The Art of Simple Living

The Art of Simple Living


simple living
Lead a simple life. First reduce your greeds. Then reduce your needs.

The Art of Simple Living

You can spend minutes, days, weeks or even months analyzing a situation, trying to put  it together and justifying what could have happened. Anyways, You can always leave the pieces on floor and move. The Art of Simple Living, here clearly defines how we deal with the essential daily elements in our life. Here are some changes you must bring into your life for simplicity by heart. 

Love and Respect

 The Art of Simple Living indicates the way we live with love, divine ,spirituality, god, happiness ,beauty,mind, faith , self and wisdom. It even includes family, leadership, and money . It is a medium through which one can implement all the spiritual knowledge, so that, one could know how to be spontaneous for a situation. You don’t find love, it finds you. LOVE and RESPECT are two essential components. Without respect, relationships are lost.Giving respect to someone is equally important like the way we receive it from someone . Respect in your relationship builds trust, well-being and positivity. An example of respect which we apply in our day to day activity is by listening to someone who speaks about acknowledging other person,  and have empathy for their life’s situation.
Whereas, love defines a person’s feeling towards other person. It means to be connected  deeply and committed to someone. Love is a strong bond with trust,honesty and loyalty. These are the terms which are actually understood in through simple living.


Life is a balancing act. It’s up to you how you manage it. Even one minute of meditation is also essential. There might be phases where you feel overwhelmed. We should try to build and sustain the confidence for it. Every energy is vibrant and positive, it is just in our head how we think about it and how we apply it on our lives. People have different styles of living. Some live in a luxurious way, some live in a normal way. It all varies on people and their surroundings. All that matters is a mind with positivity and peace.Meditation is like taking your life automatically to the right path. A little Meditation will always keep you healthy and your minds will not allow you to think negatively.


Spiritually teaches us the Art of Living. It helps in finding the real happiness and satisfaction, the purity and the peace. We should never concentrate on what happened in the past, we should avoid the things of past and we should focus in the present. We tend to worry about the problems that may not occur. Spirituality always tell us that we should never criticize others, their weakness their problems. Instead of that we should always love others, spread peace and happiness among others .

 Set intentions

•Get clear on a positive focus. Just focus on something you want rather than something you don’t.
•Let your intention teach you by checking in
 3 things are really important
  •  increasing simplicity
  • time in flow of state
  • time with people you love

Be Optimistic

Be optimistic, Just know that the great things are coming your way. No matter what you are going through, think “there’s so much to look forward to”. It means that you remain motivated to seek a solution to whatever problems arises .
We should always respect point of view of each other as everyone has different point of view we should respect it rather ignoring. It is very rightly said “Optimism is a happiness magnet . If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you “  nothing can be done without hope and confidence so optimism is the faith which leads to achievement .

Follow the Ayurvedic way of living

Ayurveda contributes to an extent in  important 5 essential components of life – water, air, fire ,space and earth.
But, how do we live Ayurvedic life if we want to ?
  •  We should try to create a routine. Creating a daily routine somewhere provides the balanced rhythm to our busy schedules. It generally focuses on the morning walk with fresh surroundings. As beginning of the day is more important because it sets the rest of the time schedule for the day.
  •  We feel relaxed and calm when we take a head massage and body massage. The benefits of massage are endless and it strengthens the body.
  • Balanced diet is very much important. The food should be in equal proportions. For example if a person is feeling heavy then he/she should have light foods like salads , during hot summer season we should try to avoid heating spices like basil mint and coriander .
  •  Cleaning factor is very much important. In this body should be cleaned from inside and outside. It helps in removing all the impurities and toxic chemicals. So we should try to eat a simple diet .
Conclusion – It is fine not to feel okay about yourself but we can change it by looking at the brighter side of everything .There is always something grateful to enjoy every art of living . Going back to a simpler life is not a step backward. It reduces Greeds before Needs.

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