At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices | Things To Know

At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices | Things To Know

At-home Laser Hair Removal Devices– The ongoing global pandemic and being locked at home have made us all a victim of DIY. From cooking a variety of dishes to grooming, we have done it all on our own but there is one thing that troubled me – waxing. I think I speak for every girl when I tell you how dreadful I felt with all the body hair that had grown over the months – time went by hoping that the lockdown situation might get better while it kept getting worse. Although it is a very personal choice whether or not you are comfortable with fully grown body hair, I personally like to have silky-smooth skin. 

A lot of my friends suggested using the waxing kit but I don’t have the heart to hurt myself – if you know what I mean, LOL. I cannot even pluck my eyebrows let alone use wax on my skin. So I tried to make my way through various razors and trimmers. Despite being a great alternative, I was not completely satisfied, that’s when I saw at-home laser hair removal devices that apparently work wonders for the skin. 

What is Laser Hair Removal ?

Not everyone might’ve heard about it but during the COVID-19 pandemic, they enjoyed a renaissance as salons and doctor’s offices were closed. They are almost as good as their in-office counterparts. After reading about it on the internet and hearing women talk about it, I knew I had to try it! But what is laser hair removal?

According to the mayo clinic, during laser hair removal, a laser emits a light that is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair. The light energy is converted to heat, which damages the tube-shaped sacs within the skin (hair follicles) that produce hairs. This damage inhibits or delays future hair growth. 

The treatment is usually scheduled around the hair growth cycle, that’s why the sessions are held every four to six weeks. People undergo this treatment to remove hair on most of their body parts for semi-permanent to a permanent solution, which is why there can be several sittings depending on your demand. This treatment is usually very pricey and is performed by trained expert dermatologists who know exactly what they’re doing. 

How At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices Work?

The at-home laser devices use much lower energy and come at a lower price which makes them easy to use on your own. It seems like a perfect solution that is cheap and less messy than waxing or razors, is it safe though?

Some products claim to automatically adapt to your skin tone to ensure the perfect balance of efficiency and safety in providing permanent hair removal. Since the laser works specific to your skin and hair color, it is advised to distinguish between multiple brands and deciding which suits your specifications. These products don’t come cheap, so research is very important. 

Always invest in a device that is approved by FDA. It is also suggested that you must read the instructions for using the device; each device has a different configuration and working. While some utilize the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), others feature a diode laser technology, which mimics the professional treatment. The device can burn your skin if not used properly because they generate light energy.

Also, never point the laser towards your eyes, the retina in your eyes has a light-sensing cell that can be damaged due to laser light, and in worst cases; it can make you permanently blind!

Most importantly, the device is not safe for dark-toned skin. Not all devices can differentiate between dark follicles and dark skin, which can potentially burn your skin! This highlights my previous point of carefully selecting the device for at-home hair removal.

At-home laser hair removal devices
Thinking of buying at-home laser hair removal devices?

At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices – Things To Know

First is first, always, ALWAYS read the instructions thoroughly before you start the treatment.

Shave your skin with a new razor

 For the area to be clean, you should shave with a clean razor that reduces the amount of hair. Since the laser works on burning hair while focusing on follicles, the lesser the hair around the area, the less it will hurt and the more it will reach your follicles. 

Avoid using tweezers or waxing your skin

 Waxing removes the hair follicles from your skin which is what the laser device targets in the process. So refrain from using any other hair removal technique on your skin for the treatment to be effective. Also refrain from retinoid, antibiotics, and sun exposure before and after 2 weeks of the treatment.

Note your skin tone and hair color

 According to experts, light skin tone with darker hair works best for these at-home devices. If you have lighter hair like, blonde, reddish or grey then save your money – this at-home treatment is not for you. Many devices also don’t work on darker skin tones, which is why it is best to consult a certified Dermatologist before investing or starting this treatment.

Always try Patch-testing

It is recommended to do a patch test on your skin, and then wait for three-four weeks to see how your skin reacts without any complications. Try avoiding sensitive areas – face, bikini, breasts, and neck. Be sure to consult when it comes to treating the skin around the eyes, moles, tattoos, or pigmented area. 

Be prepared for some discomfort

 Most patients feel mild discomfort on the skin like a zap on the skin while using laser hair removal devices. The process sounds easy for burning hair, but it hurts, REALLY BAD! It’s best to ice the target area on the skin beforehand and pointing a fan towards it. Some doctors also apply topical anesthetic to ease the pain.

Be Patient. The treatment doesn’t work overnight. It requires more than one session to reach permanent hair reduction. So patience is the key!


Till now we have covered pointers on how to carefully get through the at-home laser hair removal process. But in my opinion, there are numerous factors that we need to keep in mind for this to give maximum results. First, there are some potential side effects like scarring, burns, excessive redness, or swelling which gradually decreases but it’s highly dependent on the skin type. So I cannot give enough emphasis on the fact that you should “consult your doctor” before buying it. These devices don’t come cheap and it would rather be a better decision to go for in-office treatments for some people.

Second, it is also not a very sophisticated at-home treatment for women/men who have dark hair on dark skin because the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) that these devices emit is definitely not safe for anyone with pigment in the skin. The lasers that are used in offices are better suited for almost every patient with skin of any color. 

So for anyone who is totally prepared to say bye to traditional methods like waxing, book your appointment with a board-certified doctor right away and get started!


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