Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Gel Moussant Review

Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Gel Moussant Review


Bioderma Atoderm Review-Many of us are vulnerable to getting atopic skin issues. Especially when we are exposed to allergens, the skin becomes red and itchy. It makes us very uncomfortable and annoyed. For me, the worst part of the year for my skin are the months starting from March till September. Its a hot and humid weather. When we are exposed to roasting Heat, sweat, dust, and pollens. Being a dry and sensitive skin person, every year I suffer from Atopic skin problems. Sometimes it is minor and sometimes it is so intolerable that even a feather touch to that area makes me go mad. So I am always hunting for skincare that works as a skin barrier for my skin and can prevent me from getting directly exposed to irritating factors.


After trying so many products through all these years, I came across this product range from BIODERMA. It is known as ATODERM SKIN BARRIER THERAPY. This range has three products foaming gel for cleaning your face and body. Other products are cream and a Baume (balm) from the same range. In this post, I will review the foaming gel, known as ATODERM Intensive gel moussant It is an ultra-soothing foaming gel.. For cream / Baume I will write a separate review.

BIODERMA is a French Dermatological Brand and serving Skin Biology for the past 40 years. It has a skincare range for all types of skin and is trusted by millions in their respected skin concerns. I visited my dermatologist one month ago for a routine checkup plus an atopic flareup that I was going through. I asked my dermatologist to suggest me a good barrier and protective skincare for this season as per my skin type. She introduced me to BIODERMA ATODERM products.

The brand name was enough for me to buy these products because I have already heard a lot about BIODERMA and always wanted to try it. So I bought Atoderm Intensive Gel Moussant ultra- soothing foaming gel and Atoderm Skin barrier Baume. You can choose anyone out of a baume or a cream as per the level of dryness. My dermat gave me baume as per my very dry and itchy skin. So for today, let’s begin with Atderm Intensive Gel Moussant, an Ultra-soothing Foaming Gel Review

About Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Gel Moussant

Product Description

It is a product from the range of Skin Barrier Therapy from Bioderma. An Ultra-soothing foaming gel that is suitable for very dry, irritated to atopic sensitive skin. It claims to cleanse, restore lipids and protect the skin prone to itchiness and redness due to dermatitis, eczema, or any other causes. It has no parabens and is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and has excellent tolerance.

How does It work?

It gently cleanses, relieves discomfort, and soothes the itching that is faced by very dry, irritated, and atopic skin. This gel consists of Vitamin PP that biologically reinforces and also strengthens the skin barrier. It is soap-free, fragrance-free, and has a super fatty cleansing base to keep the skin balanced. The Skin Barrier Therapy works to specially protect even the driest of skin from the bacteria that irritates.

How to use it?

Apply on wet skin, gently massage, and work into a foam. Rinse well and pat dry. Then use Atoderm Intensive Baume (Balm)
It can be used on Adults, Children, babies. It may also be used on newborn babies except on premature infants.

Price – Rs 599 for 200 ml (Price in India)

My Review for Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Gel Moussant / Foaming Gel

Bioderm Atoderm gel moussant
Bioderma Atoderm Intensive gel moussant

The reason behind my visit to the dermatologist was that I had to move to another house. So being a sensitive and atopic skin person, I already knew that I would end up having itchiness and redness on my skin due to the shifting process. As moving to a new house in the summers need a lot of physical effort that makes you sweat and exposed to heat and dust. I could already feel some breakout and itchiness on my neck and face when I consulted my dermatologist. So, looking at my skin condition and shifting situation, she recommended this range from Bioderma.

My experience

Atoderm Intensive gel moussant
The Atoderm gel is very light and watery

So, I have already described the features and claims made by the brand regarding this product. As this product was recommended by my dermatologist, I bought it from her clinic only. Bioderma products are easily available at good dermatologists. It comes in a big white tube bottle and has all the required descriptions mentioned on the tube. The gel is aqua blue and is quite watery in texture. It flows out very easily from the bottle without squeezing. It also does not have any fragrance, which is a very good feature because irritated skin is intolerant to products with added artificial fragrances.

Its been a month that I have been using this Foaming Gel and Intensive Baume on my body and face. The best part is that throughout the shifting process when I was exposed to so many allergens, this foaming gel did a great job of protecting and preventing my skin. I did not feel any discomfort on my skin and I am still using the product. I do not know about the other seasons, but for summers I have already decided that I am going to use Bioderma Atoderm Skin BarrierTherapy Range. It saved me from some serious skin rashes and itchiness this time.

Though one of its ingredients is Sodium Laureth Sulfate, but there is no harm in that. If the amount of Sodium laureth is nominal, then it causes no harm at all. Infact many researches have proven that.. and I trust Bioderma. So I am sure, there are no ingredients or the quantity of ingredients that can harm.

I must accept, this is the best foaming gel I have ever used for my irritated and very dry skin. It lathers up very easily and feels extremely light on the skin. Just after bathing, the face and body skin feels very smooth and clean.I do not feel any residue left behind and the skin feels very soft and moisturized.The product is amazing and does what it claims, but there is a point which I did not like about the packaging. I have mentioned it below in “PROS” & “CONS”.


  • Can be used by adults, children, and newborn babies ( maybe avoided for premature babies)
  • Fragrance-Free, no parabens, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic
  • The product lasts long as very less quantity is enough for the whole body and face
  • The same product works for both face and body
  • Worth the money
  • Quantity is enough to last longer


  • Due to quite watery consistency, the gel spills out of the bottle easily even when you don’t want that much of it.
  • If the lid of the tube is not closed properly, the gel may come out easily
  • A per the gel texture and consistency, the tube form packaging is not a good option.

So, here I end this Bioderma Atoderm Review. I would like to say that Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Gel Moussant is an amazing product for very dry and sensitive atopic skin. If you face these issues, you must use this foaming gel and also use Atoderm Intensive Baume or Cream for the best results. I am sure you will live with happier skin. Though I found an issue with its packaging, when a product works amazingly and fulfills the requirements of your skin, then packaging is secondary. So this range is a must-try. You can order Bioderma Atoderm Range from NYKAA. Or can also ask if your dermatologist provides it.


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