It is not required to mix anything with Aloe Vera gel. Just pure gel, apply it, and keep it for 45 minutes. And then wash it. It is very effective for weak hair because it strengthens your hair.

C) Curry leaves and coconut oil:

 One more very natural ingredient is curry leaves and coconut oil. Roast curry leaves till they become dark and add them to coconut oil. Then keep boiling it, Turn off the gas. Let it cool down and strain it. Apply this oil to your scalp and leave it for an hour or more. Wash it with a simple Natural Shampoo.

D) Whites of eggs:

 Take Whites of 2 eggs and add 2table spoon of curd to it. Add a smidgen of shikakai powder to it and blend this well, apply this on your hair, and ensure that all the areas of your scalp are covered. Leave this on for about half an hour or so and rinse off. It works to reduce hair fall.

E) Garlic:

The easiest thing you can do is walk up to your kitchen counter and get your hands on onion, garlic and ginger. Garlic is an astounding wellspring of sulfur which assumes a critical part in keeping your roots joined to its strands.

F) Ginger: 

You can simply apply the crude juices of ginger on your scalp for 20 mins. Since they are amazingly strong, consistently go in with a patch test first. You can decide to add it in any oil and leave it on for 30 mins and wash it off.

G) Amla & Shikakai Powder pack: 

Take 2 tbsp of Amla powder 1 tbsp of Shikakai powder and make a paste. Cover it and let it soak overnight. In the morning mix 1 tbsp of Methi (fenugreek) powder with the juice from 1 lemon and yogurt to make a smooth paste. Apply it on your hair and then wash it after an hour. Do this routinely and you will observe your hair fall diminish moreover your hair will look more grounded, thicker, and more beneficial.

H) Fenugreek water:

 Fenugreek water can be used to massage your hair and to rinse hair. The amount of fenugreek water you prepare depends on you. You can easily make a large amount and store it in the fridge and use it whenever you want to use it. For its preparation scoop out three tablespoons of fenugreek seeds then place this in a jar, leave this for 24 hours, or just overnight, after 24 hours, Strain it. Massage it into your hair or just use it to rinse your hair then leave it for 20 minutes then rinse it out with a mild shampoo. This is very beneficial for hair growth.

I) Onion Juice for Hair FALL treatment:

Onion juice is taken as an inexpensive home remedy for hair loss. Onion juice may be a certain shot strategy for enhancing hair development and for hair regrowth. It’s probably the ideal approach to manage hair issues. It protects your hair follicles with its rich substance of sulfur. The rich sulfur content helps in limiting the hair diminishing and breakage.

J) Coffee

 Coffee is highly gainful for your hair. It invalidates the impacts of DHT which is the prime reason for anomalous going bald and harmed hair follicles in people. It stops the harm happening to our hair and advances hair development. Weak hair follicles lead to strange balding and may result in baldness. Coffee animates hair follicles which fight hair loss and make your hair thicker and more grounded. Using coffee on your hair strengthens it from within makes your hair smoother. Coffee is valuable for treating dry, harmed, and unmanageable hair.

Now that we are done with home remedies let’s move to our next section. In this section, I’ll be telling you, people, certain things that you are supposed to avoid, and certain things you need to keep in your mind while managing your hair. 


hair care tips
hair care tips

There are certain things you should keep in your mind and also opt-in your daily life to manage your hair fall. Every part of our body demands its attention and so does your hair. So, handle them with care. 

 ⭐Massaging your scalp once a week at least. Massaging should be done with your fingertip and it really relaxes. Back rub your hair with hair oil, it will help in the easy flow of blood in your head follicles. These follicles will further help in inducing relaxation and also reduce your stress to a large extent. Use oils like almond oil, olive oil, and coconut oil, and do this once a week. 

 Backcombing: Take a comb and comb from back to the front back. Backcombing helps in increasing circulation to the root region. Over-brushing does more harm than good as it leads to friction that damages the cuticle. Comb gently with wide-tooth combs and moisturizing conditioners. 

 Use buttermilk or curd and rub that on your scalp and then take a bath. It would help to remove dandruff. 

 Wash your hair from Neem leaves Boil it in water and use this water for your hair wash. You will never catch any infection and prevent the problem. 

 Hairstyles that tug and pull your scalp for too long can damage your cuticles and even lead to alopecia. So recall, if you’re at home leave your hair open and let it relax. If you feel comfortable to keep your hair tied in a ponytail or braid, leave the section next to your crown a bit lose. 

Concluding it, I would like to say that these Home Remedies To Control Hair Fall are only naturally going to help your natural growth. It will bring bounce and it will let you feel very confident and better. 

So these are a few things to keep in mind while taking care of your hair. Apart from these, a good sleep should be a must. Although looking at today’s scenario it’s very difficult to live a stress-free life but what we can do is try, to ignore stuff that is troubling you. Not everything in this world demands your attention. Don’t ever underestimate yourself. Have faith sooner or later everything will be alright. All you have to do is ‘hang in there’ until the storm passes. 

Try to deviate yourself. Nature has many things to offer. You will be surprised that the key to so many problems lies in our culture, lies in Yoga, Ayurveda, and lies around us. 

Moreover, focus on your eating routines. Ensure you get plenty of green verdant vegetables like spinach, tasty dals, whole grains like oats and bajra, Sweet potatoes and if you’re non-vegetarian then eggs, fatty fish, and sensible portions of red meat. 

Did you like this article? Let us know in the comments below and tell us what all Home Remedies To Control Hair Fall do you use.

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