Core and Pure Insomnia Oil Review | Sleep Better

Core and Pure Insomnia Oil Review | Sleep Better

Core and pure Insomnia Oil Review–  It is truly said ” We should Sleep Like a Baby, That is the Pure Sleep”  In your adulthood, there are nights when you are lying still in your bed but the thoughts in your mind are on a marathon. Instead of taking you to the dreamland, it prioritizes the wave of worries(worries can be any). That nonstop chatter going in your head that does not allow you to sleep is anxiety. If we pay attention to studies then we will get to know that “Insomnia is often comorbid with anxiety and depression,”.

Further, the bad news is even if you manage to nod off the anxiety is still there. According to Elika Kormeili “While we sleep, our mind is still active and maybe processing information,”.  Between all the timelines, stress, work and life, I sometimes forget what exactly 8 hours of sleep means. Even if I tried to go to bed early all the overthinking, anxiety, thoughts would keep me awake. 

But if you have faith in yourself that you can deal with this then let’s face it head-on. We can always cure insomnia. Taking medicines for a good sleep is the easiest way but is not a good option to use. It has many side effects and can make you permanently habitual to them.  Instead we should always go for natural and Ayurvedic remedies. The Ayurvedic and natural products have no side effects and can be used confidently without a fear of habit

I want to share with you all, that I recently came across this INSOMNIA OIL from CORE AND PURE. I really wanted to try this product for a sound sleep and check if they really work. So today, I will be writing about Core and Pure Insomnia Oil and tell you if it worked. Stay tuned further to know my experience and reviews about it.

About Core and Pure

Core and Pure is an Essential Oil Company that offers 100 % natural and Potent Essential Oils. These are certified Grade-A essential oil that aim to work for Mind, Body and Emotions. The brand claims to use purest of ingredients to impart true benefits and potent products. Core and Pure offers essential oils in Health, Beauty and Wellness Range.

About Core and Pure Insomnia oil (sleep better)

Insomnia (sleep better) is created blend of Grade-A, essential oils like chamomile, sandalwood, clary sage and other effective oils. This blend helps in a better and sound sleep by relaxing your mind and balancing the thoughts. It works by changing focus from distractions to your own self and wellbeing, It brings calmness to your mind. All these factors lead to a good and quick sleep.


Cedrus atlantica, Origanum majorana, Salvia sclarea, Anthemis, Lavandula angustifolia, Chrysopogon zizanioides, Santalum album

How to use?

Aromatic– Put 1-2 drops on your pillow when going to sleep.

Diffusion – Use 5-6 drops in any diffuser

Topical – Dilute 1 drop and apply on temple or neck area. Can also be applied on your palm if you want to sniff it

Dilution – You can dilute it in any base or carrier oil.

It is recommended to dilute it with Core and Pure Maestro Base oil for maximised results.


12 ml -1295 Rs

5 ml – 695 Rs

Available on official website Core and Pure, Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart, 1mg


I ordered this from Amazon. It was a quick delivery It comes in a premium quality packaging which has required description over it. Inside the box the oil comes in a glass bottle with a dropper packed separately. Overall it is an easy to use and a good packaging in a beautiful shade of blue. It looks easy to carry and does not allow oil to get spilled and also has an amazing fragrance which is quite appealing to our mind. It may feel a bit strong to some people, but when you apply, it vanishes quickly leaving a soothing mild aroma around us.

Why I ordered it.

Well due to my daily lifestyle and a fast running days I was going through a pattern of disturbed sleep. Though I am a worry free kind of person, but the workload is sometimes so much that it makes my mind and body tired. I even have a state of mind at bed time that makes me think and plan about the coming days. For a long time, I was looking for some natural product. I asked my relatives about any natural remedies. Though I tried but they did not actually work.

Another reason for my search for such kind of thing was, that my mother in law is relying on sleeping pills for a better sleep. I really wanted her to leave those pills because of certain side effects and habit forming nature. I was searching on internet about any ayurvedic and natural product that helps in a better sleep. It is then I came across this Insomnia Oil from Core and Pure.

Finally, after reading a lot of good reviews about such oils I decided to Order Core and Pure Insomnia Oil. I checked about the details and reviews of this product and found them very useful. I also checked the Core and Pure official website. It was enough for me to get influenced. They have some amazing range of essential oils and have a beautiful attractive website. They provide all the information you are eager to know when you buy some product.

Core and pure Insomnia Oil review
You can also rub Insomnia Oil in your palms and sniff it

My Review for Core and Pure Insomnia Oil (Sleep Better)

Well, by now you all are aware about the product, packaging, ingredients and why I ordered this product. Now, coming to my experience and Core and Pure Insomnia Oil Review. I never thought that an Aroma can make you fall asleep. In fact I had this notion in mind that how can we sleep when we have a constant strong fragrance around us. It can hit into our head and we can be uneasy.

I started using this Insomnia oil 10 days back. I also asked my mother in law to start using it. We both began using this remedy together and we both have different reviews about it. Let me tell you mine first. As I told you earlier that I fall asleep earlier but now some days the workload and future projects sometimes makes me thoughtful at night, may be due to excitement. But I didn’t want them to disturb my sleep. After all a sound mind can get great ideas.

Every night before sleeping I put two drops with the help of dropper on my pillow. One on left side and another on right side. I do no not have a habit of scrolling on my phone at night. Well, I must say, this insomnia oil really helps in a better sleep. My mind feels relaxed when I smell this oil. It creates a relaxing environment in my mind. You may feel that the smell is quite strong at once. But trust me, it simply fades away and a very mild and appealing aroma is left behind. Which really calms and soothes our mind leading to relaxed feeling. I fall asleep quicker than usual whenever I use this oil.

How it works for my Mother-in-law

Initially when my mother in law started using it, she did not feel it to be much effective on her. She is already habitual to medicines for sleeping. To divert her mind from worries, she scrolls on her phone a lot before sleeping. By nature she is always worried about something or the other. She has a sensitive mind which tends to get tensed easily. When the oil showed no effect on her, I happened to talk to Core and Pure Team regarding this. As I thought there might be some different method of using this oil that can help her.

The team was so quick and polite in response. The concerned person heard my query and instantly told me that your mom should place 2-3 drops on her palm, rub it and just and sniff it in a way that the fragrance reaches deeply in her senses. She also suggested to strictly avoid watching screen after the oil is applied and it is also better to take few deep breaths. Since then, my mom in law is following it and it has been working well for her. She feels it is effective to some extent. She is able to catch her sleep without medicines most of the times. And is trying her best to avoid pills.


I hope you have gone through my Core and Pure Insomnia Oil Review. And have decided by now if you want to try it or not. Concluding it, I just want to say that Ayurvedic and natural products can work wonders for you in a great way if used properly with cautions. Before falling for some habit creating medicine, you should definitely give a try to this Insomnia oil if you have insomnia or sleeping issues. This is a product that can be used by anyone. Exclude kids, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

Have a happy and relaxed sleep.


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