Build up your Self-Esteem

Build up your Self-Esteem

self esteem
Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will

Self Esteem is made up primarily of two things. Feeling Lovable and Feeling Capable” Jack Canfield

Before starting the article I would like to ask the readers  have you ever doubted yourself ? For example “Do I believe this thought” or“Is this information useful or not or “Will I or someone else be hurt”. Think yourself -“what’s the worst that can happen”? If you doubt yourself, your default position will be to expect the worst. People who doubt themselves wait for an invitation to speak. If you have something to say ,say it. Don’t overthink because you have as much right as anyone else. Being blunt doesn’t mean being rude, you just have to choose the right set of words to convey the message. Remember, that people will always respect you more for sharing your thoughts . Don’t allow anyone to speak about those ideas that you had but didn’t have the confidence to deliver. So, just speak up, before anybody else speak up those ideas.

Respect yourself

Even the strongest person needs a shoulder or a corner to cry and it’s not at all a problem. But being emotionally broken, having less or no confidence, will definitely present you as a person with  low self esteem. So, self esteem means that you respect yourself, value yourself. When you have a high self esteem you feel good about yourself and take pride in what you do.

It is important to have a high self esteem. When you have a high self-esteem, you find it easy to try new things . Before you try something new, you say , “I can do this”. But saying that “I can’t do this or “I am not sure” will show you low confidence about your own self. The result does not matter. What matters is that how confidently you think of doing it. If you have a low self esteem you will feel bad about yourself all the time. You will not feel confident. You will not be able to enjoy in what you do.

Why it is important to build self esteem?

 Having high self esteem is a good thing, but having low self esteem is not acceptable anywhere. Be it your work place, in your friend circle, college or high school.. and you know what? Not acceptable even in your family.. For that you need to stop taking things personally first of all. Enhancing the self esteem starts from own self. You need to work upon yourself first. Don’t get bothered when someone say anything about you because they don’t know you better than you do yourself. Show yourself some love and be less judgmental about yourself. Even if, people try to make you feel low or let you down just let it go let them go,if some people in your life let you down then look there people who loves you also . Always keep aside the stories that pulls you from being happy. Sometimes these stories wrap our understanding and make us see that is not true. Take a short break and concentrate on your breathing . Just believe in yourself.

Feeling inferior due to low self esteem

There’s re times when you feel inferior or low self esteem, and this can become a biggest cause of having low self esteem. So what to do when you feel inferior? Feeling inferior is the subconscious  Manifestation  of feeling low self esteem. We do not think overtly about it. And hence is the covert version of low self esteem

Comparing yourself with others is something which is natural and you can’t even avoid it. 

To cope up with such thoughts

  • Stop comparing -Everyone has some or the other qualities present in themselves. Nobody is less then the others. The qualities that are possessed by us might not be possessed by the other person with whom we compare.
  • Focus on the reality- Try to focus on what is true. Your thoughts matters the most, listen what people say and do what you feel like. Its on you how you deal with your own thoughts
  • Switch your thinking – Even if you have different relations with everyone, you used to treat people according to your perception. Now treat everyone with equality.
  • See the results-After applying all these things you will be amazed how this simple concept can transform your feelings of inferiority. The perception of confidence level and your self esteem will be improved too .

How to build Self-Esteem

  • Stop the negative voice – A multiple feeling goes inside our mind. We should not be surprised even if we feel negative from inside. It is just that we should know how to deal with it .
  • Be kind towards everyone – Going out of your way to do something for someone else could well transform the way you feel about yourself.
  • Manage your expectations- You have to manage your expectations according to the challenges .
  • Accept Success- Each night you go to bed write down the 3 positive things that happened during the day, then smile.
  • Change your ways – You need to think completely different . You need to think something new and different . It is very important to change your mind set.
  • Stop saying sorry – There’s is no need of apologizing. By saying sorry , you are sending the message to people that you doubt yourself. Say sorry if you actually need it .

3 Exercises to improve Self-Esteem these are:

  • Practice self awareness– whenever you notice that you are feeling down about yourself , take a moment to recall the moment before you started feeling down . Remember the negative thoughts and words you said to yourself and become aware of their impact . Have a guide or friend to help you stay aware.
  • Imagine saying it to a loved one – pretend as though you have said your negative thoughts or words to someone you care about .
  • Create an “I am amazing” board – get a foam poster board and release your inner and outer beauty .
  • The above exercises may be difficult to do alone due to negative thought patterns. You can take a help of the person who understands you the most.

I would like to conclude by adding that we should not keep or emotions inside us as when it comes out , it comes out differently and make a great difference in our life. If we do not express ourselves, we might be portrayed by someone else in a way we never wanted. Its only we who can express our-self the best.

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