Deyga Aloe Vera Gel Review | Pure Handcrafted

Deyga Aloe Vera Gel Review | Pure Handcrafted

Deyga Organics

Welcome to the Good Vibes blog. I hope the winters are treating you and your skin just fine. I don’t know about you people but honestly, these days all I am doing is waiting for the rays of sunlight. The weather has become so cold and it seems almost impossible to go out. However, even if you are at home away from the outer dust your skin still needs to be a topic of utmost importance. So, the topic for today is a new brand that promises to deliver much-needed care and I happened to try some of their products. Today I’ll discuss with you how those products came out to be for me. The brand I am talking about is Indian brand “Deyga”.

 Deyga is a skincare and wellness brand from our own conutry, India, which celebrates raw, natural, and organic beauty. It makes the body care and wellness organic products for people of all ages, including babies.


As you people know that we don’t recommend or even try any product unless and until it appeals to us. So, I got to know about this brand through Instagram, I got the website link and read about this brand. This is something even you can get appealed to because they have made themselves pretty clear. Deyga derives its origin from a Tamil word name ‘deygam’ which means ‘body’. As the name suggests this brand deals in the products that cater to the need of our body. 

The Six Pillars of Deyga

These recent times have made people move towards ancient methods to keep themselves protected. Moreover, this is the notion that is believed by the curators of this product. This brand claims that its foundation lays on six tremendous pillars. These pillars are Purity (this is so because no harmful chemicals are used in the curation of the products), Traditional Recipes (as I mentioned above products are made using natural  products using traditional process and remedies), Cruelty-Free (no animals are harmed during the curation of products), Sustainable (this is so because their products are eco-friendly), Handcrafted (these products are handmade and curated with love) and specialized Deyga family (a team of people dedicated to this brand with love)

 The makers even claim that the raw material that is used for the creation of the products are totally organic. Which means they are either bought from the local farmers or are plucked from their own farms. The fact that all their products before dispatch are properly checked and are accredited under the supervision of experts makes it a unique brand. They are highly devoted to their customers and also know their trust is something that is of utmost importance to them. That’s the information I found that was utterly useful to know before you invest in this brand. 

Products that I ordered

There were in total four products that I ordered from Deyga Organics official website and these were Rose Water Toner, Aloe Vera Gel, Beetroot Lip balm, Beautifying serum. I must say, the delivery of the products was very fast. I think it was delivered directly from Tamil Nadu (Origin of Deyga) to Chandigarh (my city). Well, this itself gives satisfaction that the product is sent straight from its original place where it is created and manufactured. So, there are no chances of a fake thing. Below is the description of the first product along with my own reviews. In this post, I am reviewing Aloe Vera Gel because I have used it enough to write a review. About the other three products, I will write another post once I am sure about how they are treating my skin. So, let’s begin.

Deyga Aloe Vera Gel
Deyga Aloe Vera Gel

Deyga Aloe Vera Gel

Again, before beginning the description I would like to mention that these products are vegan, cruelty free and hand made. Although the price range is a bit towards premium side, if it promises a healthy skin then why not. Now moving towards the description of this product.

*Ingredients: –Aloe barbadensis (cold pressed), aloe vera extract, aloe hydrosol. 

*Price100 ml–Rs 350

*Packaging- The Aloe Vera Gel from Deyga organics comes into a strong transparent tub packaging which gives it a luxurious look. The packaging of this product makes it travel friendly and spill-free. As you can see in the pictures, the product has a mention of the six pillars of belief and also the method of using the product. This is something which I liked about this product. The quantity is enough for the paid price.

How to use ?

Apply Deyga Aloe Vera Gel over the skin and keep overnight. If you want to use it in day-time, just apply the gel on required area and wash of with plain water after 30 minutes.

  • Aloe vera gel is multipurpose and can be used for many problems. 
  • Apply on face after wash, morning and night as a repair cream
  • You can also apply after you come back from the sunlight outside, to avoid tan and sunburns.
  • Apply over any irritated part of the skin for a cool and soothing effect.
  • You can also apply aloe vera gel on your scalp and hair directly and then wash after some time. It helps in treating scalp and hair problems like dryness.
Deyga Aloe Vera Gel repairs the skin

My reviews about Deyga Organics Aloe Vera Gel

Now moving towards the aloe Vera gel. The gel is colorless and does not have that green color which is added by other brands that use chemicals. It is very easy to apply. When you apply it, there is a feeling of some tightness and stickiness on face for few seconds. But this tightness and stickiness feeling goes away within a minute and the face becomes matte again after it is absorbed into the skin. It is for all skin types. Even suitable for people with sensitive skin.

I use it whenever I feel any rash type feeling on my skin, as I am prone to skin allergies. I just use it in the morning after cleaning my face. Everybody in my family is using this Deyga Aloe Vera gel as per their own requirements and they all are really impressed with it. Though it is not mentioned by Deyga to use it for hair , but I also use Aloe Vera gel on my scalp and hair either directly or adding to some hair remedies. Aloe Vera gel is good for hair, at least it suits me…so, I do apply Deyga aloe vera gel on my scalp and hair also as a mask and then I wash it off with plain water.

Best suitable for

Though AIoe Vera Gel is for all skin types, I want to mention that people with oily skin should especially go for this product. This is so because when you apply it you will see that in a few minutes it vanishes giving your oily face a matte look. The consistency of the gel is quite thick which makes it different from the other brands.Other factors that make this product good is that it’s organic and handmade, it has a very light and pleasant fragrance that does not last after you apply. It is very good for oily skin, does not cause breakouts. 

On the whole I can say that if you are in a search of an aloe Vera gel for your oily skin then this is the product for you. 


  • It is all organic
  • You get it directly from Deyga Organics (Tamil Nadu)
  • Suits sensitive skin also

According to me, it does not lack behind in any feature.I would like to buy it again.

Concluding it, I would like to say that this product from Deyga Organics is good and also fulfills what it claims. Unlike the other brands for them their customer concerns and needs are of utmost importance. This is something that impressed me a lot. If you are thinking about buying this product then without any second thoughts I would suggest go ahead. On the whole I am pretty satisfied with the products although I would mention that order these products according to your skin type. Their website is very good and you can easily choose and order your products. 

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