Best Foods Rich In Vitamin E | Sources of Vitamin E

Best Foods Rich In Vitamin E | Sources of Vitamin E


Foods rich in Vitamin E
Nuts and seeds are rich sources of Vitamin E

Best foods rich in vitamin E, sources of vitamin E – As we all know that what is vitamin E and its benefits as we discussed in one of our previous articles. In this article, we will mention foods rich in vitamin E. It is one kind of nutrient that our body needs but cannot produce by itself. We need to feed our body with those foods which have lots of vitamin E. Our body can get vitamin E from the source of some plants that are very effective and are contained with antioxidants. Such plants are vegetable plants fruits plants, nuts, oils, and other dietary food-producing plants.

8 Best Foods Rich in Vitamin E

Following is the list of foods which we may prefer to eat for increasing the amount of vitamin E in our body. Let’s just go ahead..


Sunflower seeds are considered as the powerhouses of vitamin E because they are seeds with a rich quantity of vitamin E. We should eat at least one ounce or 7.4 milligrams of sunflower seeds in our daily life. It will help to provide a perfect amount of vitamin E to our body. Some people among us may not like to have sunflower seeds directly. They can consume them by adding sunflower seeds to various foods like salad, cereal or smoothie, etc. Sunflower seeds contain about one-third of vitamin E among the whole seeds.


Almond nuts always has the first place in having a high amount of vitamin e. While pine nuts bagged second place in having vitamin E. We should eat three milligrams or 2 tablespoons of pine nuts in our daily life to get the required amount of vitamin e to our body. Though pine nuts are expensive, we can use them for baking cake, by adding them to different kinds of delicious foods like pesto and we can also add them as a spread ingredient for other foods.


Red bell peppers contain a variable amount of vitamin E and minerals. However sweet peppers are blessed with various ranges of nutrients. A simple medium raw pepper has around 2 milligrams of vitamin E. We can consume them raw. Those who can’t eat them raw can eat them by adding to any kind of cooking food. But heating up or cooking red bell peppers reduces the half amount of their benefits. So it is better to consume them raw or else while consuming the cooked food we should consume double.


Peanuts are rich in vitamin E nutrients. We should eat two tablespoons of peanut or even peanut butter to get the required amount of vitamin E to our body. Two tablespoons of peanut butter provide 18% of vitamin E to our body. We can eat peanuts by purchasing a natural peanut product from the retail store. But we should note that there shouldn’t be any preservatives and spices added to it. Because it will reduce their benefits to our body. It is better to make peanut butter at our home itself. They are much healthier and tastier too. Many people are allergic to peanuts, so they can opt for almonds or unsweetened almond butter.


Fish is one of the best food ingredients contained with omega-3 fatty acids, different kinds of nutrients which are good for both our physical as well as mental and cognitive health. Besides vitamin E, the nutrients contained in fish can protect and promote the effect of omega-3 in our body. Many of us may do not like to have fish but the benefits that our body gets from the consumption of fish are more than other foods. So eat fish and flourish healthy ingredients to your body.


One of the oils with a high amount of vitamin E is wheat germ oil. We should consume one tablespoon or 20 milligrams of wheat germ oil as a routine in our daily life to provide the best source of vitamin E to our body. We can also use wheat germ oil for cooking. But if we keep it at high temperatures or in heat, then it will reduce the quantity of vitamin E nutrients present in it. So we while using wheat germ oil for cooking purposes, we should not keep it at a high-temperature.


As we all know that almonds are the first and best nuts that are healthier and contain a high amount of vitamins. We should eat around 15-20 soaked almond nuts or crushed 7.3 milligrams of almonds in our daily life to get the best and enough amount of vitamin E to our body. Almonds are good not only for vitamins but are also very good for human health. Almond nuts will also reduce heart disease and the risk for obesity. Make a habit of eating almond nuts daily and build a healthy body with high nutrients and with a healthy lifestyle.


Avocado contains not only vitamin E but also contains a high amount of potassium, omega-3, vitamin C, and vitamin k. Our body consumes 20% of the vitamin E that our body needs daily from the consumption of half of the avocado. They are some people among us who get allergic problems from the consumption of nuts. For providing vitamin E nutrients to our body, it is important to eat nuts or any other foods which impart vitamin E nutrients to our body. So people with allergic problems or sensitivities can eat avocado to impart vitamin e to our body. So eat avocado or drink them by making their juice to have a healthy life.

Other Foods that are believed to be rich in Vitamin E can be seen below:

foods rich in vitamin E
Foods rich in Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a nutrient that plays many roles in our bodily functions. Some researchers are trying to prove more and more benefits of vitamin E in promoting our human body health condition. A human being should get a minimum of 15 milligrams of vitamin E daily. So just go ahead to the above-listed foods and get a daily habit of eating any of your favorites from the above-mentioned food items. The daily consumption of the same foods makes us feel bored. So it is better to try various kinds of foods daily to boost vitamin E in our body. But make sure, do not over-consume. Even excess vitamin E is bad for health. That is why we always suggest visiting your doctor to know about what your body needs. Have a healthy life.

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