Avene Thermal Spring Water Review

Avene Thermal Spring Water Review

Avene thermal spring water
Avene thermal spring water

About Avene Thermal spring water

Avene is one of the oldest skincare brands and has an expertise of over 270 years specially for sensitive skin. I am one of the user of Avene products out of millions of people who trust its products.Today I am gonna review one of the best products of Avene and this is also known to be the heart of the Avene.

I am talking about Avene thermal spring water. As I mention in my every post which is related to a skin product, that I am a woman with very sensitive skin so I choose my skin care products very carefully keeping in mind my skin type. It is very important for me to know about the product as much I can before I use it and I also do not use my face products before consulting my dermatologist. so, this product is again an approved product for my skin type..that is sensitive skin…


How I got to know abut this Avene thermal spring water

This product caught my 1 year back when i was struggling to find good products for my sensitive skin. One of my friends told me about this product when she was already using it. She has normal skin and still she uses this product because it is not necessary that only sensitive skin people can use, in fact best part was that it can be used by anybody and can also be used on infants. So this gained my confidence to just go for it and i bought it.

Brief introduction about the product

Name – Avene Thermal Spring Water

origin – Made in France

Skin type – for sensitive and irritated skin

ingredients – Avene thermal spring water ( Avene Aqua), nitrogen

Used by – men, women, kids, infants

other features – Hypoallergenique , non comedogene

Packaging – Spray bottle

Price – INR 690 -50ml and INR 1350 – 150 ml

When to use ?

Sunburn, drying skin, facial redness, diaper rash, various irritations, razor burn, after hair removal, to complete make up removal, after exercise, in summer, during travel


Directions for use – Spray a fine mist on your skin. wait for few minutes, then gently pat dry.

My experience with thermal spring water

I have been using this product for past one year. It made me fall in love with the product in very first spray. I still remember how and what i felt just after applying it for the first time… its funny to tell but i really got that feel on my face and neck as if i was standing right next to the waterfall and the tiny drops of water coming with breeze are touching my face. 🙂 🙂 it felt so so and so fresh that i genuinely fell in love with it. The mist made me feel so fresh as if i have splashed cold water on my face.

Let me tell you this product does not have any fragrance and it feels as you have washed your face with water only. NO smell ,no fragrance and looks like water and has water like consistency. I still use this product whenever i feel the need to use it. After gym, after sun exposure, whenever my skin feels red and irritated , after removing make up or i can say i use it whenever i want to give some soothing and freshness to my skin. Trust me guys, It works for me all the time and in every situation. It is like my skin’s best friend :-).


Whenever my sensitive skin feels uncomfortable i spray this mist on my face or irritated area and it really subsides the itching and cools down that area for a long time. I sometimes do not feel like washing my face with a face wash when i am tired to do so or when i am in a hurry , so i just simply spray this Avene thermal spring water mist on my face and neck and the water gets absorbed within a minute till i finish my other work and my face looks fresh and clean like it looks after washing with a face wash. And, yes, I still feel the same thing that i felt with the very first use. I am still in love with it and will always be.

The spray bottle is very easy to use and has a very good quality of packaging. The instructions and description of product is there on the bottle and it tells almost everything about the product. It comes in two sizes small one is 50 ml and bigger one is 150 ml. I have both the sizes, the bigger one for home and the smaller one is always in my handbag so that i can use it whenever i feel the need and i am out of the home like in gym or its a sunny and hot day outside. I think everybody should have this product in their skin care collection. Be it a Man or a women or children. Its a Must buy for irritated skin as well as normal skin. It is actually a ONE OF A KIND PRODUCT

Avene thermal spring water
Avene thermal spring water


  • very good quality
  • easy to use packaging
  • a multipurpose mist
  • no smell or fragrance
  • can be used by anybody adults, children and infants
  • consists of spring water, which has far more minerals than normal water
  • made in France , a country that owns the best skin care products in the world
  • makes your irritated skin fresh and smooth and clean
  • worth the price

CONSI don’t find any Cons in it

Will I buy it again?

Yes, definitely. I already have 2 next bottles in stock. I would also recommend this product to everybody, who is looking for a face mist. Just go for it.

A 10/10 product for me. 🙂 I really love Avene products. Avene Cicalfate Repair Cream is one of my favorite products from this brand










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