Bewakoof Launches ‘Badera’ Collection | Heritage Clothing

Bewakoof Launches ‘Badera’ Collection | Heritage Clothing

Bewakoof Launches “Badera” Collection – How many of you agree with the fact that for human beings clothes are one of the most important and basic necessities? All of you, right? However, these days clothes don’t only come under the necessity factor but other factors too. Buying a certain piece of garment can be influenced by many factors. Factors like need, aesthetics, and comfort. Even the reason for buying it is different for everyone. Like some buy them as a necessity, some to impress someone, or to protect themselves and so on. With the development of science, quality of life has been improved to a large extent.

Expectations of different people regarding their clothes have changed and gone bigger. Moreover, with the changing demands, this clothing industry is working its best to bring us the best clothing which not only fulfills our needs and demands but also provides the utmost comfort. There are innumerable brands that are offering people these comfort clothing at a price range that is very affordable.

Today in this article I’ll be talking about one such brand and will be detailing to you about their new clothing line. The brand is BEWAKOOF OFFICIAL. Through this I also take an immense pleasure in telling you that Bewakoof launches Badera collection and has entered the heritage clothing line with this launch.


I know this brand does not require any introduction. However, for the ones who have yet not heard about it, go check their website guys. You are going to love it.

The brand Bewakoof was founded in 2012 and was launched by Prabhkiran Singh and Siddharth Munot. This brand offers clothing that is not only comfortable but is trendy and offers dazzling and upbeat designs. This brand was created with principles like innovation, honesty, and thoughtfulness. The brand not only offers good clothing but some amazing mobile covers. All I can say about the brand is that it is hands down an amazing brand when it comes to creating light-hearted, fun, and quirky everyday outfits and other products (like mobile covers). So what are you waiting for? Go check their website and I bet you will fall in love with their collection.

However recently Bewakoof launches BADERA collection and I can’t keep calm. (Winks). So, let’s know more about this collection.


Now when you hear the word BADERA what do you think about it. In India, elders are addressed by using this term. The team of the brand Bewakoof decided to pay homage to ancestors and our heritage by launching this line. This new collection launched by them is an elegy to the unique art and craftsmanship of the artisans and karigars of India. These are the people who have stored our Indian way of life & history alive to date by their work. The main reason behind introducing this line of clothing was to bring a piece of proper art, untouched and uncorrupted through modernity to our Genz, millennials, and younger Indians.

bewakoof launches badera collection
Shades of Badera collection are based on fire, water, earth and sky

The reason itself is so pure and good I wonder how you guys can still be reading this article further and not visiting their site. The clothing under this line is available for men, women, and all genders. This collection is also launched in plus sizes. The Badera series includes apparel with various patterns, prints, styles, and shade alternatives. The range is inspired by elements like Fire, Earth, Water, and Sky.

The Reason Behind “Badera”

Now when the producers were asked the reason behind the idea of launching this range they said, during 2019 they visited Rajasthan. There they met an old woman in her late 60s in a small metropolis in Shekhawati district. It turned out that she was working as a block printer in her yard. The scene shows how there are people who are preserving our Indian history motivated to launch this line. That is when the concept of offering their unique audience a line that is not only attached to their roots but is also trendy, comfortable and dazzling came to their mind.

What Badera Offers

So people, if you are thinking to design yourself via hand-crafted printing, earthy tones, and a soothing color palette using light-weight fabric then this is it. The range of their clothing varies from Rs 699-999. BADERA built a range with traditional prints. The range includes fashion dresses, tops, and kurtas.

Prabhkiran Singh, Founder CEO, Bewakoof, says, “Bewakoof stands for Vocal for nearby. For us that not only manners production in India but also Indian design, Indian designers and artisans and Desi sublime and reclaim our 5,000-years-old background. The more you fly the greater the urge to be rooted. this is our return to the roots moment and motion.”  

The Badera series even kept their plus-size audience in their mind. Hence these are available for them also. Further, the makers of this brand claim that they have always been in awe of Indian artisans and there’s a lot to recognize about their skills and spirit. All they want is to bring back the old traditions to life by adding colors and elements to them. Hence they tried to write a new tale for their brand by launching this series and all I can say is, ” I am damn excited and happy about the same”. And for you guys, I’d just like to say go and check their website and have fun shopping.

Until next time stay safe, stay classy.

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