Best Anti-Inflammatory Juices to Boost Your Wellness

Best Anti-Inflammatory Juices to Boost Your Wellness

When diving into wellness and healthcare research, you’ve probably come across the word “Inflammation”. It’s a popular buzzword, but it’s often one of the most misunderstood.

From itchy skin and rashes to soreness, bloat and pain, inflammation can come out in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways. Sound familiar? In fact, chronic inflammation is often associated with many illnesses and diseases, from Alzheimer’s to even premature ageing and weight gain! We all get it, but how can you manage it?

Whilst inflammation gets bad press, it can often be controlled with the foods you eat, drink, exercise and sleep. Although DNA and ageing are down to Mother Nature, you can easily control these other factors. After all, you are what you eat and do!

In this article, I’ll be discussing the natural benefits of cold-pressed anti-inflammatory juice and how they boost your wellness. I’ll be giving out some nourishing recipes you won’t want to miss, plus, I’ll give you some juicy tips on what to avoid, what irritates your body and common mistakes people make.

What are Anti-Inflammatory Juices?


Anti-inflammatory Juices

Anti-inflammatory juices are packed with anti-inflammatory fruit and veg. With the right concoction of ingredients, each juice delivers a whole load of free-radical-fighting compounds and antioxidants to keep inflammation in check. They’re great for your health as they’re packed in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, as well as being super tasty and easy to drink.

When making or buying anti-inflammatory juice, you want to look out for these specific foods:

  • Leafy Greens (Kale, Celery and Spinach)
  • Mixed Berries and Vibrant Fruit (Watermelon, Papaya, Jicama, Strawberry, Blackberries, Raspberries and Blueberries)
  • Citrus Fruits such as Lemon, Orange and Pineapple
  • Root Veg (Beetroot and Carrot)
  • Herbs (Mint, Parsley, Dandelion and Cilantro)
  • Spices (Ginger, Garlic and Turmeric)

How do Anti-Inflammatory Juices Work?

Anti-inflammatory juices work by dosing your body with lots of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Antioxidants fight and protect against harmful reactive oxygen species and free radicals, which typically causes inflammation. When consuming foods rich in antioxidants, they prevent inflammatory responses in the first place. It’s pure magic in a bottle!

Anti-Inflammatory Juices to Boost Your Wellness

The Mean Green Machine


Anti Inflammatory Juices

Remember those leafy greens I wrote about earlier? This action-packed anti-inflammatory juice is packed with antioxidants and vitamins, sourced from kale, apple, celery, cucumber and lemon, whilst combining the health benefits of cilantro. For those that struggle to get your greens in, this delicious juice means you don’t have to miss out on those essential nutrients. Plus, it’s easy to drink!

This recipe is adapted from Jason Vale’s Juice Master Green Refresher Juice Recipe and Little West’s Detox Greens Cold-pressed anti-inflammatory juice. If you’re interested in juicing, this is a perfect starting place to go.

What you’ll need:

1 Golden Apple (add an extra half if you really don’t like the taste of greens)

¼ Cucumber

2 Sticks of Celery

2 Large Handfuls of Kale

Compact Tablespoon of Cilantro

Half a Lemon

⅓ Cup of Coconut Water



Anti Inflammatory Juices

Don’t have much time? Not all of us do. That’s why I’ve added little west’s Sunrise cold-pressed anti-inflammatory juice to the list. This golden juice packs a little bit of heaven. It gets its anti-inflammatory properties from turmeric and ginger, whilst combining vitamin-rich carrots, lemon and oranges. This juice is designed to help you feel brighter and more energized – exactly what you need to start off your day.

To help get the most of this anti-inflammatory juice, I recommend adding a teaspoon of crushed black pepper. Give it a good shake and you’ll barely be able to taste it! Why do this bizarre act? Black pepper increases the potency and absorption of turmeric tenfold, so it helps you get the most of its nutritional goodness.

The Importance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Whilst drinking anti-inflammatory juices is an excellent way to minimize inflammatory responses, accompanying these drinks with a healthy, balanced diet is always essential!

Foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids also play a crucial role in our body’s inflammatory response. Without them, our bodies won’t be able to regulate inflammation as effectively. Studies have shown that omega-3’s anti-inflammatory properties may even be useful in the management of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases! Pretty much without them, we’d be screwed.

What causes Inflammation and What to Avoid?

Whilst some anti-inflammatory juices and foods have amazing benefits and aid our bodies inflammatory processes, eating certain foods can cause inflammation. Diets high in processed and fried foods, saturated fats, soda and sugars are particularly bad for us.

Does that mean you can’t eat them? Of course not! Everything should always be eaten in moderation. It’s only when you eat these highly processed foods in excess that it becomes a problem. Reducing your risk of chronic inflammation is all down to developing healthy lifestyle habits, from the things you consume to the amount you move.

Anti-Inflammatory Tools to Boost Your Wellness

Whilst anti-inflammatory juices and foods are a great way to keep inflammation at bay, developing healthy daily habits is also essential. Adopting some of these habits can help you control your risk of chronic inflammatory stress:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Stopping smoking
  • Regularly exercising to increase blood flow – recommended at least 3 to 5 days a week
  • Reduce your alcohol intake
  • Managing daily stress with wellness boosting activities such as yoga, meditation and journaling

Incorporating all these healthy habits, alongside plenty of anti-inflammatory juices and whole foods, is a great way to keep your body and wellness in order. If you suffer from bloat, discomfort and pain, try to keep mindful of these healthy daily habits and see if they improve your symptoms. Farewell and good luck on your journey to wellness!

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