Foods for Strong and Healthy Bones | Bone Health

Foods for Strong and Healthy Bones | Bone Health

Strong bones
Foods for strong bones


FOODS FOR STRONG BONES AND BONE HEALTH “EAT Healthier And Grow stronger”Bones are one of the important parts of our body. Without the presence of bones, we can’t walk or even we can’t stand. So it is very important to take care of our bones and to make our bones stronger. People face the problems such as;

  • Decrease in height as they get older.
  • Back pain while handling heavy things.
  • A small fall, or accidents lead to fractures or breakage of bones.

These things occur if their bones are weak. People with strong bones such as trainers in gymnastics or physically well build people never faces such problems due to small reasons. The reason behind the difference in results from the same situation between these people is that people whose bones are stronger can overcome such small incidents like falling down and all. But people with weak bones can’t. So we need to build our bones stronger in childhood itself. Or we can build a strong bone with healthy foods.

●Calcium and Vitamin-D for Bone Health

Our destination is to build a strong bone and to stay healthy. Calcium and vitamin-D are the main doors for our destination. I mean they are the key nutrients for strengthening our bones. Calcium plays a major role in supporting bone structure as well as teeth structure. While vitamin-D helps in the growth of bones by improving the absorption of calcium in our body.

strong bones
Dairy products are rich source of calcium

Foods that provide CALCIUM to our body

Calcium is one of the main nutrient to make strong bones and improve bone health. A high amount of calcium is included in foods such as dairy products. That is;
Milk, cheese, collard greens, yogurt, spinach, almonds, broccoli, kale, tofu, dark leafy greens, tuna, catfish, eggs.

Three cups of milk contain 90 percent of the calcium that you need daily to build a healthy life and stronger bones. When we drink stored milk, it also includes vitamin-D with a warmth presented in it. So drink at least one cup of milk daily which will provide 30 percent of calcium to your body that is necessary for your daily life. Or else choose a timetable of drinking at least 1 glass cup of milk every day. Such habits are very good for building healthy bones. Other foods like cheese, yogurt are made through the condensation of milk. So they are also beneficial for our body. Yogurt completely provides 42 percent of benefits to our bones.

While the consumption of cheese is very good, which is made up of skim milk. Among all the tree nuts, almonds contain a high amount of calcium than other nuts. Consumption of almonds, as well as almond butter, is also much healthier and beneficial for our bones. Eggs contain a large amount of calcium, so bones can be strengthened by eating eggs.

bone health
Eating fish gives a lot of nutrition to our body

Foods which Provide VITAMIN-D to our body

Vitamin D and calcium go hand in hand to make our bones strong and to provide good bone health.

The only nutrient which is produced in our body in the presence of sunlight is vitamin-D. Though our body produces vitamin-D that’s not enough for building a healthy bone. Because currently, most people like to spend their time within the four walls rather than spending their time under the hot sunlight. For the maintenance of bone strength and skeletal integrity, vitamin-D is very important. Because its function is to absorb the calcium. In our body, there should be a balanced vitamin-D and calcium for a healthy bone and a healthy body.

Here we will enlist some foods which impart vitamin-D to our body. Sources of Vitamin-D are
Salmon, herring fish, sardines, cod-liver oil, canned tuna, egg yolks, mushrooms, fortified foods.

Salmon is a well-known fatty-fish that contains a high amount of vitamin-D. Herring is a worldwide eaten fish. People eat herring in different ways such as; it can be eaten raw, canned, smoked or it can also be pickled. However, the way of eating doesn’t matter but we should consume them for strengthening our bones. From the above foods, we can know that most of the foods which contain vitamin-D are fishes. But there is also some other foods rather than fishes which boosts vitamin-D to our body.

Those people who don’t like fish can eat cod-liver oil. Cod-liver oil provides more nutrients than other sources. Canned tuna is a food which is enjoyed by lots of people due to its good flavor and easy storage methods. Here is another good news for those people who don’t eat fish. Egg yolks also contain a high amount of vitamin-D.

Besides food, there are some methods to build a healthy bone. Doing strength training and weight losing exercises as a daily routine, getting lots of vitamin-D and vitamin-K through walking under sunlight, avoiding the consumption of diets with low-calorie, daily jogging, climbing staircases, playing games such as; football, tennis, and dancing to maintain a regular movement of bones and thereby to sharpen your bones.

Tips for Strong Bones and Bone Health

Here are some home remedies to make your bones stronger and to heal the weak bones.

strong bones
Bone health should be a concern since childhood
  • Olive oil massage is the most effective massage. We can do such a massage even at our home. Pour some cold-pressed olive oil on your joints and should massage properly. Don’t wash it in a few minutes. The skin should absorb the benefits of olive oil and after some time you can wash them off. You can also do full body massage. Also, make it a habit to do a massage to your child for strong bones.
  • Heavyweights will give a burden to our bones. It will pressurize our bones and joints. For a strong bone, we should maintain a balanced weight. So make your daily routine to balance your weight.
  • Don’t use drugs. Drugs don’t mean only the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes but tablets with high doses also have a bad effect on our body. So stop such consumption.

Stay fit and healthy, Stay strong!

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