Aminu Microdermabrasion Face Scrub Review

Aminu Microdermabrasion Face Scrub Review

Aminu Microdermabrasion Face Scrub
Aminu Microdermabrasion Face Scrub


Skincare is the biggest part of my self-care practices. A proper skincare regime also includes exfoliation. This step is skipped by many without knowing the importance of it. Face exfoliation is important because it helps to keep our skin soft by removing and buffing away the dead skin cells. Missing the step of exfoliation leads to the building up of dead skin cells which further turns our skin into dry, dull, patchy, and flaky skin with clogged pores and uneven skin tone. Hence it is important to exfoliate our skin. This thing is done by scrubbing our face with a suitable scrub or exfoliator. Now coming back to our topic, as promised, I have come up with another product review for my recent favorite brand “Aminu”. This review is about Aminu Microdermabrasion face scrub. Before that let me give a brief introduction about the brand. 

About “Aminu”

Aminu skincare
Aminu Skin Health Care

Aminu is a skin health care brand that offers products for both face care and body care. It creates high–performance and luxurious healing treatments that work for skin issues like environmental damage, uneven skin tone, inflammations, signs of aging, and much more concerns. It works for long-term results by reaching the deep layers of skin. The ingredients used are of the highest quality and the highest technologies are used to create the products that are packed with a concentrated mix of safe and highly effective bio-nutrients. 

The ingredients used are not everyday botanicals but are unique and revolutionary ingredients that are collected from throughout the world to provide you the best. Some of them are Song-YI Mushrooms, Marvel of Peru, Blue-Green Algae, Manuka oil, Keffir lime, and many more unique ingredients. Aminu products are free from toxins. The products are all-natural, with no sulfides, artificial colors, surfactants, or any other chemicals and products that harm or irritate your skin.

About Aminu Microdermabrasion Face Scrub

Aminu has a range of effective and selective products like cleansers, serums, face oils, scrub, moisturizers, masks, etc. Let’s talk about the features of Face Scrub.

What does it claim?

This Face Scrub from Aminu is said to be a natural way of microdermabrasion and it is handmade. It is an exfoliator that is made of Himalayan Pink salt blended into the base made up of rich moisturizing oils to keep your skin well-polished. It believes that for the healthy functioning of skin cells we need salt to prevent dehydration, contracting muscles. This scrub brings out your hidden glow and fresh youthful, bright complexion.


Some of the ingredients include cold-pressed coconut oil, grape seed oil, phyto-nutrient herb-infused oil, meadowfoam seed oil, rose geranium leaf oil, rosehip seed oil, prickly pear seed oil, pine leaf oil, Tahitian garden flower extract, etc.

How to use it?

First, apply on clean and dry skin and rub gently for 2 minutes, then wet your hand and again rub gently for a minute. Rinse with plain water and pat dry

Tips to use  
  • Inhale the Aroma while massaging. It gives a mind-calming effect.
  • Use very soft pressure for massage if you have sensitive skin.
  • Follow with Aminu Serum and moisturizer
  • Use SPF in the day time
  • You can also use it as a lip scrub 
  • Don’t apply on cuts and bruises

Aminu Face Scrub comes in premium-quality packaging. The outer packaging looks amazing with all the possible descriptions over it. The scrub comes in a thick glass jar which is sustainable, easy to use, and easy to carry.

Price – 1450 for 50 gms

Aminu Microdermabrasion face scrub Review and Experience

Aminu Face Scrub
Aminu Face Scrub

To start with the review, I again want to remind you that if you have read my previous post about Aminu Cleansing Cream Review, I have mentioned how I got to know about the product and about the order I placed. Please refer to that post if you have not done it yet. So here I am going, to begin with, the review about scrub straight away.

Aminu Microdermabrasion Face Scrub has become my favorite because of some reasons. First of all, It smells amazing. The fragrance is like some healing balm or oil that you can directly feel into your senses. It makes you feel calm and relaxed when you smell it. Also, if by any chance it gets into your mouth while massaging, it tastes like pink/black salt. It happened to me twice but I did not feel yuk at all (wink). Still, it’s my job to describe every minute detail about the product. The fragrance of the product makes the product do two jobs for you. That is, exfoliating your face and relaxing your mind and senses. 

Secondly, The texture and consistency of the scrub are thick. We can feel the Pink Salt granules as it is. They scrub off the dead skin cells in a very impactful manner. After seeing and feeling the texture itself, you can make it out that it is going to work very effectively as a scrub. Even a soft massage will do great. You need not use hard pressure while massaging.

 It works amazingly well for even sensitive skin like mine. For the first few days, I used it every alternate day, but now I use it only twice a week. It gives a clean and well-polished look to the face after scrubbing. It does what it claims. Looking at my skin after use, even my Mom and my aunt wanted to try this. I gave them a mini facial massage at home and they were glowing for the next few days with only one use. Though I also used other Aminu Products as well for their facial massage at home. Like cream cleanser and serums. And now my mom and aunt again want me to do it for them. 😛

Another amazing thing about Aminu face scrub is that you can use it as a lip scrub also. It works wonders as a lip scrub. It removes the dead skin cells very easily making your lips feel soft and pink. Make sure you do not use it on lips and face if you have cuts and bruises.


So, as a user, I want to conclude by saying that Aminu Life products are really good. They are all-natural and chemical-free. If it can suit my hypersensitive skin, it can suit any skin. Make sure you follow few tips to make it work well, like applying an SPF. Follow a proper skincare routine. Give some time to products to work for you. You always have to keep patience to get long-lasting results. Continuous use can work wonders for your skin. To, all the people reading this post, You must try Aminu, I am sure you will fall in love with everything about it.


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