Forest Essentials Skin Care | Product Review

Forest Essentials Skin Care | Product Review

Forest Essentials Products Introduction

Forest Essentials Products – “Wherever pure knowledge and happiness is there lies beauty.”- The Vedas

The urge for a healthier lifestyle has started forcing me to move towards natural products and not just me. I guess everyone on this earth have finally believed that

   “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” – Shakespeare

Therefore, a strong shift in people’s sentiments towards natural medicine and health care has been seen. And as people say I quote “Natural is the new mantra of health and is disrupting every category for today’s health conscious population.” Whenever we talk about going natural the only thing that strikes our mind is Ayurveda. Nowadays 90% of Indian population wants to adopt Ayurveda as the first call of treatment. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that refers to ‘science of life and longevity’. The main purpose of Ayurveda is to balance the body, mind and spirit.

Which reminds me of this beautiful and infamous Ayurvedic product FOREST ESSENTIALS, carefully curated to meet the philosophy of healthier lifestyle. 

Forest essentials deals in all kinds of self-care products. Whether it be skin care, health care or hair care products they have them all. However, their skin care products are something that I totally love and will be discussing today. In specific their facial scrub, lip balm, night cream, facial toner, facial cleanser, sun fluid are the main products that will be discussed in this blog further.

Why Forest Essentials Skin Care Products?

Ayurveda is a 6000 years old science. It is a study of herbs, flowers and natural resources used traditionally for effective results for health care and medicinal purposes. Forest Essentials decided to use this holistic philosophy to make health and beauty products for people who want pure, pleasurable yet effective products.

In their factories they work with vaids, Ayurvedic Doctors and modern biochemists for gratifying multisensory experience. Their products are not only distinctive but are also made in a different yet unique way. Many of the herbs that are used in making the product are picked at a certain time of the day, the time when they are at their most potent.

They also believe in preparing their products especially at the time when Vedic chants are being recited so as the products absorb the positive energy. Moreover, their ingredients are sourced from organic sustainable or renewable plant-based origin. As for the detailed ingredients:

1- Forest Essentials Facial cleanser-( 200ml : 1250 Rs)

  • Aqua glycerine, extracts (marigold flower, kumud flower, kewda leaf, rose flower, anantmool, neem leaf, saffron flower), jasmine flower oil, honey, nagkesar, vitamin E.

2- Forest Essentials Toner -(100ml: 750 Rs)

  • 100% natural seemed distilled rose flower water, marigold flower infusion, mogra flower oil, glycerine, saffron flower illusion.

3- Forest Essentials Sun fluid -(50ml: 975 Rs)

  • Tender coconut water, olive oil, sweet almond, kernel oil, coconut oil, Yasad bhasma, extracts (marigold flower, tulsi leaf, aloevera, neem leaf, sweet fennel seed), vitamin E ++, raw honey, gugul extract, saffron essential oils.

4- Forest Essentials Night cream-(50gm: 2,695 Rs)

  • Sweet almond oil, apricot oil, kokum butter, apple fruit extract, glycerine, nagkesar, anantmool, cylindrical turmeric, kasturi manjal, rice bran, Durva, jasmine absolute, patchouli oil, vitamin E.

5- Forest Essentials Facial scrub- ( 50gm: 1795rs)

  • Rose flower extract, date fermented, fruit pulp, peach fermented pulp, sweet almond seed meal, apricot kernel oil, glycerine, walnut shell powder, bael leaf powder, honey, Vitamin E, vetiver roots.

6- Forest Essentials Lip balm-( 4gm: 695rs)

  • Kokum butter, organic beeswax, cocoa seed butter.

Ps-  instead of buying this much quantity you can also go for smaller packings of these products. I myself ordered the products in lesser quantity.

Official website: Forest Essential 

My experience:

I have been using this product for a month now and I am happy with its results. I got this whole box from Nykaa which included 15g scrub, 4g lip balm, 15g night cream, 50ml facial toner, 50ml facial cleanser, 15ml sun fluid and it cost me 2475rs.  This box contains everything that we might need for our am to pm skin regime.

Forest essentials was suggested to me by my friend and hence I began my journey trying to reach the depths of how it is made and the ingredients used. I also went through certain vlogs of the people who have already used it and like 80% people were really happy by the results however the thing that convinced me to the core regarding this product was the ingredients (mentioned above). All of them are totally natural.

When I got the products the first thing that caught my attention was their packaging that itself gave the products a luxurious look. Each product had a unique smell that spoke loudly about the substances that have been used in curating the product. Like the toner smelled of roses and it is believed that their toner is made of steamed distillation of roses which is different from the inexpensive rose waters that are available in the market. I have been using it regularly, it’s like a few spritzes every few hours makes my face look a lot better. Not oily but hydrated and supple. Every product is unique and gives our skin a much-required boost.

People who are looking for a product that will aid their dry skin and also the ones who do not  like the feel of traditional face products or the ones who are looking for a product which includes natural ingredients like herbs, flowers and other home products, this is the solution for you guys.

Coming back to the description of the remaining products, let’s begin with night cream. It is very soothing. By controlling the production of oil it gives our face an even tone look. It also helps in fighting acne and signs of aging. The sun fluid is SPF 50++ which protects us from both ultra violet alpha and beta rays. I use it as a moisturiser. Similarly, for the other products mentioned, the substances that are included in them speak for themselves and tend to work in their own ways to improve, rejoice, replenish our skin. 

Overall, I am happy with the product. However, the one thing to keep in mind is that not everything works for everyone, products are specially meant for certain skin types. It’s better to consult dermatologists before using any skin product.

The only thing that pains me is the price of these products. But don’t believe me completely go for yourself, search for yourself. I tried to narrow down your research but this is not whole. Closing with a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche

“The doer alone learneth”.

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