Causes of Back Pain | How To Cure Back Pain?

Causes of Back Pain | How To Cure Back Pain?

causes of back pain
Causes of back pain

Causes of back pain| How to cure back pain? – One day when I was walking on the roadside, I saw an Aunt. She purchased some onions from the street, but she was not able to hold them, so she called a taxi and went on it. Because she felt back pain while lifting that small onion cover. In the same way, I saw an old woman in the next bus stop who was climbing onto the bus with three large bags. So I started to think that how it can happen. There were two ladies with different age groups. Even the old woman was stronger than that young lady. There was no gender difference between them. Thus, back pain doesn’t come to a person only when they get older. But it can happen at any age. Following is some information regarding the causes of back pain and how to cure back pain.



If a person had experienced any injuries in their history. Like if they had fallen in their childhood days, met with any accidents, or if a person had been hurt during doing some exercises, sports activities, gym are more likely to face back pain problems in their adulthood. So if a person feels back pain in their present life without any specific reason then they might have faced any such consequences in their past life.


If a person has any infection problems like infection in the blood or any other part then such an infection will be reached to their spinal cord and thereby there is a chance to get back pain for that person. So if you are facing any infection problems in your body then consult a doctor and take an accurate treatment as soon as possible or else such an infection will lead to back pain also.


causes of back pain
Keep your back straight

A person’s whole life is a reaction to their daily habits. It means the way they sit, stand, walk, and even the way they use to sleep. If a person sits in a bending position, then their spinal cord will be bend and there is an easy chance of getting back pain for such a person. If a person uses to sit a whole day without walking, some people will have a job which only allows them to sit from morning to evening then they will face back pains. Sleeping on an old mattress, laying cross in bed, standing for a long time, frequent change of body position will lead to back pain. So always be careful of your daily physical body movements. We should change our body movements slowly without allowing them to freeze in one position.


Most of the problems our body faces when it gains its weight. There are fat people without any diseases or problems. But they have learned to stay healthy even after gaining weight. So if a person has gained weight much more than their past life then they are likely to face back pain. Because the whole weight of our body is carried out by the spinal cord. Thus when body weight increases, the spinal cord loses its capacity to bear much more weight. In such a time a person may face back pains.


Lifting heavy-weight items may cause back pain. While saying this, you will think that how the people in the gym lift such heavyweights. Yeah, those people lift the weight under the precautions or the guidance of their trainer. So don’t lift heavyweight. Or else if you want to lift heavyweight, just lift them with precautions and the suitable posture, like keeping the back straight.


Yes, this is one of the common reasons for back pain. People face back pain when they get old. As people get older, their bones become weaker and muscles become more flexible. Thus back pain occurs when people get old. But nowadays many tips help people to stay strong even after getting old.


how to cure back pain
How to cure back pain



Always make body movement or any exercise through which your whole body starts to work. Our bones become more flexible and stronger when they have movement. Our bones get stuck when they don’t do any work or else when they freeze in one place itself. This movement can be a daily morning walk or any sort of daily activity which will keep your body moving. Just keep on moving your body to get rid of back pain.


Back pain mainly occurs when you gain weight. In the same way, the existing back pain can be reduced when you reduce your body weight and start to maintain healthy body weight. Because when body weight increases it also increases the body force towards the spinal cord, and if the body weight is reduced then the body force to the spinal cord can be reduced. Thereby your back pain will also be reduced. Here are some yoga poses for weight loss.


Most males smoke when compared to females. Among the males, most back pain is caused for those who use to smoke. This is the report got from a study. The cigarette contains nicotine and other alcohols which weakens your spinal cord. And it also reduces the number of nutrients present in your spongy disks. Nutrients are important in spongy disks to cushion your joints. If there are no nutrients then your joints will be weakened and you will face back pain. So stop smoking. Smoking doesn’t only affects your heart but also affects your bones and many other parts of your body.


Both the ice pack and heat pack will work for one or another person. It means that different people face different pains. Though they face back pain it is quite different from one another. So some people will get relief from placing an ice pack over the back pain. And some others may feel relief when they place heat packs over there. Mostly ice works when there is an inflammation or swelling in their back. And heat pack method works when there is a stiff or tight muscle problem in their back.


You can get supplements like tablets with minerals, nutrients, or any other vitamins. Consumption of such supplements will induce energy in your body. Vitamin D and other minerals are important for strong bones. So you will face back paining if you have low nutrients in your body. If you take such supplements then you will be stronger. But before consuming any such supplements, just consult a doctor and get guidance from them.

Some other ways to cure back pain are:

how to cure backpain
other ways to cure back pain

We have discussed the causes of back pain and how to cure back pain in the above article. So just read the causes and be aware of their causes. Follow those simple treatments to get rid of back pain. And if your back pain is much more then you should consult a doctor and take accurate treatment.

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