Benefits of Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered how celebrities maintain their body figure? Do you wonder if they are fasting to lose and maintain their body weight? Celebrities choose intermittent fasting to maintain their body weight. Let’s know more about intermittent fasting for weight loss.

Intermittent fasting is a new way of diet which is 2 in 1 process. It means intermittent fasting is somehow related to regular fasting, and in another way, it is also related to diet. Drinking water during this process will keep us hydrated. Thus our stomach will be empty for 8 hours, and our body will be fresh, hydrated to do all the work in our daily life. However, eating more food will make us feel lazy and motivate our hearts to lie in bed all the time. So this eating less, drink more procedure is very helpful for us to make our self to concentrate on all our work and to maintain a perfect body balance.

This type of fasting is not as similar to regular fasting. In our festive or religious fasting, there is a condition that we should not drink or eat anything during fasting. This is because most of us wish to have fasted to lose weight, balance our weight and perceive a perfect body figure. But all of us fail to have fast regularly due to these complex rules and regulations. And, however, people feel weak when they don’t eat food for a long hour, and they also feel dehydrated when they don’t drink water the whole day. Thus, people practice regular fasting during special religious occasions.


There are many benefits of intermittent fasting. Some of them are:

1. HELPS TO LOSE FAT AND GAIN MUSCLES: This kind of fasting will help our body burn out the body fat. And, thereby, it benefits them to replace and regain body muscles.

2. HELPS TO REMOVE WASTE FROM CELLS: When we don’t consume food for a long hour and instead drink water, it will help our body clean our body cells. It will remove all the toxic wastes from the cells, provide a state of rest for the digestive system, and give space for repairing body cells.

3. MAINTAIN BLOOD SUGAR: It helps in reducing insulin in our body and thereby maintaining body blood sugar.

4. HELPS TO MAINTAIN BODY SHAPE: While it helps reduce belly fat in our body, they build up a perfect body shape that we’ll fall in love with ourselves.

5. IMPROVE BRAIN FUNCTIONING: Intermittent fasting will help us to focus on our daily work. Thus, it makes the growth of our neurons and improves our memory functioning. As a result, it reduces the cause to have neural diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

6. PROVIDE ANTIAGEING BENEFIT: As we all know, intermittent fasting helps with maintaining body weight. Thus, it allows us to look young forever with a perfect body shape without getting too skinny and making our looks too older.

7. HELPS TO INCREASE METABOLISM: While regular fasting reduces our body’s functioning metabolism by making us feel more tired, intermittent fasting helps increase the metabolism functioning with their healthy diet.

8. HELPS TO FIGHT AGAINST INFECTIONS: Intermittent fasting raises the production of white blood cells in our body, boosts our immune system, and thus helps our body to fight against different kinds of infections.


1. They can stay fit by eating less and staying active by keeping their bodies hydrated and drinking lots of water.
2. The anti-aging benefit of intermittent fasting helps them work in their industry for a long time.
3. Most of the celebrities used to have intermittent fasting after their delivery. Because during the pregnancy and delivery process, women go through many changes physically and emotionally. Thus, choosing intermittent fasting will help them bring a better shape to body.


1. No foods are allowed during the time gap. You can only drink water, coffee, tea, or other beverages which don’t raise fat calories in your body.
2. While intermittent fasting, we often forget to drink water by thinking it is a regular fast. Or else some won’t drink water as a part of tiredness. But the loss of water in our body will lead to dehydration and many more diseases. So drink a lot of water.
3. Foods with low calories and supplements that don’t contain calories are allowed during this fast.
4. After leaving the fast, after completing the time gap to have food, you should consume foods that are packed with nutrients, minerals, vitamins, etc. So it is better to have more fruits and vegetables as it contains natural nutrients.

There are no specific do or don’t foods to have after leaving intermittent fasting. But if we want to get the best result from our intermittent fasting, we should follow some of them. Some tips are suggested below.


You can cook food for yourself which is flavorful and delicious. Eat slowly and with a balanced mindset. You can eat veggies, lean protein foods, foods with healthy fats, and smart carbs. However, fruits and vegetables are already welcome.


You should not eat foods with high numbers of sugars. Cold drinks and other foods which contain a lot of amounts of sugar are better to avoid. Also, foods like microwave popcorn, pizza, snack chips are not suitable for our bodies.
I hope you enjoyed the reading about intermittent fasting for weight loss and its benefits..

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