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I am a person who believes in self care and self love. A strong believer in "Ikigai" because it motivates me to follow my passion and to enjoy my life. Our internal happiness and well being is the key to our happy life. A good health and well being makes the person feel beautiful. I am an explorer when it comes to the products and practices related to beauty and well being.
So, here I come as a blogger for all the beauty and wellness lovers.
Just like you all I am a common person who knows that how important it is to go through the experiences and reviews of our friends and family before buying a product or trying something new and choosing one out of the cluster of options available.
So, I am here to express as much I can about what we need to know regarding anything we use to keep our body and mind happy from within and out. I welcome you all to share your reviews and experiences as well about related products.

My First Liebster Award Nomination

Liebster Awards Thank you Vyomapithadia for nominating me for this award. This is gonna be my first nomination and it will always be special for me. A proud moment […]