8 Surprising Benefits of Sleep | Tips to Avoid Insomnia

8 Surprising Benefits of Sleep | Tips to Avoid Insomnia

“your future depends on your dreams, so go to sleep” Mesut Barazany

Benefits of Sleep to Avoid Insomnia

Benefits of Sleep – It is Important to Improve sleeping habits to avoid insomnia and other several diseases. Prioritizing good sleep is good self-love. Sleeping is as important as regular exercise and a healthy diet. It is essential to survive and quality of sleep is as important as the quantity of sleep. Sleep plays an important role in our Physical Health and Mental Health. While you’re asleep, your body is getting the time to rest, so it can perform well the next day. But it is only the physical body that rests because while we are asleep, our brain and body functions are remarkably active. 

Types of Insomnia

Lack of Sleep converts into insomnia, which is a sleeping disorder. These are of three types, acute insomnia, chronic insomnia and transient insomnia.

Acute insomnia lasts up to 1 month and is generally caused due to situational stress. The adjustments are in terms of new changes. like the new job, exams, deadline, change of place, etc. It resolves when the stressors are no longer.

Transient Insomnia lasts for less than one week and is caused by other disorders like stress, depression, environment changes etc. It can be linked to medications and psychiatric conditions.

Chronic insomnia lasts more than a month. In some cases, insomnia can be chronic and occurs in patients with the underlying risk of insomnia. It is associated with chronic medical and psychiatric conditions. 

Along with insomnia, poor sleeping habit increases the risk of heart disease, kidney disease, High Blood Pressure, obesity and many more. Sleep is an important requirement that allows our body and mind to recharge, refresh us when we wake up. Improved sleeping habit helps the body to remain healthy and remove diseases. Without good sleep, the brain cannot function properly. Sleeping helps by healing damaged cells, improving the immune system, and recharging heart for the next day. It Heals and Repairs our Heart.

How much sleep we need to avoid insomnia

The first thing you may be aware of is, getting less than 6 hours of sleep makes you feel tired. Regularity in lack of sleep shows the change in you to everyone around you like bad job performance, mood swings, depression, absent mind and you turn into that person to whom no one really likes to be around. We have to sleep at least 8 hours daily for Good Health. But it is not fixed. It may be different according to your age. The requirement to sleep varies from person to person.

Age Group Recommended Hours of Sleep Per Day
Newborn    0-3 months 14–17 hours
Infant          4-12 months 12–16 hours
Toddler       1-2 year 11–14 hours
Preschool    3–5 years 10–13 hours
School-aged children  6–13 years 8–12 hours
Teenagers   13–18 years 8–10 hours
Young Adult  18–25 years 7 or more hours
 Adult    26–64 years 7–8  hours
Older Adults 7 or more hours


8 Benefits of Sleep – Good Sleeping habits

Benefits of Sleep
sleep like a baby to wake up like a warrior

Here is the list of Benefits of Sleep:

1. Boost Your Immune System

Only Healthy food can’t increase our immune system. We have to take proper sleep to increase our immune system. A cup of coffee isn’t the only thing that can cause your energy levels to jump around but Sleep in also important.

2. For Better Mood

Good sleep is a topic that is mostly ignored, but it is very important to take good sleep in our everyday life. After taking proper sleep through all night you will wake up with a fresh mood. So, sufficient Sleep is very important to change the mood.

3. Improves your Memory

With Good Sleep, It is possible to remember the things with the long haul. Healthy Sleeping habits can increase our memory. We tend to forget things if we don’t sleep well regularly.

4. Improve your Brain Performance

Poor Sleep affects our Brain. A clear, alert brain allows us to focus, learn and remember information, and to be creative.An only healthy mind can think about new ideas. So, take proper sleep for a healthy mind to grow up in our day to day life.

5. Fighting with disease

Again, Sleep is very useful to fight with the disease. Sometimes, it is very difficult for us to fight with the disease but sleep can be the best medicine for treatment. Sleep improves the ability of our body’s immune cells to find their target. Sleep repairs your body.

6. Controls Weight

The only exercise is not compulsory to control weight but you have to get good sleep to control weight. Poor sleep can cause excess weight gain. When you are tired, obviously you are less active but you have to be active to control your weight that is only possible if you sleep properly. It is always said that if you want to be fit, you should first focus on getting enough sleep, then eating and after that exercising.

7. Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

Only memory and mind are not important for our health but the heart also needs to be in good condition. Sleep is also important for a healthy heart. People who do not sleep properly are at higher risk for heart disease. Good quality of sleep is also needed if you want to lower your risk. Two common sleep disorders, insomnia and sleep apnea can lead to heart risks. Sleep apnea happens when your airways get blocked during sleep.

8. Protect you from Depression

Poor sleep is also a symptom of depression, but this is not equal for all people. College students with poor quality sleep has fewer symptoms of depression if they had higher activity in the region of the brain. So, we can say that Good Sleep protects us from Depression.

Benefits of Sleep – What should We do for Better Sleeping habit?

  • Follow regular sleep schedule, go to sleep at the same time each night.
  • Try to go for a morning walk.
  • Avoid eating or drinking at your sleeping bed.
  • Also, avoid eating or drinking before a few hours of sleep.
  • Keep your bedroom clean.
  • Do regular exercise and meditation
  • Talk with your doctor if you have a continuous problem of sleeping.
  • Don’t drink alcohol before sleeping.
  • Also, set your bedroom temperature as moderate. Neither hot nor cold.
  • keep a very very low light in the room
  • Always pray and be thankful for the day you spent before you sleep.
Benefits of Sleep | imrove sleeping habits
improve sleeping habits

Have a happy and good sleep…and be sorry for your missed sleep.


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