BEST FRIENDS, A relation by choice, not by blood

BEST FRIENDS, A relation by choice, not by blood

best friends
Friendship is the only relation by choice, not by blood.


 Hello people! Here I am back with another topic that is really close to my heart and I hope the song mentioned above might have clarified the topic of the day properly, that is ‘ Best Friends” Before we begin this journey, I would like to tell you in advance that this article won’t be one of those typical ones which we use to write in our school days, regarding our friends and which began like Although I have many friends in my school but my best friend is so and so..” Funny! isn’t it? But that’s a reality which we all had back during our childhood days. Childhood, the chapter of our life which we always want to re-open.

Let’s not waver off the topic and get deep into this discussion about never returning ‘childhood’ , instead stick to this interesting subject about Best Friends and let’s dive into it further..

Who is a Best Friend

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear this word “Friends”?  It may be a group of simpletons or it can be one simpleton or two simpletons (number might vary for different people) who joined this journey of your life to make it a bit easier for you. The ones who stood by your side no matter how difficult the situation might be. Caring ones, who showed you the light or in some cases became the light when only darkness was around. Helping ones, who laughed at you when you fell down but also helped you to stand up again. Sharing ones, who used to dance with you during your happiness and cried with you during your bad days, with whom we are ready to share even the last slice of the pizza, The ones who have seen that side of you about which even your parents are not aware off..

My bunch of crazies

I have spent like 5 glorious years of my life in hostels with my best friends who were once strangers for me. Studying together, staying together, nurturing interest together, adjusting to conflicts with each other, helping each other all these makes the bond of friendship stronger.

crazy friends
Best friends don’t let you do crazy things…Alone

 “It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.”

Now you guys might be thinking that if I am not going to talk about my friends and the time that we guys spend together and the deeds we did then what is it that I am going to talk about?? So, lets begin with


When we enter this world, we get associated with our family by blood relations. However, there is a relation, which we choose ourselves. That relation is a friend. A relation by choice, not by blood. “One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.” Friends make our life beautiful. The adventure of life becomes beautiful when good friends surround us.“Friendship makes prosperity more shining and lessens adversity by dividing and sharing it.”

Friends become family

Friends are the family we wished we had. The humans, I read in my first-year grad, are “social beings” who can’t live alone. We need people around us with whom we can connect, with whom we can share our emotions. No journey of life seems interesting when traveled alone. We tend to make friends outside our family boundaries as that makes all our life activities enjoyable.

As for me, I have always been a person hard to connect with. As a child I used to be one of those kids who used to sit alone thinking about imaginary situations and being happy in my own company. I never used to interact with others. Maybe because I knew that I had a mindset which normal people won’t understand, moreover for me trust is a very important factor. I used to think that ‘I can live my life alone’, but deep inside even I felt the need to be with the ones whom I can play with, connect with, talk with.

Friends stand by your side

As we say the Almighty never leaves his children alone, he made Eve because he knew Adam was alone. There were these three people who not only held my hand but also understood me. That day I realized, that no matter how self-sufficient you think you are, there will be a moment where even you will need a shoulder to cry on, a person behind whom you can hide in the dark times.

“Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”  After that I never set back. I moved forward in this journey meeting new people, knowing them and letting some be the part of my treasured chapters of life. This book of life taught me innumerable lessons.

The major lesson that I understood in my life is “Every person is in a need of a friend, a shoulder, a companion to be with.” You just need to take that first step and let the magic begin.

Be careful when you choose your Best Friends

A friend is someone who will not only help you grow but also highlight all your mistakes and motivate you to correct them. However, the thing that you should not forget here is “if a good friend can make your life then a bad one can destroy it. So, it’s very important to choose wisely who you want to be with and it’s important for you to know what is good for you and what not.”

Concluding it, I want to say that friends are really important. If you want to live a happy life you need people around you with whom you can enjoy the different phases and colors of life.I had my own bunch of crazies whom I miss a lot. When the end time came near and we knew that we will be separated now, we used to play this famous friendship song I will mention below, for hours and hours, remembering all the fun, the ups and downs that we faced together. I hope and will also pray that may God help you meet the right people who will help you grow and also thank him for giving me my bunch of monkeys. To all my friends “I love you” . Here are few lines for my friends…

             The forever favourite friendship song for my best friends

               “Meri zindagi sawaari

                 Mujhko gale lagake

                Baitha diya falak pe

              Mujhe khaat se oothake

                  Yaara teri yaari ko

              Maine to khuda mana

                Yaad karegi duniya

                 Tera mera afsana

              Mere dil ki yeh dua hai

              Kabhi door tu na jaaye

               Tere bina ho jeena

              Woh din kabhi na aaye

               Tere sang jeena yahan

                Tere sang mar jaana

               Yaad karegi duniya

                 Tera mera afsana”




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